Rock Your Campervan with a Comfy and Stylish Rock n Roll Bed: A Guide to Choosing and Installing [Expert Tips + Stats]

Short answer: A rock n roll bed for campervan is a type of convertible seat that can be easily converted into a bed. It typically consists of two cushions, which form the seat during travel, and then fold out to create a flat surface for sleeping. This type of bed is popular in camper van conversions due to its versatility and space-saving design.

How to Install a Rock n Roll Bed for CamperVan: Step-by-Step Instruction

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your CamperVan and add an element of rock and roll fun to your journeys? Look no further than installing a Rock n Roll bed, which will provide added comfort and style to your camper. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install one.

Step 1: Measure the Space

Before you order or buy a rock n roll bed, make sure you have measured the space where it will be installed in your van. It is important to get accurate measurements as these beds come in different sizes, so take note of the height, length, and width of the installation area.

Step 2: Choose Your Bed

Once you have determined the size and dimension requirements for your space, it’s time to choose your preferred Rock n Roll bed design according to its features. There are several options available in terms of function such as having storage drawers beneath the frame or tilting function that allows more room during daytime use but ultimately it depends on what suits your needs.

Step 3: Prepare Your Space

Remove any existing seats from the area where you want to install your Rock n Roll bed. Strip down all upholstery surrounding this area so that there is no interference during installation.

Step 4: Install Brackets

There are various brackets required for attaching each aspect of Rock n Roll bed mounting. Assemble head-bracket onto rocker rail structure underneath so that they’re secured using bolts provided with packaging.

Step 5: Attach Rails

The next step is attaching rails onto head bracket assembly using screws from hardware kit included while following instructions precisely along with position measurements taken before drilling holes into walls per se prior overhang alignment accordingly towards planning orientation details ahead accurately for optimal functionality based upon designing components chosen beforehand i.e mounting kits ,beams ,slide tracks etc., if elements fit better elsewhere then alter appropriately which remains vital part as well ensuring robustness during installation process overall – above all other factors like comfort or extra features to consider.

Step 6: Put On A Baseboard

After the rail is firmly attached, you can now work on applying a baseboard that slides in and out of the rail. It’s essential to measure your chosen board in hardy materials which do not break easily towards accurate square-cutting meeting dimensions specifications without any deviation from measurements taken before.

Step 7: Secure The Frame

Now that you have assembled all necessary components while following instructions provided, you can now secure it into place. Use bolts and screws where required for a sturdier hold that resists wear as time goes on. Ensure everything fits well and tightly so there will be no creaking or squeaking later down the road.

Step 8: Upholstering

The last step is finishing up the project by upholstering your new Rock n Roll bed. This task depends upon several factors such as fabric preferences, color schemes matching with interiors, thread choices among other accessory details which give more assertion into whole process during maintenance routines too.


Installing a Rock n Roll bed might feel intimidating at first glance but if you take it step-by-step within precise details mentioned above, then voila! You’ll have an amazing addition to your CamperVan – perfect for long days on the open road. With just a little effort and some creativity, anyone can expand this unique room upgrade idea adding some style with flexibility for spontaneous adventures!

Top 5 Facts to Know About Rock n Roll Bed for CamperVan

If you are planning a road trip or camping adventure in your campervan, then you might want to consider investing in a rock n roll bed. This versatile piece of equipment can greatly enhance your travel experience and make life on the road much more comfortable. Here are five facts that you should know about rock n roll beds for campervans.

1. They are Multi-Functional

Rock n roll beds for camper vans are designed to be multifunctional. During the day they function as comfortable seating areas where passengers can sit and relax or dine around the folding table (if available) before transforming into comfortable bed setups at night. They’re perfect for those who need to save space in their van, but also want to maximize comfort during both day and nighttime. Moreover, if you have guests, it provides an additional sleeping area that is just as comfortable as home.

2. Space-Saving Design

One of the key features of the rock n roll bed is its space-saving design. When installed properly, these beds can take up minimal space when not in use – perfect for compact camper vans with limited floor plans! Many models fold into each other when stowed away which means they take up very little room at all.

3. Comfortable Sleeping Arrangement

Gone are the days when sleeping on an uncomfortable sofa or cramped mattress was par for the course whilst traveling through a gypsy lifestyle!. Rock n Roll campervan beds offer genuine comfort during sleep thanks to its cushioned top layer and smart support design mechanisms –– which generally distribute weight evenly across your entire body.

4. Installation

Campervan conversions often involve bespoke engineering and DIY work by customers themselves, however most modern rock n’ roll bed installations require minimal skill/levels/education/craftsmanship/labor using basic hand tools, fitting instructions provided with the kit purchased ensuring quick installation timescales; making it one of benefits & most recommended investment to make for a small RV.

5. They Suit Different CamperVan Models

Rock n Roll beds are available in different configurations and sizes to suit the various camper van models that exist out there. Whether you own a Volkswagen T3, Ford Transit or other popular van models, know that rock n roll beds are designed to fit all kinds of campervans! In fact, as well as being ideal for DIY builds, they’re readily available through various online sellers also at vehicle conversion shops nationwide – so there’s always an option that suits your preferred style and budget for any campervan type!

In conclusion, a Rock ‘n Roll bed is one of the essential investments you can make when it comes to enhancing your campervan experience – providing greater levels of comfort while traveling in your home-on-wheels. With its multi-functional design, space-saving features, comfortable sleeping arrangements & easy installation it’s no wonder this trend has been gaining exponential popularity among travelers’ alike!

Benefits of Upgrading Your CamperVan with a Rock-n-Roll Bed

Campervans have always been a popular choice for those seeking an adventurous lifestyle on the open road. Whether you’re a nomad, a weekend warrior, or someone who just loves to get away from it all and explore the great outdoors, a campervan can provide you with the freedom and flexibility to do so. However, if you own a campervan that has limited space, sleeping arrangements can become quite tricky.

One solution to this problem is upgrading your campervan with a Rock-n-Roll bed. A Rock-n-Roll Bed is a type of sofa bed which can easily fold down into a comfortable double bed in just seconds. Not only is this addition practical as it expands your available sleeping spaces but also brings several other benefits both functional and aesthetic:

Comfortable Sleeping Arrangement

Space in any recreational vehicle (RV) or camper van is usually limited; therefore, comfort needs to be at priority level. With a rock-n-roll bed installed in your camper van, you can enjoy comfortable sleep every night without compromising on space or quality. This folding couch cum bed comes equipped with high-density foam pads & upholstery for better mattress comfort while giving support to one’s body posture.

Maximized Space

Adding the Rock-n-Roll bed inserts at the rear of the CamperVan opens up more living space after sundown by sliding them back into place against the dividing wall when not in use. So instead of wasting precious space during daytime use with an extendable cot-style bench seat or standard sofa where they have nothing else to offer except taking up space – now alternatively provides more access walking aisle by using these surplus areas for storage compartments or home appliances.


The beauty of having rock-n-roll bed inserts installed in your camper van lies within how easy it is to set up and take down each day; no fussing around mattress pads as are fitted inside sewn pockets guarantees full-time needed thickness by precisely measured fabric while folds away neatly being hassle-free the next morning to reposition back in place before departing for another new adventure.


The rock-n-roll bed in your camper van easily transforms into a comfortable sofa during the day. It’s perfect for outdoor movie nights or just sitting and relaxing with friends or family. The multi-purpose feature provides an additional seating area, so visitors and family members can stay with you – alleviating any worries about insufficient accommodation space in tight quarters.

Improved Aesthetics

Installing a rock-n-roll bed in your campervan not only enhances its functionality but also elevates its interior aesthetics. By opting for custom upholstery, you can choose colours, patterns, and textures that complement the rest of your campervan’s interiors creating an eye-catching focal point to draw attention to itself.

In conclusion

Adding a Rock-n-Roll bed is one of the best ways to create space and comfort in your CamperVan. As detailed above, this popularity arose due to their maximum comfort at minimal cost and ease of installation onto existing furniture components providing more functional benefits such as multi-purpose usability, improved living quarters visual aesthetics & more storage tweaks resulting in a practical yet stylish addition which upgrades both form and function into enhancing any CamperVan experience.

Choosing the Right Size and Type of Rock n Roll Bed for Your CamperVan

If you’re in the market for a rock n roll bed for your camper van, congratulations on taking a step towards more comfortable and versatile camping! However, before you make any purchases, it’s important to consider the size and type of bed that will work best for your needs.

First things first: sizewise. Camper van conversions vary greatly in size and layout, so it’s essential to measure your space accurately before shopping for a bed. A too-small bed may leave you cramped and uncomfortable, while a too-large one can limit your storage options or require significant alterations to your conversion design.

So how do you choose the right size? Start by measuring the width and length of the area where you plan to install the bed. Keep in mind that most rock n roll beds are designed to fit between wheel arches (if present) and often come in standard sizes such as 112cm wide by 186cm long or 125cm x 190cm. If necessary, customize these dimensions to suit your specific conversion needs.

Another key consideration when selecting a rock n roll bed is its type. Here are three common options:

1. Fixed beds – These permanently installed beds offer excellent stability but may take up valuable space when not in use.

2. Fold-out beds – These typically include an integrated or detachable foam mattress that can be folded into a bench seat during daytime use.

3. Slide-out beds – Finally there are custom fitted slide out mechanisms which would allow even larger mattresses be used rotating vertically down thus freeing up much deserved storagespace.

When choosing between these options, consider factors like your typical usage patterns (i.e., how frequently you convert from sleeping to seating mode), passenger capacity (how many seats belt permits?) , and budgetary restrictions should all also be considered whilst assessing what mechanism suits your lifestyle preferences.

Most importantly ensure that whatever rock n roll bed configuration ensures convenience with simple assembly without requiring too much time or exertion.

In conclusion, choosing the right size and type of rock n roll bed is a critical aspect for any camper van owner. Paying close attention to these factors can ensure that you have a comfortable night’s sleep and utilize optimal space management effectively in your dream home on wheels!

Answering Your FAQs about Rock n Roll Bed for CamperVan

Are you considering getting a rock n roll bed for your campervan but have some questions and concerns about its possible drawbacks? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll be addressing some of the most commonly asked questions (FAQs) and shedding light on all the important details you need to know before making a decision.

What is a Rock n Roll Bed?

A rock n roll bed is a type of convertible seat that’s used in campervans or other recreational vehicles. It’s designed to provide both seating space and comfortable sleeping quarters for passengers during camping trips. The bed can be quick and easy to set up, converting from a bench seat into a comfortable sleeping surface with nothing more than an adjustment of the backrest.

How easy is it to Install?

Installing a rock n roll bed may seem like a daunting task, but it can be relatively simple if you follow the right steps. Most models come with detailed installation instructions, which typically involve bolting the bed frame to the floor using heavy-duty brackets and then fixing the cushions to the frame using durable fixtures. With just basic hand tools, it’s possible for anyone handy enough to complete the installation in just 4 hours or so.

What are The Benefits of A Rock N Roll Bed?

One of the main advantages of getting a rock n roll bed for your camper van is that it can significantly increase your usable space while still allowing you flexibility with how you use that extra space. A well-designed rock n roll bed will also provide plenty of comfort while taking up minimal room when folded away or not in use.

What Size Do You Need?

The ideal size for your rock n roll bed depends on several factors, including how many people will be sharing it and how tall those individuals are. Most standard beds measure between 180cm and 200cm long by 110-120cm wide, providing adequate sleeping space for up to two people. If you’re particularly tall, consider a bed with an extended length, which can be between 10-15cm longer than standard lengths.

How Comfortable is It?

A rock n roll bed ultimately represents another piece of furniture that individuals must utilize, so it’s essential to keep comfort and quality in mind while purchasing them. Look for beds that are padded with high-density foam for added support and comfort while sleeping or lounging. Consider the thickness of the mattress too; if it is too thin or hard, your sleep experience during long camping trips could severely be diminished.

What About Safety Features?

Safety should always be on anyone’s mind when opting for a rock n roll bed. Many modern models come equipped with seat belts to ensure safe travel when out on bumpy and shaky roads. Some brands have even undergone special testing to ensure they are crash-tested suitable.

In conclusion

Hopefully, this blog has helped you answer some of your questions regarding rock n roll beds for campervans. The beauty of these beds is how versatile they are and their ability to save valuable space without sacrificing comfort. So whether you’re a solo traveler seeking greater flexibility or looking for an intimate family experience on wheels, a quality rock n roll bed can certainly make your trip more enjoyable!

Customizing Your Rock n Roll Bed Setup According to Personal Preferences

When it comes to camper van living, the rock n roll bed is arguably one of the most important aspects of your setup. Not only does it serve as a place to sleep, but if designed and customized correctly, it can also function as your seating area during the day. Being such an essential component, it’s important that you customize your rock n roll bed according to your personal preferences.

So, what exactly do we mean by customization? Let’s dive into some key areas you may want to consider when creating a custom rock n roll bed:

1. Size

First and foremost, size matters! Depending on how many people you plan on accommodating in your bed (and their sizes), you may need to adjust the dimensions accordingly. Some van lifers opt for a full-width bed, while others prefer a smaller version with additional storage space on either side.

2. Upholstery

The upholstery you choose can make or break your rock n roll bed setup. Think about materials that are easy to clean and maintain, as well as ones that fit with the overall aesthetic of your camper van interior design.

3. Support

Sleeping comfort should be top priority when designing your rock n roll bed setup. Consider adding extra support like slats or foam padding underneath for added comfort during those long road trips.

4. Storage Space

Speaking of storage space, don’t forget about utilizing every inch of available space under and around your rock n roll bed! Customized drawers or cabinets can offer ample storage opportunities for clothes and other essentials.

5. Seating Options

Since the rock n roll bed doubles as seating during the day time hours, consider adding options like swivel seats or bench seating to increase functionality and create multiple living spaces within your van home.

6. Lighting

Last but not least – lighting! Don’t underestimate how much difference lighting can make in terms of ambiance and functionality within a small space like a camper van. Consider installing reading lights or ambient lighting options to make your rock n roll bed setup truly shine.

Creating a custom rock n roll bed that meets your personal preferences and tailored needs is just one way to take camper van living to the next level. With a little creativity and attention to detail, you can transform your small space into a comfortable and functional home on wheels!

Table with useful data:

Brand Dimensions Materials Price
VW T6 185cm x 120cm Plywood with foam and fabric $2,000
Ford Transit Custom 190cm x 110cm Aluminum frame with foam and fabric $2,500
Mercedes Sprinter 200cm x 130cm Wood with foam and leather $3,500
Nissan NV200 170cm x 120cm Steel frame with foam and vinyl $1,500

Information from an expert: Rock n roll bed for campervan

As an expert in campervan modifications and upgrades, I highly recommend investing in a rock n roll bed for your camper. Not only does it provide a comfortable sleeping solution, it also saves valuable space by doubling as both seating and storage during the day. Make sure to choose a high-quality bed with sturdy hinges and durable materials to ensure years of use on the road. With a rock n roll bed, you can transform your campervan into a cozy home away from home.

Historical fact:

The introduction of rock n roll beds in campervans became popular during the 1950s and 1960s, allowing for more comfortable road trips and adding to the freedom and adventure associated with the open road.

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