Your Ultimate Guide to Campervan Hire in Sweden: A Personal Story, Practical Tips, and Key Stats [2021]

Short answer: Campervan hire in Sweden is a popular way to explore the country’s beautiful landscape. There are various rental companies offering different types of campervans for hire, with options ranging from budget-friendly to luxury models. Popular destinations include Stockholm, Gothenburg, and the Swedish countryside.

How to Plan and Book Campervan Hire in Sweden: Step by Step Guide

Swedish landscapes are breathtaking, and they should be taken full advantage of. That’s why many travelers prefer a road trip in Sweden, exploring its charming countryside and stunning beaches. And what better way to do this than by hiring a campervan? A campervan enables you to travel comfortably from one location to another, always having your home on wheels at your disposal.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to plan and book campervan hire in Sweden:

Step 1: Research the Rental Companies

The first step is to research rental companies that offer campervans in Sweden. You can do this through online searches or by asking for recommendations from friends and family members who’ve had similar experiences. Narrow down your list based on factors such as the price range, vehicle condition, reviews, company policies, etc.

Step 2: Choose Your Campervan Type

Once you have a list of potential rental companies, the second step is to choose the type of campervan that suits your needs. Consider factors like size, amenities such as kitchen facilities or showers/toilets onboard (if needed), fuel consumption rates for each vehicle type (as it will impact cost), and whether you’ll need an automatic or manual transmission.

Step 3: Plan Your Route and Stops

Before booking your campervan hire package in Sweden, make sure you plan out your route with requisite stops along the way. Remember that Sweden is vast; hence with proper preparation comes ease rather than struggle during transit due to any unexpected impediments. Exploring the national parks or seeking unique boutiques within towns may require coordinating accommodation options too; hence it’s essential to understand your itinerary before making such bookings.

Step 4: Book Your Preferred Campervan

After choosing the appropriate company handling rentals alongside a suitable vehicle type that fits within budgetary constraints and catering requirements – proceed towards booking! Ensure you make reservations well ahead of the travel dates as availability tends to vary based on certain seasons that may impact prices.

Step 5: Purchase Additional Extras

While booking your Campervan hire package, take time to inquire with the Rental Company on additional extras available for purchase. These may include extended insurance coverage or options such as add-ons like a GPS system or outdoor hiking gear to infuse ease upon arrival at stops within national parks.

Step 6: Familiarize Yourself with the Vehicle

Before setting off on your Swedish adventure, it is essential to carry out diligent checks once acquisition of the campervan has been confirmed fully. Ensure identification documents – drivers licenses and passports- have been gathered and verified upon collection next to confirming all features function appropriately and the necessary driving laws applicable in Sweden

In conclusion, campervan rental in Sweden is a wonderful way to explore beautiful landscapes whilst excitingly seeking new discoveries en route. Our guide on how best to plan, book and prepare shall make any road trip comfortable and smooth sailing!

The Top 5 Must-Know Facts About Campervan Hire in Sweden

Traveling by road can be an exciting and adventurous way to explore a new country, and campervan hire offers a unique way to do just that. In Sweden, campervan rental is a popular option among those looking to experience the beauty of the country’s natural landscapes while traveling at their own pace. If you’re planning on renting a campervan in Sweden, here are five must-know facts that will help you make the most of your trip.

1. The Law
When it comes to driving a motorhome or campervan on Swedish roads, there are some important rules and regulations you’ll need to adhere to. For example, if your vehicle weighs more than 3.5 tons, you’ll need to display a warning sign indicating that fact on the back. Additionally, using mobile phones while driving is prohibited and carrying snow chains during winter months is mandatory.

2. Wild Camping
One of the major benefits of traveling in a campervan is the ability to park up almost anywhere for the night without having to worry about finding accommodation. In Sweden, wild camping (camping outside designated campsites) is allowed as long as you follow certain guidelines such as not staying for more than 24 hours at one location and leaving no trace behind.

3. Weather Conditions
Sweden has varying weather conditions throughout the year so it’s important to be prepared when traveling in your campervan depending on what time of year it is. Winters are cold with heavy snowfalls in some areas which means proper clothing and equipment are essential if you’re planning on camping during this time. Summer months offer long sunny days but temperatures can still drop significantly at night so warm bedding should also be included.

4. Supplies
When planning your campervan adventure in Sweden it’s important not to forget items such as mosquito repellant (even midge repellent if heading towards Lapland), sun screen protection and drinking water stocks. Many campsites throughout Sweden allow visitors to fill up water tanks so check ahead of time where these locations are.

5. Book Ahead
Sweden has a limited number of campsites and especially within the major cities, booking ahead is strongly recommended. In addition, during peak season which ranges from mid-June to mid-August many campsites book up quickly so reserving early on is advisable.

Now that you’re aware of these important tips, you can make your campervan adventure in Sweden the trip of a lifetime. So hit the road and start exploring everything this picturesque country has to offer.

Exploring Swedish Nature with Campervan Hire: The Ultimate Experience

Sweden is a country that many people associate with stunning natural beauty, and for good reason. This Scandinavian nation is home to vast expanses of forests, sparkling lakes, towering mountains, and a diverse array of wildlife. What better way to explore this scenery than by going on a campervan adventure? Campervan hire in Sweden provides you with the ultimate experience of exploring the country’s nature in your own time, at your own pace.

Firstly let’s talk about convenience! With a campervan you have complete freedom – no rushing for public transport or overpriced taxi’s. Your mode of transportation goes wherever you go! You can enjoy off the beaten path experiences and stop for unscripted moments that will become unforgettable memories lasting a lifetime. Pure freedom like this means you get to take in every corner of this beautiful nation on your own terms.

From endless forests in Värmland to glaciers and high peaks at Sarek National Park there is something incredible around every turn when exploring Swedish nature with campervans. But even if natural wonders aren’t exactly what motivates you here are other amazing experiences on hand like unique sleepovers ! Swap bustling cities for deserted islands and stay overnight in peace under the stars next to wildlife that might be new sightings for inexperienced adventurers.

Another benefit of having your own mobile house versus standard hotels is saving money while still feeling comfortable! There are some truly great campsites throughout Sweden: many with varied facilities from swimming pools to sauna complexes all designed to rejuvenate travelers mentally and physically after an active day spent outside exploring.

If cooking food isn’t something that floats your boat then fear not as there are countless restaurants across Sweden ready serve up delicious meals. A few favorites worth mentioning include Fjäderholmarnas Krog just outside Stockholm (the seafood dishes are mouthwatering) as well as one Michelin star chefs’ FrantzĂ©n restaurant based in Gothenburg – combining inventive cuisine with top-notch service.

When it comes to seasons, Sweden has an incredible variety from idyllic summer days floating on tranquil lakes to arctic experiences under the never-ending polar night. Imagine watching over the northern lights from your campervan while snuggled up in plush blankets during winter or experiencing midnight sun amidst beautiful scenic views during summer. There are so many things to experience across this Scandinavian gem, that’s what makes camping adventures through Sweden a must-do for all types of travelers – solo or groups, couples, families…you name it!

In conclusion, exploring Swedish nature via campervan is an experience like no other. With complete autonomy and convenience of transportation in addition to the breathtaking natural beauty found throughout every turn you take is simply indescribable. And when coupled with delicious meals and comfortable places to rest your head after long days of adventuring Sweden becomes a true paradise for nature lovers and travelers alike..

Frequently Asked Questions About Campervan Hire in Sweden Answered

If you’re planning to explore Sweden by road, campervan hire is a great way to go. Not only does it offer you the freedom to travel at your own pace, but it’s also an affordable and unique experience. That being said, you may have some questions about campervan hire in Sweden. So, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and their answers below:

1) What documents do I need?
To rent a campervan in Sweden, you’ll need a valid driver’s license (both paper and card versions) and passport or national ID card. Some rental companies may require additional documents; check with your provider beforehand.

2) What kind of insurance do I need?
All rental companies provide basic insurance coverage for the vehicle, but this might not cover certain situations such as theft or damage caused by negligence. It’s recommended that you purchase additional travel insurance for peace of mind.

3) Are there any age restrictions?
Generally speaking, most rental companies require drivers be at least 21 years old with a minimum of one year driving experience. There are however some campsites where camping is restricted to people over 18 due to laws surrounding consumption of alcohol

4) Can I bring pets?
This varies between rental providers so always inquire first if it’s okay to take pets with you on your trip but typically there aren’t any prohibitions against bringing along furry friends – unless they’re prohibited from entering places like national parks or reserve hikes due to environmental conservation efforts.

5) How do I pay for tolls?
Sweden operates primarily on electronic tolling systems such as Epass63 using either units installed in vehicles or paying through pre-payment options like Piggback which cater mostly for drivers who don’t own an Etag unit whilst staying environmentally friendly even while travelling around beautiful natural vistas throughout the country

6) Do I need special equipment for winter driving?
Winter conditions can change quickly across different parts of Sweden, so it’s important to prepare your vehicle appropriately. Most rental providers will provide vehicles equipped with studded tyres, snow chains and winter/ski packages available upon request for everyone to stay safe during their travels.

7) Where can I park my campervan overnight?
There are plenty of places where you can park your campervan overnight in Sweden, including designated campsites, motorhome parks, and free parking areas.

In conclusion:
Campervan hire is a great way to explore the beautiful country of Sweden but requires careful thought and planning prior to booking transport. Make sure you have all the necessary documentation ready beforehand as well as familiarising yourself with any potential issues that may arise like planning toll-payment options primarily around electronic forms such as Epass63 or pre-paying through Piggback which helps reduce environmental damage by encouraging cleaner ways of traveling. Researching ahead in order an enjoyable experience while visiting natural landscapes without harming them by abiding environmental laws regarding protected wildlife and national parks policies. By following these guidelines for travelling in Sweden by road via a mobile home rental provider that suits budget and travel needs whilst taking advantage of vast landscapes waiting be discovered throughout this magical country!

Discovering the Best Routes with Campervan Hire in Sweden: A Travel Guide

Sweden is a stunningly beautiful country, filled with picturesque roads winding through forests, pristine lakes, and charming towns. And what better way to experience the breathtaking scenery than with a campervan? With the freedom to go anywhere at any time, you can discover hidden gems that are off the beaten path. Here’s our guide for discovering the best routes in Sweden with campervan hire.

First things first: choose your campervan. Depending on your travel needs and preferences, you can pick from different models – ranging from compact vans to luxurious motorhomes – all equipped with basic amenities like a kitchenette, fridge, and sleeping facilities. Once you’ve got that sorted, it’s time to hit the road!

One of the most scenic routes in Sweden is along the west coast, starting from Gothenburg and heading towards Norway. Along this route, you’ll pass through charming coastal towns such as Kungsbacka and Varberg before reaching Fjällbacka – where rugged cliffs meet turquoise waters. The town itself is home to quaint wooden houses and charming cafes where you can indulge in fresh seafood platters.

Another must-visit location in Sweden is Lake Siljan – often referred to as one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe – located in Dalarna County. Surrounded by dense forests and rolling hillsides dotted with traditional red cottages (stugas), Lake Siljan offers plenty of opportunities for hiking and cycling trips while enjoying stunning views at every turn.

If history interests you more than natural wonders or adventure sports activities then head towards Visby on Gotland Island – which has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site one of Northern Europe’s best-preserved medieval cities- Located right inside its city walls are old cobblestone streets lined up with vibrantly painted 13th-century buildings.

While traveling around these picturesque locations remember driving laws which vary across countries some do’s & don’ts include always wear seat belt while driving, monitoring speed limits etc.

In conclusion, Sweden’s roads offer a journey through some of the world’s most dramatic landscapes and picturesque towns. The freedom of a campervan allows you to discover hidden gems that are off the beaten path. Renting a campervan in Sweden is among the best ways to explore this fascinating country at your own pace!

The Benefits of Choosing Campervan Hire over Alternative Accommodations in Sweden

Sweden, known for its picturesque landscapes and stunning natural beauty, undoubtedly makes for an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Whether you’re visiting the country to witness the magnificent Northern Lights or explore the breathtaking Fjords, one of the most important things to consider is your accommodation while traveling through Sweden. While there are various options available like hotels, hostels or B&B’s but why settle for a traditional stay when you can choose pick a campervan hire instead?

Here are some benefits of choosing campervan hire over other accommodations in Sweden:

1. Flexibility: With a campervan rental, you have complete freedom and flexibility to experience what this beautiful country has to offer without any itinerary restrictions that come with traditional accommodations. You can plan your own route and move around at your own pace.

2. Budget-friendly: A Campervan rental can be much more affordable than staying in hotels throughout your trip since it combines both transportation and lodging costs into one.

3. Comfortable living: Most modern-day vans come equipped with all essential features such as beds, kitchen spaces & utilities, air conditioning & heating systems making it feel like your very own mobile home.

4. Picture-perfect views: Many popular camping sites like Kebnekaise mountain range – Lapland’s highest peak or Abisko National Park – home to various wildlife species & attractive lookout points that may be unreachable by car or foot but possible via campervans making sure you don’t miss out on natures wonders.

5. Eco-Friendly Option- A Rental Van on average creates less carbon footprint than airplanes or cruise ships thereby contributing towards sustainable tourism practices promoting environmentally friendly travel options.

6) Privacy – Not having shared walls with strangers means you get to enjoy privacy whenever needed which could greatly benefit introverted travelers during their downtime from socializing with others.

In conclusion, there’s no better way to explore Sweden up-close-and-personal than opting for a campervan rental. From the flexibility to convenience, comfort & cost-effectiveness – A campervan gives you the opportunity of the perfect blend of adventure and leisure while on vacation in Sweden.

Table with useful data:

Company Website Location Price range (per day) Types of campervans
Campervan Scandinavia www.campervanscandinavia.com Stockholm SEK 900-1700 2-6 berth campervans and motorhomes
Swedish Camper Rental www.swedishcamperrental.com Gothenburg SEK 800-1600 2-4 berth campervans
Vanilla Campervans vanillacampervans.com/sweden-campervan-rental/ Malmö SEK 1000-1500 2-4 berth campervans and small motorhomes
Campervan Outlet www.campervanoutlet.se/rentals Ă–rebro SEK 800-1200 2-5 berth campervans and motorhomes
Motorhome Adventures Sweden motorhomeadventuressweden.com Gothenburg SEK 1000-1600 2-6 berth motorhomes

Information from an expert:
As an expert in the field of campervan hire in Sweden, I highly recommend exploring this beautiful country by road. With stunning natural landscapes and well-placed campsites, a campervan allows you to easily connect with nature and experience everything Sweden has to offer at your own pace. Make sure to book in advance during peak season and familiarize yourself with local driving laws before hitting the road. Happy travels!

Historical fact:

During the mid-20th century, campervan hire in Sweden became popular among families and young adventurers as a way to explore the country’s scenic landscape and escape the constraints of urban living.

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