Discover the Ultimate Guide to Vancraft Campervan Rentals: A Personal Story, Tips, and Stats [2021]

Short answer: Vancraft Campervan Rentals

Vancraft Campervan Rentals offers high-quality campervans with a focus on adventure, luxury and comfort. Their vehicles come fully equipped with everything travelers need to explore the great outdoors, including kitchen and bedding essentials. With locations in Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, Vancraft has become a popular choice for those seeking an unforgettable road trip experience.

Step by Step Guide to Renting a Vancraft Campervan for Your Next Adventure

Whether you’re gearing up for a weekend getaway or planning an extended road trip, a campervan rental can be the perfect solution for your outdoor adventure needs. And when it comes to renting a campervan, Vancraft has got you covered. Their range of fuel-efficient vehicles offers all the amenities and comforts of home while also providing the freedom to explore your surroundings with ease.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to renting a Vancraft campervan for your next adventure:

Step 1: Choose Your Vehicle

First things first, you’ll need to decide which Vancraft vehicle is right for you. Their fleet includes four different models: The Hideaway (their smallest option), The Beachhouse (a mid-size option), The Roadie (a larger option with more amenities), and The Voyager XL (the largest option with the most space). Each model offers its own unique features and accommodations, so take some time to review them all before making your choice.

Step 2: Check Availability

Once you’ve decided on which Vancraft vehicle suits your needs, head over to their website to check availability. You can select your desired pick-up location and rental dates to see if the vehicle is available during that time period.

Step 3: Make Your Reservation

If the vehicle is available on your chosen dates, it’s time to make your reservation! Reservations can be made online or over the phone by calling their friendly customer service team. Be sure to have all relevant information handy, such as driver’s license details and payment information.

Step 4: Plan Your Route

With your campervan reserved, it’s time to start planning out your route! Consider using online resources such as Google Maps or Roadtrippers.com to scope out scenic routes along the way. Keep in mind any camping or RV parks where you plan on staying overnight.

Step 5: Pack Accordingly

One advantage of renting a Vancraft campervan is that it’s equipped with all the basic necessities you need for your trip. However, there are still some personal items you’ll want to bring along such as clothing, toiletries, and any cooking supplies or food you plan on using.

Step 6: Pick Up Your Campervan

When the day arrives, head to your designated pick-up location to start your adventure! Vancraft will provide a brief orientation to show you how everything works inside the vehicle and answer any questions you may have.

Step 7: Hit The Road

With your campervan rental in hand and route planned out, it’s time to hit the road! Whether you’re chasing adventures or simply soaking in breathtaking views from the comfort of your campervan rental, a Vancraft rental is sure to elevate any outdoor experience.

In summary, renting a Vancraft campervan provides an easy and stress-free way to explore new destinations or revisit familiar ones. With their selection of vehicles and commitment to exceptional customer service, it’s no wonder why so many travelers turn to them for their outdoor excursion needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vancraft Campervan Rentals Answered

If you’re planning on renting a campervan for your next adventure but aren’t quite sure where to start, Vancraft has got you covered. As one of the leading campervan rental companies in the UK, they offer top-of-the-line vehicles and exceptional services to ensure that your journey is nothing short of amazing.

Whether it’s questions about the types of campervans available or tips for navigating unknown terrains, here are some frequently asked questions about Vancraft campervan rentals answered:

1) What type of campervans does Vancraft offer?

Vancraft offers a variety of campervans catering to different needs and group sizes. From their popular VW Transporter T6 models, which sleep up to four people, to larger Mercedes Sprinter vans with six berths for families or larger groups.

2) Do I need any special license or training to drive a campervan?

No special license or training is required to drive most Vancraft campervans as they fall under standard driving licences in the UK. However, if you’re considering a larger motorhome with more than 3.5 tonnes weight limit, then you may require an additional licence known as category C1 entitlement – please check our website for details.

3) What’s included in the rental price from Vancraft?

Vancraft’s rental pricing includes comprehensive insurance (with optional excess reduction), unlimited mileage, breakdown cover within mainland UK and Northern Ireland (including replacement vehicle option), camping gas bottles, cooking equipment & utensils with kitchen packs plus hook-up cables where appropriate which means no hidden fees!

4) How can I pay for my rental?

Vancraft accepts payments by debit/credit card including Visa, Mastercard and Amex; bank transfer is also accepted.

5) Can I take my dog(s) along in my rented camper van?

Yes! Many of our fleet are pet-friendly although please check with the Vancraft team as pet-friendly vans may be limited in number. Additional cleaning, conditions and fees may apply where necessary.

6) Is there a minimum rental period?

Vancraft’s minimum rental is 3 nights for the VW models while other campervan rentals can come with longer minimum rental periods such as 5-day minimums over peak season periods. Please consult our website or contact our reservations team directly to discuss all options.

7) Can I travel abroad in my hired campervan?

Vancraft are happy for you to take your rented van abroad, however international travel may require additional insurance coverage and documentation depending on the country of destination. For more information, please visit our site and get in touch with an agent

8) Are there any mileage restrictions when renting a campervan from Vancraft?

Most of Vancraft’s hire vehicles have unlimited mileage within the UK but limitations do apply to travel overseas beyond mainland Europe due to potential breakdown recovery limitations.

Hopefully, we’ve answered some of your most pressing questions about hiring a camper van from Vancraft! Our full list of Frequently Asked Questions should help with anything further along with resources like preparation guides – otherwise please get in touch so that we can help clarify any details required! We aim to make sure you have everything you need for your perfect campervan journey at every step along the way.

Discover the Top 5 Facts About Vancraft Campervan Rentals

Campervan rental is one of the most popular ways to explore various exciting destinations around the world. When it comes to comfortable and convenient accommodation on wheels, Vancraft Campervan Rentals is undoubtedly one of the best options for travel enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable journey. Whether you are planning a road trip with friends or family, or traveling solo across different cities, Vancraft has got you covered. Here are the top 5 facts about Vancraft Campervan Rentals that will make you want to book your next adventure:

1. A Wide Range of Choices

Vancraft boasts a wide range of campervans that cater to every traveler’s needs and preferences. Whether you need a cozy van for two or a spacious motorhome that can accommodate up to six people, there’s always a variety of options from which to choose. Every camper van in their rental fleet comes equipped with essential amenities such as stoves, fridges, comfortable beds and storage facilities for all your belongings.

2. Affordable Rates

Most travelers would love to make their vacation budget-friendly without necessarily sacrificing quality experiences. Vancraft offers affordable rates even during peak seasons and never compromises on customer satisfaction when it comes to service quality.

3. Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

In addition to their affordable rates, another amazing thing about this campervan rental service provider is their commitment to delivering unbeatable customer satisfaction levels over everything else! Their staff members are approachable and friendly, offering helpful advice at every stage of your journey; right from booking inquiries, directions en-route suggestions.

4. Flexibility & Convenience

Flexibility and convenience remain core aspects every traveler looks out for while booking any travel services; luckily enough, Vancraft understands this too well! Their vans offer flexibility in terms of driving distances without the need for frequent petrol fill-ups along with free pickup/drop off within Melbourne- making them an easy choice for anyone wishing an independent travel experience.

5. Sustainable Travel

Another fantastic thing about Vancraft is their commitment to eco-friendliness, making them one of the most sustainable and environmental-conscious campervan rental companies. All their vans are fitted with low-emission engines, solar panels for charging service batteries, and high-efficiency fuel consumption.

In conclusion, Vancraft Campervan Rentals is undoubtedly a reliable and affordable partner that offers every traveler a memorable experience on the road without incurring huge costs or sacrificing quality experiences. They have simplified campervan rental into a hassle-free process aligned with customers’ desires ranging from budget restrictions to sustainability preferences. So why not try out Vancraft today?

Reasons Why Vancraft Campervan Rentals Will Elevate Your Next Road Trip

If you’re planning a road trip, there’s no better way to do it than in a campervan. And when it comes to campervan rentals, Vancraft is the way to go. Here are some reasons why choosing Vancraft will elevate your next road trip:

1. Comfortable and Spacious Interiors: When renting a campervan from Vancraft, you’ll be amazed by how spacious and comfortable their interiors are. You can relax on the cozy bed, cook your own meals in the kitchenette, and even take a hot shower after a long day on the road.

2. Fuel-Efficient Vehicles: Traveling in a campervan is already an eco-friendly option compared to other modes of transportation, but with Vancraft’s fuel-efficient vehicles, you can save money while reducing your carbon footprint.

3. Flexible Pick-up and Drop-off Locations: With multiple locations across Oregon and Washington, along with other states soon to be added nationwide; plus flexible pick-up/drop-off times outside regular office hours may make your travel experience much more convenient.

4. Adventures Made Easy: With all the necessary camping gear included for every rental makes booking with them easy because packing becomes very minimal compared to tent camping trips or hotel options so you and your group can fully enjoy your adventures without worrying about any heavy preparation beforehand (rental includes bedding(s), basic cooking utensils/china/silverware).

5. Optimized Versatility: Campervans backed by Vancraft have been designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts wanting budget friendly options but also offer an economical alternative for someone needing extra living space or touring capacities beyond standard hotel rooms -especially since touring guides from our team help plan travel routes complimentary.

6. Friendly & Knowledgeable Customer Service Experts: The staff at VanCraft are composed mostly of fellow adventurists themselves allowing them they be well-connected within their respective communities—thus creating a vast resource of potential travel tips for clients. You can expect excellent customer service from people who understand your needs and are passionate about making your road trip an unforgettable experience!

In summary, renting a campervan from Vancraft will elevate your road trip experience by offering a fuel-efficient, convenient, comfortable, budget-friendly and adventure-packed journey. For more information or to book now visit VancraftCamperVanRentals.com!

The Benefits of Choosing Vancraft Campervan Rentals Over Traditional Accommodations

When it comes to planning a getaway, the accommodations you choose can make all the difference in your overall experience. While traditional hotels and resorts have been popular choices for many years, there’s a new trend emerging in the world of travel – campervan rentals.

Offering a unique blend of adventure and comfort, traveling in a campervan is becoming an increasingly popular choice for travelers looking to explore new destinations without sacrificing luxury or convenience. Here are just a few reasons why choosing Vancraft campervan rentals over traditional accommodations could be the best decision you make for your next vacation.

Freedom and flexibility

One of the biggest reasons to choose a campervan rental is the freedom and flexibility it offers. Unlike staying at a hotel or resort where you’re confined to one location, with a campervan rental you’re free to explore wherever your heart desires. Whether it’s taking a detour off the beaten path, stopping at scenic viewpoints, or setting up camp in remote locations, having your own set of wheels gives you ample opportunity to see and do more.

Comfort and convenience

When most people think of camping or road trips, they imagine roughing it in uncomfortable sleeping bags and living off canned food. But with a Vancraft campervan rental, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our campervans offer all the comforts of home including comfortable beds, fully-equipped kitchens complete with refrigerators and stoves, plenty of storage space for all your belongings, entertainment options such as TV/DVD players and Bluetooth speakers. Plus – there’s no need to pack up each day since everything is conveniently stored inside!


Travel can quickly become expensive when factoring in flights, transportation costs once arriving at your destination (such as taxis or rental cars), not to mention finding affordable accommodations that meet your needs! A Vancraft Campervan Rental offers budget-friendly options allowing you to save money while enjoying your vacation. With everything you could need at your fingertips, we provide an all-in-one solution to save you time and hassle.

The Perfect Social Distancing Option

Let’s face it – 2020 has left us all a little wary of crowded public spaces! A Vancraft Campervan Rental avoids many of the potential risks of staying in traditional accommodations where guests come and go throughout the day. Instead, our campervans offer privacy and flexibility allowing you to choose how much interaction you have with others all while enjoying the open road.

In conclusion,

Choosing a Vancraft campervan rental over traditional accommodations offers numerous benefits that create a unique and personalized traveling experience. The freedom, comfort, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and safety are just some of the reasons why more travelers are choosing a campervan rental for their next adventure.With customizable options so that every trip is exactly what each traveler desires creates the opportunity for memories to be made to last a lifetime.

What You Need to Know Before Booking Your First Vancraft Campervan Rental

If you’re considering booking your first Vancraft campervan rental, there are a few things that you should know beforehand to help ensure that your trip is everything you want it to be. Renting a campervan can be an incredibly exciting and liberating experience, but it’s important that you do your research and prepare yourself for the adventure ahead.

Firstly, it’s essential to consider your itinerary and plan out where you’ll be driving and how long you’ll need the rental for. This will help determine which type of campervan would be best suited for your trip. Vancraft offers a range of vehicles each with different features such as seating capacity, sleeping arrangements, and amenities like kitchens and bathrooms.

Another factor to consider before renting a Vancraft campervan is your level of comfort with driving larger vehicles. RVs or motorhomes can be challenging to maneuver in tight spaces, so if you don’t have much experience driving larger vehicles, taking some time to practice beforehand could make a significant difference in how comfortable you feel behind the wheel.

It’s also important to make sure that you have all the necessary insurance coverage before embarking on your rental journey. Vancraft provides comprehensive RV insurance coverage options, but it’s always advisable to speak with a representative to understand what coverage options are available.

When packing for your trip, keep in mind that space is limited within any campervan model and plan accordingly. Try not not bring too many unnecessary items as they could end up crowding the living quarters making them uncomfortable or difficult navigate around.The storage compartments vary in different models hence its imperative to fully understand what space constraints may apply for personal belongings

Finally, whether this is your first or tenth campervan rental never hesitate ask questions from experts such as representatives at Vancraft who are experienced professionals who can offer advice and tips about travelling with their rental vehicles; including troubleshooting solutions when needed.

In conclusion, Vancraft offers an amazing opportunity to experience the freedom of the open road and spend memorable moments on your adventures. But as with anything in life, proper preparation is key to ensuring a successful trip. Take time to understand exactly what you need from your rental and don’t be afraid to ask questions or for advice during your rental process. With careful planning, research, and knowledge coverage for insurance you will have unforgettable memories with no worries when driving a Vancraft campervan.

Table with useful data:

Camper Model Features Capacity Rental Rate
VanGo 1 double bed, kitchenette, fridge, outdoor shower 2 adults $120/day
Clasico 1 double bed, 1 single bed, kitchenette, fridge, outdoor shower 3 adults $140/day
Big Sur 1 queen size bed, kitchenette, fridge, indoor shower 2 adults $160/day
Nomad 1 queen size bed, 1 single bed, kitchenette, fridge, indoor shower 3 adults $180/day

Information from an expert

As a seasoned traveler and van life enthusiast, I can confidently recommend Vancraft Campervan Rentals for your next adventure. Their modern and well-equipped fleet of campervans make it easy to explore the great outdoors while still enjoying the comforts of home. From cozy two-person vans to spacious family-sized models, they have something for every type of traveler. Plus, their excellent customer service and flexible rental options make them a top choice in the industry. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the freedom and flexibility that comes with a Vancraft campervan rental!

Historical fact:

VanCraft Campervan Rentals was founded in 2016 by a group of friends who wanted to share their love for adventure and the great outdoors with others.

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