Discover the Ultimate Guide to London Campervan Rental: A Personal Story with Stats and Tips [2021]

Short answer: London campervan rental

London campervan rental companies offer a range of options for those looking to explore the city and beyond. Renters can choose from various models and sizes, with amenities including beds, kitchenettes, and bathrooms. Prices vary depending on the time of year and length of rental.

Step-by-Step Guide to Renting a Campervan in London

Exploring new destinations in a campervan is becoming a popular form of travel for many adventure-seekers. It provides the flexibility to change your itinerary and explore hidden gems that are not easily accessible by public transport. London, one of the most vibrant cities in the world, is an excellent place to begin your campervanning journey. Here is a step-by-step guide to renting a campervan in London.

Step 1: Determine Your Travel Needs

Before embarking on booking a campervan, you first need to consider your travel needs. Do you want a family-sized vehicle or something small enough for solo travel? How long do you plan on travelling? Are you looking for luxurious amenities or just basic necessities? Understanding your wants and needs will help narrow down your search.

Step 2: Research Campervan Rental Providers

Once you have determined what type of camper van suits your needs, it’s time to research rental providers. There are several companies servicing London that offer different kinds of vans at different price points, so it’s important to compare options and pick one that works best for you.

Step 3: Reserve Your Campervan

After choosing a provider, it’s time to reserve your campervan. Most rental companies require an upfront payment, so make sure you have enough funds available before making any bookings. Take note of the rental timeframe since some companies may have minimum rental periods that vary from one day up to a few weeks.

Step 4: Arrange Pick-Up and Drop-Off Locations

Next up is arranging pick-up and drop-off locations with the provider. In most cases, providers will allow customers to pickup their rented camper van directly from the depot or have it delivered if arranged beforehand. Some providers may also offer airport pickups if this is more suitable for travellers landing at Heathrow or Gatwick airport.

Step 5: Familiarise Yourself with the Van

Upon receipt of the camper van, a thorough walk-through and orientation of the vehicle should be given by the rental company. You will learn how to operate all the facilities in the vehicle so that you can have an effortless journey. Make sure you ask about any potential issues or quirks with operating the campervan.

Step 6: Plan Your Route

After becoming familiar with your campervan, it’s time to plan your itinerary. One of the beautiful things about campervanning is that there are endless possibilities for where to drive, park and explore. Do some research beforehand to find campsites that suit your budget along with panoramic views that can take your breath away.

Step 7: Travel & Enjoy!

Finally! It’s time to hit the road and begin exploring London and beyond in your new home on wheels – how exciting! With everything planned out beforehand, you are now free to enjoy every moment without any worries or stress.

In conclusion, renting a camper van when in London is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in one of the world’s most vibrant cities while enjoying flexibility and adventure outside urban areas. Take advantage of this guide above as it helps give you a step-by-step outline when planning for your next van-life adventure – happy trails!

London Campervan Rental FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Are you thinking of exploring London’s beautiful parks and green spaces? Or perhaps you’re planning to drive up to Scotland or Wales for a road trip adventure with your family and friends? If so, then a campervan rental might be the perfect option for you!

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about renting a campervan in London:

Q: What is a campervan?
A: A campervan is essentially a self-contained vehicle that serves as your transportation, accommodation and kitchen all in one compact space. It typically includes sleeping berths, a kitchen area with sink, refrigerator and stove, storage space, and often has amenities like heating/air conditioning and electricity.

Q: Why should I rent a campervan?
A: Renting a campervan offers unparalleled freedom and flexibility when it comes to traveling. You get to customize your itinerary according to your own pace – need to take an unplanned detour? No problem! Plus, the convenience of having everything you need right inside your vehicle means less hassle with packing/unpacking, finding accommodations or searching for restaurants – simply pull over wherever you fancy.

Q: How much does it cost to rent a campervan?
A: The rental price depends on several factors such as the size of the vehicle (2-6 berths), duration of rental (daily or weekly rates), time of year (peak season vs off-season) and any additional services or equipment required. Expect to pay anywhere from £70-£200 per day depending on these factors.

Q: Is parking difficult for campervans in London?
A: Parking can be challenging in central London due to street congestion zones and limited designated parking bays for larger vehicles. However, there are many campsites located around Greater London which offer safe overnight parking facilities complete with amenities such as showers/washrooms, laundry service, electricity hookup etc.

Q: Do I need a special license to rent a campervan?
A: No, as long as you have a valid UK driving license and are over the age of 25 (in some cases 21), most rental companies will accept your booking.

Q: Can I take my campervan abroad?
A: Yes, but you should check with your rental company first to ensure that their policy allows for overseas travel. You may also require additional documents such as an international driving permit or vehicle insurance coverage.

Q: What happens if the campervan breaks down during my trip?
A: Most rental companies provide 24/7 emergency breakdown support which means that they will assist you if anything goes wrong with the vehicle. The extent of their assistance varies between companies so it’s worth checking before signing up.

Q: How do I book a London Campervan Rental?
A: You can usually book online via the rental company’s website or give them a call directly. Some popular rental companies include Wicked Campers and Bunk Campers. Make sure you read all terms and conditions carefully before committing – this ensures that there are no unforeseen surprises during your trip!

So there you have it – everything you need to know about campervan rentals in London! With its endless charms, historic landmarks, and breathtaking natural beauties just a few miles away, hiring a campervan is an excellent way to see everything this city has to offer on your own terms. Safe travels!

Top 5 Facts you Should Know About London Campervan Rental

If you’re planning a trip to London and looking for an adventurous way to explore the city, consider renting a campervan. Campervans offer the perfect combination of mobility, convenience, and comfort. With so many campervan rental options available in London, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are five key facts to keep in mind when exploring your options.

1. Size Matters

One of the most important things to consider when renting a campervan is size. Before choosing a vehicle, think about how many people will be traveling with you, as well as how much space you need for sleeping and storing luggage.

If you’re traveling alone or with just one other person, a small campervan may be sufficient. However, if you’re traveling with a larger group or want more space for sleeping or storage, opt for a larger model.

2. Choose Your Amenities Wisely

While amenities vary depending on the campervan rental service you choose, some popular perks include built-in kitchens, showers and toilets (depending on the size of the camper), air conditioning and heating systems.

Make sure that you choose amenities appropriate for your specific needs so that your trip can be both comfortable and convenient!

3. Insurance is Critical

When renting any kind of vehicle in London, make sure that adequate insurance coverage is included in your rental agreement. This will protect both you and the vehicle should any problems arise while on your trip.

Be sure to check all this information before booking: some companies include different levels such as front screen glass cover than others don’t.

4. Check Availability in advance

Campervans rentals during peak season could get expensive but also scare fast – do not wait until last minute! Make reservations ahead of time if possible especially if trips are scheduled around holidays or major events within London like festivals etc.

5) Plan Ahead!

To maximize  the experience ensure planning ahead. There are various campervan-friendly campsites in the UK where you can park and stay overnight, but many require advance booking. If possible, make a rough itinerary including designated stops to avoid missing out on cool experiences.

In summary, there’s plenty to keep in mind when it comes to renting a campervan in London – size, amenities and insurance being perhaps the most important considerations . Don’t forget  to plan ahead so your journey becomes unforgettable. Whether you’re camping in the wilderness or hitting up city attractions just forget about all the small stuff involved with traveling because you’ll relish every minute of this enchanting trip!

Discover the Best Places to Explore with a Campervan in London

London is a city that needs no introduction. As the capital of the United Kingdom, it’s a bustling metropolis filled with history, culture, and vibrancy. But what happens when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of London for a bit? That’s where campervan travel comes in handy. With your campervan on wheels, you can discover some of the most scenic and fascinating places around London.

If you’re looking for ideas about where to explore with your campervan around London, we’ve compiled some of the best spots for you below:

1) The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are located just outside London towards Oxfordshire – an area steeped in history with quaint towns and villages set amidst rolling hillsides. You can spend your time wandering through medieval market towns like Tetbury or Burford or enjoying some time in nature in one of the many woodlands or country parks.

2) The New Forest

Located on England’s south coast, The New Forest is one of England’s largest remaining areas of unenclosed pastureland, heathland and forest – stretching across 140 miles! With plenty to see and do – from pony riding in ancient woodland to spa treatments at luxury hotels – The New Forest is perfect for anyone looking for peace and tranquillity from their surroundings.

3) Cornwall

The stunning beaches and dramatic coastline of Cornwall make it one of England’s most popular destinations amongst campervanners. Whether you’re looking for deep sea fishing or surfing on golden sandy stretches framed by towering cliffs; exploring rocky coves backed by tumbling fauna; discovering forgotten tin mines clinging precariously onto rugged cliffsides ready for exploration; or simply soaking up some seaside charm – Cornwall has something special that will delight all tastes!

4) Lake District National Park

The UK’s largest national park – Lake District National Park boasts picturesque mountainscapes covered by epic lakes offering unbeaten views across pristine lakes and valleys. With long and winding mountain roads throughout, the Lake District National Park is the perfect scenic driving destination.

5) Exmoor National Park

Just under three hours southwest of London, Exmoor National Park is another fantastic location to enjoy some time out in nature. From rocky cliffs dropping into the sea along the dramatic coastline to rolling hills scattered with yellow grassy trails meandering through heaths – Exmoor is a mix of endless adventure and natural beauty.

In summing up London has an abundance of locations within driving distance that can be enjoyed for exploratory campervan trips that really are second to none!

Why You Should Choose London for Your Next Campervan Trip

Are you planning your next adventure on wheels and are not sure where to go? Look no further, because London should be at the top of your list for your next campervan trip!

Firstly, London offers a unique blend of bustling city life and serene countryside landscapes that will satisfy any wanderlust. From the vibrant Covent Garden to the peaceful Richmond Park, you can experience the best of both worlds in one trip. You can indulge in delicious food from various cultures, enjoy world-class museums and galleries, or escape to tranquil forests just outside the city limits.

Moreover, London is ideally located for easy access to other parts of the U.K., making it an ideal starting point for exploring England’s diverse regions. For instance, within a short drive from London are scenic locations such as the Cotswolds countryside or Brighton’s beaches. Within two hours’ drive or less, there are also popular tourist destinations like Stonehenge and Bath.

London also offers many campsites with excellent amenities suited for all types of travelers. Additionally, there are numerous parking options available throughout the city where you can park your campervan overnight, allowing you to stay close to all the exciting city action.

Furthermore, traveling around London in a campervan provides an eco-friendly solution for discovering all corners of this magnificent metropolis without contributing to excessive carbon emissions. You can quickly choose alternate routes or opt-in for public transportation when necessary as well!

Finally, we cannot forget about how stylish and trendy this beautiful European capital is! Whether it’s simply cruising down South Bank admiring picturesque views of Westminster Bridge and Big Ben or stopping off at bustling street markets like Camden Market – You’re never short on opportunities to showcase your campervan style in such a beautiful setting!

In conclusion – With its unique blend of urban buzz and natural beauty combined with endless opportunities for fun-filled adventures across England – The decision really is simple – Choose London as your ultimate destination for your next dream campervan trip!

Tips and Tricks for First-Time London Campervan Renters

London is a vibrant city with so much to see and do, but sometimes the thought of navigating public transportation or finding affordable accommodation can be daunting. This is where campervan rental comes in – offering the freedom to explore London and beyond at your own pace. However, if you’re a first-time renter, there are a few tips and tricks you need to know to get the most out of your adventure.

Here are some tips and tricks for first-time campervan renters in London:

1. Research Your Rental Company Carefully

Before jumping in and choosing any rental company that pops up on a Google search list, take some time to research. Look out for reviews online from previous customers, as this will provide insight into their experience with the rental company. Consider factors like rental rates, included amenities (such as bedding and utensils), insurance policies, terms and conditions etc.

2. Choose Your Campervan Wisely

Your choice of campervan should be influenced by the activities you intend to indulge in while touring around London. If you plan on spending more time parked up than driving or heading off-road during your escapades then a high-top van might be just what you need! Alternatively, consider opting for a small efficient camper-vans designed for city driving making parking a breeze! Don’t forget Comfortability is key!

3. Understand The Rules Of Parking In London And Surrounding Areas

London can have strict rules when it comes to parking restrictions especially overnight parking laws imposed within residential areas even if on private land which may result in penalties for individuals who do not adhere these restrictions (including hefty fines) . We recommend doing some thorough research beforehand about where it is permissible bring parked overnight just cabs run up quite quickly- there’s an app called Park4night that lists both legal overnight parkups and campsites throughout London and beyond!

4. Plan Your Route – But Allow Time To Explore Off-Track

While planning a rough itinerary to make the most out of your time in London is essential, allow some flexibility for detours and spontaneous stops. Some of the best experiences can come from following a sign that says “scenic route”. With hidden gems popping up around corners, you never know where your unplanned adventures may lead.

5. Bring Essentials You Need And Leave Extras Packing At Bay

Space is limited in any campervan, so it’s essential to pack efficiently. Trust us when we say less is more- consider only bringing things that are “essential” which include; enough clothes (layers), appropriate foot-were for walking and sometimes even hiking if space permits, toiletries and kitchen supplies (if not included within rental). For other essentials don’t forget phone chargers and a travel adapter for charging all those electronic devices on the road.

In summary, London offers visitors an exciting opportunity to explore its many sites from the comfort of a rented campervan. However, doing your research before embarking on your adventures will ensure you have a positive experience! Choosing the right van size for what activities’ intentions you have planned out or dictating where parkups are allowed all plays critical roles – not forgetting packing efficiently also contributes to how successful this kind of trip turns out to be . This way first-time renters can enjoy the freedom exploring while thoroughly enjoying their journey with everything they need at arm’s length since there is no worse buzzkill than missing out due to lack preparation!

Table with useful data:

Company Name Vehicle Types Price Range (per day) Location(s)
Camptoo Various £45 – £200 London
Wicked Campers Campervans, Mini-Campers £25 – £100 London
Rockin Vans Campervans, Motorhomes £60 – £150 London, Edinburgh
Bunk Campers Campervans, Motorhomes £53 – £170 London, Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh
Spaceships Rentals Campervans £45 – £120 London, Edinburgh

Information from an Expert

As a seasoned traveler and expert in campervan rentals, I highly recommend exploring London and the surrounding English countryside in a rented campervan. With so much to see and do, renting a motorhome provides you with the freedom and flexibility to create your own itinerary, making your trip truly unique. Plus, there are a number of reputable companies offering London campervan rental services at reasonable prices. Just be sure to book early, as demand can be high during peak travel season. Happy travels!

Historical fact:

London campervan rental became popular in the 1960s with the rise of hippie culture and the desire for a freer way of traveling. The iconic Volkswagen campervan, in particular, became closely associated with this movement and remains a symbol of adventure and freedom even today.

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