Top Tips for Purchasing the Best Second-Hand Campervan

A campervan is often the vehicle of choice for travellers who are eager to hit the open road and take in everything that nature has to offer. Not only do these vehicles provide an affordable and convenient way to travel, but they also allow for greater flexibility and control over your itinerary. However, purchasing a brand-new campervan can be prohibitively expensive for many people which is why a second-hand campervan has become increasingly popular in recent years.

A second-hand or used campervan, is a vehicle that has been previously owned and customized for living or camping. These vehicles can range from basic to luxurious and are popular among outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore the roads while having their own accommodations.

The Benefits of Buying a Second-Hand Campervan

Second-Hand Campervan

Are you dreaming of hitting the open road and exploring the world? If so, you might be considering buying a campervan. However, purchasing a brand-new vehicle can be a big investment. Instead, why not consider buying a second-hand campervan?

There are many benefits to buying a used campervan, including getting more bang for your buck. When you buy a second-hand campervan, you can often get more features and amenities than you would with a brand-new model for the same price. With the money saved, you will have more funds to spend on adventures and experiences during your travels.

Another advantage of opting for a second-hand campervan is that they often hold their value better than new vehicles. This means that if you decide to sell it down the track, keeping it in good condition should mean that resale isn’t too much of an issue.

Used campervans also come with history or ‘a story’ attached, allowing them to carry greater sentimental or emotional value over time. You never know what previous adventures may have taken place because these vehicles are about creating memories rather than just transportation from one place to another.

One other benefit of buying second hand is that many units already have personal touches added by previous owner/s. Significant customization or enhancements done by someone other than the manufacturer gives each camper an added level of uniqueness.

However before taking the plunge into owning a used van there are some considerations.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Buying a Used Campervan

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, there’s nothing better than hitting the open road in your very own campervan. Having your own little home on wheels is a fantastic way to explore new places and create unforgettable memories. Here’s how you can buy a used campervan while minimizing any potential headaches without losing any of the fun!

Where to Look

Finding a used campervan online through Carsales.com, Gumtree or Caravan Camping Sales are among your best options. There are also a number of auto dealerships that specifically deal in the sale of second hand campervans, motorhomes and RV’s.

Determine Your Budget

The first thing is to establish your budget. Remember that while purchasing a second-hand van often saves money, it requires ongoing maintenance and upkeep expenses too. Decide how much you’re willing to spend in total (including repairs) before making an offer or signing anything.

Know What You Want

It’s crucial to figure out what kind of vehicle fits your needs. What size campervan do you require? What layout is most suitable for you? Do you need one with full amenities such as a toilet and shower? Will gas mileage be an issue on long journeys?

Research the Type of Campervan

Lots of different vans qualify as being campervans. Campervans with pop-tops and roof tents over the bed portion to dedicated workhorse recreational vehicles with all small comforts available at home (and more). Based on your expected use case & individual drivers requirements select the best style able to meet all those needs. As something that possesses both camping and automotive aspects simultaneously, they typically have varying options for insulation weather packages like heating or AC which affect price based on fitment.

Inspect the Condition of the Campervan

After finding a campervan listed online or at an auto dealership, you need to start by performing a visual inspection. Is the body straight and free from rust and accident damage? Is the vehicle clean and look like it has been well maintained? Are there tears or staining on the seats or carpets? Check out the condition of the tyres. Look for issues like rattling doors or issues retaining the spare wheel when closely examining the build quality.

Test Drive the Campervan

Before agreeing to any purchase agreement or depositing large amounts of cash on a second-hand campervan based on looks alone, schedule a test drive! Make sure that test drive gives you the opportunity to manoeuvre around and face difficult driving situations like narrow streets or tight turns. Be sure to check that all of the functionality in the campervan works.

Ask About the History

Does the campervan have a full service history? Read through the service history records and enquire about any major repairs that have been carried out. Go online and research the make and model of the vehicle to see if there are any specific mechanical problems that may become a future issue for you. Try to find out how the campervan was used throughout its history.

Have it Inspected by a Mechanical Expert

If it’s possible to have your own mechanic or independent expert carry out a more thorough inspection in either an official workshop environment or at the sellers premises. RedBook Inspect are great for pre-purchase vehicle inspections. Better to have defective problems exposed before making a financial commitment rather than finding out too late!

Negotiate and Agree on Final Price

Be sure to negotiate over the final price for your second-hand campervan. You might be able to save yourself thousands of dollars if you’re willing to stick with your budget firmly. Consider looking on alternative selling sites aside from eBay or Craigslist, which can prove better value than the more ‘traditional’ ones.

In Conclusion

Buying a used campervan is an excellent option for adventure-seeking travel enthusiasts who want the freedom to roam wherever they choose. When purchasing a second-hand campervan, there’s always going to be some risk. However, by following these simple guidelines, you can make sure that your new ride meets all your needs while still being financially sound. So, get out there and start exploring!

5 Facts You Need to Know about Purchasing a Second-Hand Campervan

When it comes to camping, nothing beats the convenience and comfort of a campervan. However, for many people, purchasing a brand new campervan is simply not an option. This is where second hand campervans come into play. Whether you are looking to save some money or love the timeless feel and charm of vintage vehicles, second hand campervans could be the perfect choice for you. Here are the top five facts you need to know about them:

1. They are cost effective

One of the greatest benefits of purchasing a second hand campervan is the cost savings that comes with it. As soon as you drive your brand-new vehicle off the lot, it starts to depreciate in value. With a used vehicle, which has already gone through this process, you may avoid significant depreciation costs and can even make a profit if well maintained.

2. Maintenance and Upkeep

It’s important to take note that like any other vehicle on the road, second hand campervans require ongoing maintenance. Unmaintained vehicles often lead to increase problems which will end up costing more eventually since failures one part may be interactive with other parts causing malfunctions resulting in costly repairs.

3. Newer models have great features

Even though they’re considered used, that doesn’t mean they lack modern features. Like buying new cars, some pre-owned cars actually have newer features than new car models because these were added over time thanks to feedback from early adopters. It would be wise going through online reviews before buying any model available.

4. Dubious dependability at times

There might also be instances whereby preowned campervan requires additional investment on repairs. This will depend on how old or it’s condition at purchase time thus adding additional cost. However, with the right research, repairs upon buying would only maximise lasting functionality.

5. Personalize your van

Lastly, one perk of owning or purchasing a pre-owned campervan is that, since it has already been used before; you’ll have great latitude to personalize and customize it, something that at high likelihood you would not do on a brand new car. Thus, unleashing your creativity by customizing and adding various accessories will enhance your camping experience.

Purchasing a second-hand campervan is an excellent way to fulfil your travel dreams without breaking the bank. By understanding your needs and doing your homework before committing yourself financially you will end up enjoying countless hours of driving and exploration while enjoying the natural world. Happy travels!

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