Go Campervan: Your Ultimate Guide to Road Tripping with a Home on Wheels [Expert Tips, Inspiring Stories, and Must-Know Stats]

Short answer: Go Campervan

Go Campervan is a UK-based campervan rental company that offers fully-equipped and newly-converted vehicles for hire. Their fleet includes various models to suit different preferences and budgets. Customers can book online or through their mobile app, with pick-up and drop-off locations available nationwide.

How to Get Started: A Step-by-Step Guide to Go Campervan

Are you looking to explore the great outdoors and live your life on the road, but don’t know where to start? A campervan is a perfect option for those who want to be in control of their travels while enjoying the comforts of home. But whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a complete novice, getting started can feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together this step-by-step guide that will help you go from dreaming about hitting the open road to actually doing it.

Step 1: Determine Your Needs

Before buying or renting a campervan, think about what kind of traveler you are and what your needs might be while living on the road. Do you prioritize comfort over convenience? Or do you value mobility more than space? Once you have an idea of what your priorities are, research and compare different types of campervans available in your area, such as pop-top roofs, compact vans, or larger motorhomes.

Step 2: Budget Wisely

Buying or renting a campervan can get expensive quickly; it’s essential to budget accordingly. Determine how much money is required for gas, food expenses, campsite fees, maintenance costs as well as breakdowns before hitting the road. You also need to consider seasonal factors like weather demands such as winter preservation gear when traveling in lower temperatures outside peak travel seasons.

Step 3: Make Preparations

Once you’ve settled on the right type of van for your needs and budgeted smartly – it’s time to prepare for life on the go! Install essential equipment such as refrigerators, portable gas stoves with burners found at camping supply stores. Alongside this make sure that bedding like pillows & blankets fit comfortably without adding too much weight inside your camper thus reducing efficiency while driving.

Step 4: Hit The Road!

Now that everything is settled – buckle up and enjoy life on the open road! Don’t forget necessities like enjoying views & consider finding great destinations on the way. Emergencies are rare, but you can always prepare for any eventuality with good management and common sense. Keep a tool box ready by putting together essential tools like spanners, wrenches, spare tires as well as first -responder equipment for medical emergencies.

With this step-by-step guide in mind, your dream of living life on the open road could soon become a reality! Don’t forget to bookmark your favorite scenic spots for future travels while you’re out exploring – that way you’ll never run out of new places to explore. Whether its mountain vistas or beaches with perfect sunset spots – there’s always somewhere new to go and discover!

The Ultimate Go Campervan FAQ: Answering Your Burning Questions

As more and more people are looking for an adventure on the road, go campervans have become increasingly popular. The ease of travelling and the flexibility to explore new destinations make it a tempting choice for anyone who wants to experience the beauty of their surroundings at their own pace.

However, with so many different types of campervans available, it can be challenging to know where to begin! That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate FAQ guide answering some of the most burning questions about campervan travel.

Q: What is Go Campervan travel?
A: Go Campervan travel is a type of road trip where you rent or purchase a self-contained vehicle that comes equipped with all the amenities you need for living on the road. The goal is to explore new places, spend time in nature, and enjoy a unique and immersive way of exploring your surroundings.

Q: What type of van should I choose?
A: The best type of van depends on your needs and preferences. There are various models available with varying features carefully tailored according to your use case. If you’re planning a longer journey, then larger vans would be suitable as they come with extra storage space and sleeping accommodations. On the other hand, smaller vans like minivans are ideal if you mostly plan on doing shorter journeys.

Q: How much does it cost to rent a campervan?
A: Prices depend on several factors like rental company charges and seasonality; however, one thing remains constant – renting a camper van is significantly cheaper than getting accommodation at hotels throughout the duration. During peak season periods expect higher prices while during off-peak seasons rates tend to taper off resulting in lesser expenses.

Q: Do I need any special skills or qualifications to drive RVs?
A: Owning an RV license isn’t mandatory but having several years driving experience goes a long way into ensuring smooth transition into driving such types of vehicles. Since they’re much larger than smaller vehicles, drivers need to be cautious, especially when it comes to parking and making sharp turns. Remember that each vehicle is unique, with differing components such as brakes and engine specs hence appropriate research goes a long way in successful driving.

Q: Do I need special insurance for Go CamperVans?
A: Absolutely! Having an insurance policy is mandatory when renting or owning go campervans. When taking out the policy ensure it comprehensively covers accidental damages, liability protection in case of theft or damage from natural disasters.

Q: Can I travel anywhere in a campervan?
A: You can travel anywhere your van allows based on size and functionalities. However, there are certain restrictions and guidelines set concerning traveling through some less developed areas/mountainous terrains that may prove complex to navigate in such types of vehicles.

Go campervan travel offers an avenue for individuals, families or groups seeking out new enjoyable outdoor experiences. Whether you’re trekking through exotic sceneries for the first time in these vehicles or have been camping your entire life, make sure you do your research beforehand so that you can have a memorable experience filled with unforgettable memories !

Top 5 Reasons Why Choose a Go Campervan Adventure

As travelers, we’re always searching for the next adventure. From backpacking and hiking trips to epic road trips and European vacations, there are endless ways to explore the world around us. However, if you’re looking for a truly unique and exciting experience, it’s hard to beat hitting the open road in a campervan! Here are our top 5 reasons why you should choose a go campervan adventure:

1. Complete freedom

When you rent or buy a campervan, you have complete freedom over where you go and what you do on your trip. Unlike staying in a hotel or hostel, you don’t need to be tied down to any specific location. You can set your own itinerary and follow your whims wherever they take you.

2. Affordable travel

Traveling by campervan can be surprisingly affordable compared to other forms of vacationing. While purchasing or renting a van may seem like too big an investment upfront, once you’ve got your wheels underfoot everything else will fall into place naturally with multiple benefits such as budget-savvy grocery shopping rather than expensive restaurants.

3. Unique accommodation options

A huge perk of traveling in a campervan is the unique accommodation options available! Whether parked up for free on wild land or booked campsites at cheap rates -campsites always come with perks camping gear rentals including sporting equipment or hot showers- there’s nothing quite like waking up every day someplace new with beautiful landscapes right outside your door.

4. Tailor-made experiences

By embarking on a go campervan adventure, travelers can tailor their itinerary exactly how they want it – no two journeys are ever alike since each stop presents unique opportunities- hitchhiking rides from friendly locals when feeling fatigued; meeting new people at local farmer’s markets sampling sumptuous fresh cuisine; visiting tourist hotspots for well-known gems oftentimes uncovered by accident.

5.The ultimate way to embrace the outdoorsy lifestyle

Whether you’re an avid nature lover or just enjoy getting outside for fresh air and exercise, a go campervan adventure is tailor-made for outdoor enthusiasts! From hiking and kayaking to stargazing and mountaineering, traveling in a van allows you to get up close and personal with the natural wonders around you.

With so many amazing benefits, it’s no wonder that travel by campervan popularity has surged during recent years. Between complete freedom over your itinerary, affordable travel expenditures –including accommodation- on tight budgets and tailor-made opportunities to let adventure guide your next trip; go campervan experiences provide unforgettable memories. So take a break from the usual adventuring routine with friends or family members we promise unique adventures awaits once behind the wheel on this remarkable journey called life.

The Best Places to Travel with Your Go Campervan

As the world slowly starts to open up after a year of lockdowns and travel restrictions, there is no better way to satisfy your wanderlust than by hitting the open road in a Go Campervan. With its built-in bed, kitchenette, and spacious interior, it offers you the freedom to travel without having to worry about accommodation or dining options. So where should you go? Here are some of the best places to visit with your Go Campervan.

1. California

The Golden State has it all – from rugged coastlines and towering redwoods to arid deserts and snow-capped mountains. There are countless campsites peppered throughout California that cater specifically for camper vans, making it an excellent destination for those looking for adventure without sacrificing comfort.

2. New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for its stunning natural scenery, and there’s no better way to experience it than by travelling in a campervan. From sandy beaches on the North Island to picturesque glacial lakes on the South Island, New Zealand has something for every type of traveller.

3. Iceland

Iceland is truly one of a kind, with otherworldly landscapes consisting of glaciers, hot springs, geysers and waterfalls dotted throughout its vast wildernesses. When driving through this beautiful country in your Go Camper van you can witness Northern Lights dancing above you while you cosy up inside your mobile home.

4. Scotland

Scotland’s rugged coastline, rolling hillsides and charming towns make it a magical place worth visiting at least once in your lifetime! The country boasts numerous campsites that welcome camper van enthusiasts warmly offering various scenic views around each corner turning Scotland into an outdoor lover’s paradise.

5. Australia

Australia may be big but travelling across this giant country with your Go Campervan will let you experience everything: from surfing at Bondi Beach through trekking around Ayres Rock massive boulders ending in sunbathing by the Great Barrier Reef. The country is full of countless locations to park up and relax all with different views for you to enjoy.

These are just a few of the amazing places you can visit in your Go Campervan, but there are many more waiting to be discovered. Regardless of where you go, travelling with your vehicle will create unforgettable memories that will stay with you forever. Making it both an adventurous and relaxed holiday without ever compromising on either end! So what are you waiting for? Hit the road today with your trusty campervan and experience the world like never before!

Tips and Tricks for a Successful and Memorable Go Campervan Trip

Campervan trips are a great way to explore new places and create unforgettable memories. However, just like any other adventure, a campervan trip requires planning and preparation to make it successful and memorable.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you plan for a successful campervan trip:

1. Choose the Right Campervan

The first step in planning your campervan trip is choosing the right vehicle for your needs. Consider the size of your group, the type of terrain you will be driving on, the amenities you need, your budget, and how long you will be renting the van.

2. Plan Your Route

Once you’ve chosen your campervan, it’s time to plan your route. Research potential campsites or RV parks along the way – make sure they have amenities that suit your needs such as electricity hook-ups or showers.

3. Pack Smart

When packing for your trip, ensure you have everything that you need. Make a list of all necessary items based on the length of time and destination of your trip – from cooking equipment to bedding.

4.Drive Safe

Driving a campervan is different than driving a car -ensure that everyone has appropriate licenses including requirements such as restrictions on weight limits.. Also keep in mind height clearance with regards to bridges or tunnels- Always double check to avoid damage to both driver and rental

5.Be environmentally responsible

Follow Leave No Trace principles during camping such as managing waste properly, minimizing fires/impacts/invasive species , Leave only footprints behind

6.Capture Memories

Keeping pictures/videos/logging experiences through journaling adds more value.What’ s special about using Camper Van versus ordinary traveling?

  • You’re not tied down – guaranteed spontaneity!
  • Smaller carbon footprint with possibility for more sustainable traveling
  • Makes vacations affordable therefore making travel accessible especially during times when accommodations may feel dauntingly pricy.
  • Flexibility to carry more and drive places inconceivable with small cars.

Following these tips and tricks will ensure that your campervan trip is both successful and memorable. Regardless where you are headed, the journey is just as important as the destination. Happy Traveling!

What You Need to Know Before Renting or Buying a Go Campervan

Are you planning a road trip soon and are considering renting or buying a campervan? We don’t blame you – it’s an excellent way to travel with ultimate freedom, comfort, and convenience. However, before you hit the open road, there are a few things you need to know first.

Here are some tips that will help provide clarity on what to expect when deciding whether to rent or buy a Go Campervan.

1. Budgeting

The first thing you will have to consider is your budget. Renting can be more manageable upfront costs for people who want just one-off trips without having to worry about maintenance and storage fees. It often depends on how many days/weeks/months you plan on being away for.

On the other hand, if traveling in a van is going to be your main mode of transport (even long term), then purchasing may be the best option as it provides more flexibility down the line.

2. Size Matters

When choosing between renting or buying a campervan, size is paramount. This decision is dependent on the number of people who will be traveling with you.

For example:

  • Sprinters; good for regular height people where space isn’t necessarily important
  • Mini camper-vans; ideal for solo travelers wanting all amenities but want discreetness (usually eight-foot ceilings)
  • Pop-up camper vans; great for families or groups of friends due to their height preference
  • Mid-size Class B RVs; fit most people’s needs with all practicality features built-in

Make sure always to look up adequate sized-garages/housing spaces before purchasing any van!

3. Amenities

One thing about Van life is understanding that everything comes in “mini” versions – which includes amenities!

The main aspect many search for in Van rentals/purchases are:

i.) Bed Comfortability
ii.) Ability To Stand-Up In Vehicle
iii.) Practical Storage
iv.) Bathroom
v.) Kitchen

4. Maintenance & Responsibility

When renting a campervan, you don’t have to worry about maintenance—just enjoy your trip! However, when purchasing, it is essential to maintain it properly. This usually means upfront costs can be much higher than just renting.

So are you ready?

In conclusion, deciding whether to rent or buy a Go Campervan entirely depends on your travel needs and style. Take the time to assess what you want out of the journey and decide accordingly.

Always look up on DIY forums/groups (if planning on tackling things yourself) or get in contact with manufacturers/dealerships that offer warranties for vehicle upkeep for added responsibility reassurance!

Once you weigh all options out, immerse yourselves in van life culture and build up that wanderlust spirit; happy exploring!

Table with useful data:

Brand Model Type Price
Volkswagen California Ocean Van Conversion $85,000
Winnebago Travato Class B Motorhome $110,000
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Class C Motorhome $150,000
Hymer B-Class ModernComfort T Class B+ Motorhome $175,000
Thor Motor Coach Chateau Class C Motorhome $90,000

Information from an Expert

As an expert in campervan travel, I highly recommend exploring the world on four wheels. A campervan provides you with the freedom to explore at your own pace and discover hidden gems that may not be accessible by traditional means of transportation. With everything you need on board, including a kitchen, bed, and toilet facilities, a campervan allows you to fully immerse yourself in nature while still enjoying the comforts of home. Whether you are an experienced camper or a newbie to the lifestyle, a campervan adventure is sure to be unforgettable.
Historical fact:

In the 1950s and 1960s, the Hippie Trail became a popular route for travelers to journey from Europe to South Asia in their campervans, seeking adventure and enlightenment along the way.

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