Discover the Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Campervan Travel in New Zealand: Tips, Tricks, and Stats [2021]

Short answer: Wilderness campervan New Zealand

Wilderness campervan is an ideal way to explore the stunning landscapes of New Zealand. It offers a unique experience to get close to nature, and offers facilities like cooking equipments, bedding, and shower. The vehicles are well maintained and can be rented within a wide range of budgets. Hire one today!

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Renting and Driving a Campervan in New Zealand’s Wilderness

New Zealand is a country that’s known for its stunning landscapes, epic scenery and the adventure it offers. If you are an adventure lover or nature enthusiast, then renting and driving a campervan in New Zealand is something that you should consider doing at least once in your lifetime. Not only will this allow you to explore some of the most amazing natural spots tucked away from civilization, but also let you experience New Zealand’s unique perspective.

Here’s a guide on how to rent and drive a campervan in New Zealand:

1. Decide on your travel dates

The first step towards renting a campervan in New Zealand is deciding when you want to go. The best time to visit is during the summer months (December-February), when temperatures average between 20°C – 30°C across most of the country.

2. Book Your Campervan

Once you have decided on your travel dates, it’s time to book your campervan rental. There are many companies offering different types of vehicles based on need such as 2 seater minivans, 4x4s with rooftop tents etc available depending upon the requirements.

3. Plan Your Route

New Zealand has numerous beautiful destinations waiting for keen explorers in every corner of both North and South islands which can be explored easily via campervans within comfort . Before setting off , plan out your route so that you do not miss out on any of these beautiful spots.

4. Get yourself familiarize with Driving Laws

It’s essential to get yourself acquainted with road laws before hitting the roads like wearing seat belts at all times or else risk not just facing tickets but also putting yourself into danger of fatalities.

5. Safety Comes First

Safety should always be considered foremost as it’s common sight seeing folks involved in accidents while exploring while enjoying views outside their moving vehicles thereby endangering their lives as well as other travellers .

6. Enjoy Nature and scenery

New Zealand has stunning views that are truly breathtaking- the idyllic scenery , vast green mountains, beaches and lakes spread out through both islands bringing close to nature making campervan trips an experience of a lifetime .

Driving along serene country roads , picnicking under a canopy of trees and gazing at clear starry nights will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed for months even after your trip ends.

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Renting and Driving a Campervan in New Zealand’s Wilderness simply brings one back closer to what counts most, Nature!

Frequently Asked Questions About Wilderness Campervans in New Zealand: Answered!

New Zealand is famous for its stunning natural landscapes, incredible mountains and sparkling lakes. With so much natural beauty to explore, the best way to travel around the country is by campervan. The freedom offered by having your own mobile home allows you to enjoy all that New Zealand has to offer at your own pace.

However, choosing the right campervan can be overwhelming. You want it to be comfortable, reliable and equipped with all of the necessary amenities. In this frequently asked questions guide, we will provide answers to some of the most common queries about wilderness campervans in New Zealand.

What are Wilderness Campervans?

Wilderness campervans are specialized rental vehicles designed specifically for travellers looking for an authentic outdoor experience in New Zealand. These are compact vans converted into fully-functional homes-on-wheels with all modern amenities like a kitchen area including a fridge and cooking utensils; complete bedding setup; lighting system – both internal and external; seating arrangement that doubles up as sleeping quarters; water storage facilities & shower facilities.

They come equipped with everything you need for cooking and sleeping while on the road while still being small enough to navigate winding roads through mountain passes or narrow streets in villages.

What Are The Advantages Of Renting A Wilderness Campervan?

The biggest advantage of renting a wilderness campervan is flexibility – being able to change plans on a whim without worrying about hotel reservations or transportation schedules. Imagine waking up next to a beautiful mountain range one day, going kayaking in peaceful forests second day or soaking under sparkling night sky third day!

Another advantage is cost-saving: you would save money on accommodation costs as there would be no need for any expensive hotels stays during your travels plus saving time getting from one place to another as well as gaining ultimate convenience alongside seeing remote places away from typical tourist destinations.

Who Can Rent A Wilderness Campervan In New Zealand?

Campervans are suitable for anyone who loves the outdoors, adventure and spontaneous travelling. If you are looking for a unique way to explore New Zealand’s beautiful scenery at your own pace, a campervan is the perfect choice.

However, most rental companies have age restrictions which vary but commonly ranges from 21 – 75 years old drivers to rent their vehicles. You also need to have a valid driver’s license in English (or an international driving permit) and a credit card for security deposit purposes.

What Should I Look For In The Campervans?

When renting a wilderness campervan in New Zealand, there are various things you should consider, including size and sleeping capacity; fuel economy or other vehicle specifications such as transmission type, fuel consumption rate etc.; equipment or facilities provided like ventilation systems; insulation technologies and materials used in its build; sanitisation system especially important during the recent pandemic conditions etc.

It’s essential to choose a campervan that feels comfortable enough for you without compromising on any features that could be necessary while traveling around NZ regions- after all it will be your home for the duration of the trip!

Are Wilderness Campers Safe?

Safety is important when travelling anywhere with your rented camper van. Before embarking on your journey through this beautiful country ensure that vehicle has passed all relevant safety checks and has been regularly maintained by reliable mechanics so that everything functions as it should while addressing unplanned issues if they do arise.

We recommend keeping a first aid kit handy alongside knowing the local emergency numbers/contacts beforehand always helps add just an extra degree of assurance while exploring rural territories or remote backcountry areas where unpredictable situations may arise!

How Do I Find A Good Rental Company?

There are many reputable rental companies operating throughout New Zealand offering various types of campervans ranging from two-seaters up to six-seaters campers with larger-sized models too available catering for corporate events too like conferences etc.

Researching options online prior to booking would be ideal – checking out review sites and social media accounts of some well-reviewed companies will help find reliable and transparent operators to do business with while looking for added benefits or deals like discounted rates or free camping gear rentals may also add to a fabulous vacation experience.

In brief, renting a wilderness campervan is an exceptional way to explore the magnificence of New Zealand. Unforgettable memories and experiences await you in this country’s scenic landscapes. Just be sure to pick a reliable rental company, consider your safety, choose the ideal campervan for your group size and ensure all necessary features are present. Happy Trails!

Top 5 Incredible Facts About the Wilderness Campervan Experience in New Zealand

New Zealand has always been known for its breathtaking natural landscapes, and exploring the wilderness in a campervan is one of the best ways to experience them up close. From providing you with a sense of freedom to getting you immersed in the local culture, there are many incredible aspects that make New Zealand’s wilderness campervan experience stand out from others. In this blog, we’re going to dive deep into the top 5 incredible facts about exploring the wilds of New Zealand by campervan.

1. A Path Less Traveled

When traveling to New Zealand, it’s easy to be drawn to its major tourist hotspots like Queenstown or Auckland. However, one of the most exciting features about a campervan adventure is that it provides you with access to all sorts of hidden gems off the beaten track that few other travelers would ever have experienced otherwise.

From small towns to remote areas of untouched nature, wandering around this beautiful country in a camper can lead you on discovering places that will stay with you forever. You never know where your road trip journey may take you; perhaps down a dirt track leading towards an unexplored beach or through lush rainforests boasting spellbinding waterfalls – every turn brings endless possibilities.

2. Lone Ranger Freedom

New Zealand’s boundless beauty might send shivers down your spine and evoke transportive feelings but nothing compares itself when driving at your own pace with no guidelines or restrictions involved whatsoever. The landscape takes on new depth and meaning when explored without guidance!

Being able to hit the open road at your leisure and pick out whatever sights intrigue you means being free from schedules and timelines imposed by organized tours or guides — just get behind the wheel of your mobile home on wheels (aka campervan) or motorhome and set out on an epic adventure!

3. Make Your Own Rules

Another remarkable aspect of camping using a vehicle for accommodation is that YOU CALL THE SHOTS. You’re in complete control of where you stop and for how long, whether it’s at a stunning lookout or the quirky cafes that dot the roadways.

Social distancing? No problem! Spontaneously decide to stay a night or two along the way; as campsites, freedom camping zones and other spaces like that are all over New Zealand which means one thing: you are always just minutes away from your next stop!

4. A Local Taste

When traveling abroad, engaging with local culture becomes an essential part of the experience when meeting locals and sampling delectable cuisine can be just as delightful as exploring natural wonders.

Picking up fresh produce and groceries from farmers’ markets participating in some Pacific Island cooking classes –it is but a few ways van life will leave an imprint in your memory bank. Plus, not only does experiencing food culture enrich your adventure, but it also helps support local communities by buying their products directly.

5. A Magical Night Sky

A final unforgettable feature of New Zealand’s wilderness campervan experience is its astonishing nighttime skies! With little light pollution, stargazing in this country’s wildest corners offers magical memories waiting to happen.

World-renowned ‘Dark Sky Reserves” provide unparalleled viewing opportunities where countless stars twinkle and dance overhead—making it nothing short of awe-inspiring! So don’t forget to pack those telescopes (or binoculars), phone cameras or even simply lay down something cushy on the side of your motorhome bed – either way taking it all in is a must-do when camping out under our celestial canopy.

Exploring New Zealand’s wilderness by campervan truly can be an unparalleled journey worth remembering forever. From going wherever you want at your pace to discovering hidden paths less traveled — every minute will leave you feeling more connected with nature itself than ever before!

A Beginner’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving During Your Trip with a Wilderness Campervan in New Zealand

Traveling to a new country can be an exhilarating adventure, especially if it’s one that’s as picturesque and inviting as New Zealand. And what better way to take in all the sights and sounds of this beautiful land than by taking a trip with a wilderness campervan.

If you’re planning on embarking on this type of journey for the first time, you might be feeling a bit apprehensive. But fear not – here’s your beginner’s guide to surviving and thriving when exploring New Zealand in a wilderness campervan.

Choose Your Campervan Wisely

The first step to enjoying your campervan experience is choosing the right vehicle for your adventure. Make sure to thoroughly research beforehand, so that you have a good idea of what you are looking for. Will it have all the amenities you need? Is it big enough for everyone in your party? These are important questions that should be considered before making any final decisions.

Plan Your Route

Another factor to consider is where exactly you want to go and how long will it take getting there. With so much natural beauty surrounding you – from glaciers to mountains, fjords, forests or waterfalls – mapping out your route ahead of time is essential. Some campsites require booking reservations prior hand while others don’t require booking at all – knowing which ones will save lots of trouble down the road.

Pack Smart

Now that you’ve got your vehicle secured and route mapped out ahead of time, let’s talk about what essentials must make onto your packing list: comfortable shoes and clothing are essential when hiking or enjoying outdoor activities; always ensure that there’s plenty of food supplies on board (including enough drinking water) especially during rural parts where access may not be readily available; also stock up on maps, sunscreen lotion or insect repellent as they’ll prove crucial items during travels around New Zealand.

Take Your Time

A campervan trip through New Zealand offers an excellent opportunity to slow down, take in the scenery and enjoy each moment. The country has plenty of scenic getaways such as Nugget Point or Cape Reinga which are worth spending time at, so take it easy on yourself wherever possible.

Get Off The Beaten Path

While it can be tempting to stick to popular tourist routes and destinations, there’s plenty to be gained from veering off the beaten path – try driving through Tokomaru Bay or heading down to Glenorchy instead which offer myriad unique experiences that will make your trip complete one.

Be Mindful

It’s important to treat both the environment and local people with respect while you gain valuable life experiences. Refrain from dumping any chemicals or waste products anywhere but designated spots – “leave no trace” is an unspoken rule amongst travellers in New Zealand. Also make sure to respect communities you encounter along the way – many hold highly regarded beliefs that can differ drastically from our own.

To wrap up, taking a trip with a wilderness campervan around New Zealand offers an experience like no other, full of adventure and opportunity. Just remember: thoroughly plan ahead, pack smartly and treat both the environment and locals kindly. With these suggestions in mind, your journey will undoubtedly prove unforgettable!

Exploring the Natural Wonders of New Zealand with Your Wilderness Campervan – Must-See Stops along the Way

When it comes to stunning natural beauty, New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the top destinations in the world. With captivating landscapes ranging from dramatic mountains and pastoral grasslands to coastal beaches and lush rainforests, this country has it all. And what better way to experience these wonders than by road-tripping across the land in your own wilderness campervan?

If you’re planning a trip to New Zealand and looking for some must-see stops along the way, here are some suggestions that will make your journey truly unforgettable:

1. Milford Sound

Located on the southwestern coast of the South Island, Milford Sound is arguably one of the most famous landmarks in New Zealand. This fjord is surrounded by towering cliffs and cascading waterfalls that seem to go on forever. Take a boat tour or kayak through its crystal-clear waters and revel at its natural beauty.

2. Mount Cook

Towering over 3,700 metres above sea level, Aoraki/Mount Cook is New Zealand’s highest mountain peak located within the Aoraki-Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve (IDSR). The rugged scenery surrounding Mount Cook makes it an ideal destination for hiking enthusiasts who want a challenging yet rewarding experience.

3. Tongariro National Park

Regarded by UNESCO as having “outstanding universal value,” Tongariro National Park boasts three active volcanoes – Tongariro, Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu – which offer a unique opportunity for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing or snowboarding.

4. Franz Josef Glacier

Nestled within Westland Tai Poutini National Park on the West Coast of South Island lies Franz Josef Glacier; one of few glaciers in the world that descends into a rainforest valley making it an incredible sight to behold.

5. Abel Tasman National Park

New Zealand’s smallest national park abounds with golden sandy beaches lapped by turquoise waters sheltered in a temperate rainforest producing great kayaking, seal spotting and hiking trails. What more could you ask for?

6. Kaikoura

The coastal town of Kaikoura is famous for its stunning marine life encounters with seals, whales, dolphins and seabirds including the mighty albatross. It’s an excellent place to go whale-watching or snorkel with seals.

7. Coromandel Peninsula

The Coromandel Peninsula can be found on New Zealand’s North Island and offers visitors picturesque beaches and forests to explore. Cathedral Cove is a popular beach to visit within the peninsula.

New Zealand’s natural wonders offer no shortage of breathtaking scenery that should not be missed! From sweeping landscapes dotted with mountains and glaciers to inspiring waterfalls, majestic fjords, white sandy beaches, unique wildlife experiences such as swimming with the playful Hector’s dolphin in Akaroa harbor – you won’t want to leave.
As a lover of nature, culture and adventure sojourns our luxury electric campervans provide all three wrapped up in affordability that offers a comfortable travel experience along your explorations giving easy access to these cravers when you decide to make them stops along your journey. Spend every night under the stars surrounded by nothing but nature itself while enjoying the comfort of your Wilderness campervan accommodations at one-off camping sites where fresh air abounds than restricting yourself yet providing adequate facilities like solar showers making sure that you can go off-grid in style!

So embark on an unforgettable exploration of this incredible country today with Wilderness Campervans and discover natural beauty worth experiencing first hand!

Why Choosing a Wilderness Campervan Rental Could Be One of the Best Decisions You’ll Ever Make for Your New Zealand Adventure

New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and picturesque countries in the world. It’s home to jaw-dropping landscapes that range from snow-capped mountains, pristine beaches, lush forests, sparkling lakes and stunning fjords. And what better way to explore this wondrous country than by campervan? A wilderness campervan rental could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your New Zealand adventure. Here’s why:

Unlimited Freedom

With a wilderness campervan rental, you have the ultimate freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. You’re not tied down to hotel reservations or bus schedules; instead, you can create your own itinerary and follow it at your own pace.


A wilderness campervan rental gives you complete flexibility in terms of where you stay. You can choose from national parks or free campsites that allow a more authentic experience of nature, while also saving money on accommodation.


A comfortable bed, kitchenette and even bathroom facilities at your fingertips make living in a van easy and enjoyable all year round – no hassle with booking hotels or searching for lavatories miles away!


If solitude is what you seek when exploring nature or just enjoying some quiet time together with someone special then renting a Wilderness Campervans are definitely one option worth considering because they offer just that: total privacy! With no noisy neighbors around except maybe birds chirping in the morning sun…

Value for Money

New Zealand is an expensive place to visit but renting a wilderness campevan rental can save on many costs associated with travel such as transportation, lodging and tours – all while still allowing travelers access some incredible sights without breaking the bank.


Campervans give travelers access to remote areas without leaving behind heavy carbon footprints thanks to efficient fuel consumption rates unlike other forms of transport like passenger vehicles which generate much higher polluting gases into earth’s atmosphere.

Memories That Last a Lifetime

New Zealand’s spectacular landscapes and varied climates offer endless opportunities to make irreplaceable holiday memories that will last a lifetime. A campervan rental is the perfect vehicle for creating unforgettable experiences with friends and family.

In conclusion, renting a wilderness campervan is an ideal way to explore New Zealand’s rugged beauty in comfort and style, all while saving on costs and minimizing your carbon footprint. With the flexibility, freedom, privacy, and stunning views that come with a campervan rental not to mention memories of a lifetime waiting at every turn – why wait any longer? Hit the open road in style on your next adventure Down Under!

Table with useful data:

Topic Information
Location New Zealand
Number of campervans available 50
Rates per day NZD 150 – NZD 300
Types of campervans 2 berth, 3 berth, 4 berth, 6 berth
Facilities Toilet, shower, kitchen, beddings, gas cooker, dining area
Additional amenities WiFi, GPS navigation systems, outdoor equipment rentals
Minimum rental age 21 years old
Seasonal discounts Available

Information from an expert: As a wilderness campervan expert in New Zealand, I highly recommend exploring the country’s stunning natural landscapes on four wheels. With a campervan, you have the freedom to roam and stop whenever and wherever you please, without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Whether it’s watching the starry night sky in Lake Tekapo or admiring the towering Fiordland mountains up close, there is no better way to experience all that New Zealand has to offer than by embarking on a campervan adventure. Don’t forget to pack your hiking boots and binoculars for an unforgettable trip!

Historical fact:

In the early 20th century, wilderness campervanning in New Zealand became popular among adventurers and explorers who braved the rugged terrain to discover its natural beauty. The trend continued to gain momentum over the years, leading to the rise of commercial campervans and motorhomes rental services that catered to the growing demand for exploring the unspoiled wilderness of New Zealand.

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