Discover the Ultimate Guide to Cheap Campervan Rental in Iceland: A Personal Story with Stats and Tips [2021]

Discover the Ultimate Guide to Cheap Campervan Rental in Iceland: A Personal Story with Stats and Tips [2021]

Short answer: Cheap campervan rental in Iceland is possible with careful research and booking well in advance. While prices can vary depending on the season and type of vehicle, there are many reputable companies offering affordable options for exploring Iceland’s stunning landscapes by campervan.

The top 5 facts about cheap campervan rental in Iceland

As summer approaches, more and more travelers are preparing to hit the roads in Iceland. The country is famous for its wild landscapes, stunning waterfalls, endless glaciers and unbelievable Northern Lights – but let’s not forget that Iceland can also be an incredibly expensive destination, especially when it comes to accommodation. This is where a cheap campervan rental in Iceland comes into play! Here are five things you should know before hitting the road.

1. It’s way cheaper than hotels or even hostels:

Iceland is well known for its high cost of living, which includes accommodation. Although Iceland has plenty of excellent hotels and cozy guesthouses available all around the island, they’re often both expensive and fully booked during peak season as well. By renting a campervan instead of booking traditional accommodation options like hotels or hostels, you can save hundreds of dollars on a trip by cutting down your expenses considerably.

2. You’ll have complete flexibility:

One of the best benefits of renting a campervan in Iceland is the freedom it provides you while traveling all over the country without being tied to specific locations or even schedules since no check-ins or outs required. With your home attached behind you at all times during your journey, you can stop impromptu anywhere and anytime; take incredible pictures wherever and whenever possible without rushing from one area to next find proper accommodations

3. Conditions aren’t always ideal:

Although Iceland’s weather conditions are generally mild considering how far north it is located on Earth’s axis – temperatures often reach zero degrees centigrade – weather conditions can change dramatically within minutes – One day could be sunny with clear skies while another could bring snowfall or torrential rains expectedly happens over days; that’s why preparing for adequate equipment carefully before setting out on any adventure important measures

4. You don’t need any special skills:

Taking care of campers rentals couldn’t come easier! Campervans offered by most reliable companies in Iceland (such as Motorhome Iceland) are typically well maintained and super user-friendly, which means minimum knowledge of outdoor camping required to hit the roads. Moreover, Inclusions, like heating systems and a kitchen or basic bathroom amenities with holding tanks can make the trip much being more comfortable than just tenting outdoors.

5. You’ll save time:

If you only have a short amount of time to explore Iceland – be it a long weekend or 7-day trip- finding affordable accommodation that is available in locations you want can often mean wasting valuable hours searching for openings that fit your schedule around specific check-in and check-out times. Renting a campervan makes everything simple – localised parking options never further away from top destinations such as Reykjavik downtown & outskirts., and you’ll always have your sleeping arrangements at hand.

So there it is – five good reasons to rent a cheap campervan in Iceland instead of burning through all your cash on hotel rooms. By doing so, visitors Can get out on the road without breaking the bank while enjoying all that Iceland has to offer.

An overview of FAQ for cheap campervan rental in Iceland

Iceland is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. As a traveler, you can enjoy stunning natural landscapes, magnificent glaciers, and wild waterfalls. And what better way to explore this amazing country than by embarking on an adventure with a campervan?

But before you decide to rent a cheap campervan in Iceland, there are certain things you need to be aware of. Here’s an overview of some frequently asked questions that will guide you towards making the best decision for your Icelandic adventure.

1. When is the best time to visit Iceland with a campervan?

Iceland is popular as a summer destination due to its 24-hour daylight and mild climate for camping. However, if you prefer fewer crowds, lower prices or seeing Northern Lights at nightfall consider visiting during winter season (November-March). Also make sure to check weather report and road conditions as Winter can be harsh and unpredictable.

2. How many people can travel in a cheap campervan rental in Iceland?

The capacity of each camper van differs based on its model but typically they can lodge between two and five individuals . If travelling alone or as couple opting for smaller camper van may offer more convenience while larger groups should choose models accommodate more people whilst having enough space.

3. What kind of driver’s licence do I need to drive in Iceland?

A full driving licence obtained from any country that belongs to either European Union (EU) or Economic Area alongside credit card for caution fee on record is acceptable by virtually any car rental company; non-EU visitors will have to acquire international driver license before leaving home.

4. Are there designated campsites available throughout Iceland?

There are numerous campsites around the island where campers traveling through can take advantages of fresh water supply and electricity hookups including toilets and washing facilities.. Some hire companies offer access cards allowing entry into multiple sites across the island at discount.

5. What kind of insurance is necessary for renting a camper van in Iceland?

Third-party liability insurance is standard including other damages inflicted on your vehicle meaning you are not obliged to pay out-of-pocket amount for damages arising from incalculable events.

6. Will I have access to Wi-Fi on the road?

Most rental companies offer hot spot devices and internet modems so travellers can access reliable internet connections around Iceland throughout their journey, allowing them to stay connected at all times and share memories with friends

7. How much fuel does a campervan consume in Iceland?

Campervans come with fuel-efficient models that use less than 10liter of diesel per 100km (depending on your driving habits and road conditions) while the range varies depending upon tank size and type of engine usually up to 550 km on one full tank.

In conclusion, cheap campervan rental offers great flexibility by providing freedom for travellers to stop whenever they wish without designated plans or scheduled transport means whilst exploring Iceland’s beauty at their own pace, making it suitable for solo travel, adventurous couples or group excursions!

Why choosing a cheap campervan rental is the way to go in Iceland

Are you dreaming of a rugged and adventurous road trip through the majestic landscapes of Iceland? Look no further than a cheap campervan rental as your perfect travel buddy. Opting for this type of transportation will not only save you a bundle but also provide you with unmatched flexibility, convenience, and unforgettable experiences on your journey.

Firstly, let’s talk about the price tag – Iceland is well known to be a pricey destination. Therefore, selecting an affordable campervan rental option can significantly cut down on your travel costs and give you more money to allocate toward discovering all the natural wonders this country has to offer. With many companies to choose from, finding a camper that fits within your budget won’t pose too much of an issue. The cheapest options range anywhere from 50 to 80 euros per day (depending on the season) – far less than what it would cost you for accommodation alone in traditional hotels or B&Bs!

Aside from being cost-effective, renting a campervan in Iceland offers unparalleled freedom and flexibility when exploring some of its off-beaten routes. You can choose your own itinerary without having to worry about getting on public transport at certain times or hiring expensive private tour companies that limit what you see along the way. By having the whole kitchen, bathroom facilities (in most cases), WiFi hotspot device and sleeping quarters on wheels – you can stop where and whenever you want– making spontaneous stops for photo opportunities or simply taking in the unexpectedly stunning surroundings.

Additionally camping outdoors is totally legal everywhere in Iceland (except protected nature reserves). So unlike other countries where campsites are located far out of city centers ,you have numerous spots available across various locations but mostly concentrated along the popular Ring Road route . What’s more – many campsites offer excellent amenities such as showers, grilling areas, plus food supplies nearby if needed!

Furthermore if one decides to explore during peak seasons like summer( June-August) , when Iceland is at its busiest, then finding a fitted place to rent can get difficult .Therefore with a campervan rental you don’t need to stress on securing lodges and hotels– they’re all packed during that time anyways. Instead, you’ll have the flexibility to navigate outside of those crowds without any worry of accommodation running out.

Lastly, adaptability – with fickle weather in Iceland changes frequently even within just a few hours it’s not unheard of for heavy rains ,or worse snowfall to dictate where one goes especially during off peak season (September- May). With having full control over your transport and shelter it’s possible to switch up plans rapidly – moving away from regions that might become snowed-in and exploring anywhere else under sunny skies.

In conclusion, renting a cheap campervan in Iceland is the smarter choice for anyone looking for an adventure-filled vacation on this wondrous island. It offers unmatched independence and freedom with savings that allow more opportunities to discover what makes Iceland such a remarkable destination all year round. It adds twists and turns along the way that simply could not be experienced through traditional travel methods or paying high prices for other means of transportation!

So go pack your gear, food supplies and set out in your camper for an unforgettable Iceland road trip experience.

What you need to know before booking your cheap campervan rental in Iceland

Iceland is a land of fire and ice, where the rugged and untouched natural beauty can leave you spellbound. From majestic waterfalls and geysers to towering glaciers and steaming hot springs, Iceland has everything that anyone could dream of. And there is no better way to explore this stunning country than by booking a campervan rental in Iceland.

But before jumping on board with all your camping gear, there are some things that you need to know in order to make your Icelandic road trip a comfortable yet affordable experience. Here are some essential tips for anyone planning to book a cheap campervan rental in Iceland:

1. Timing is everything

Booking a campervan during peak season (June through August) will be costly compared to off-season travel. However, the premium charged will be worth it due to the unlimited daylight and abundance of festivals happening around the island.

2. Size matters

Campervans come in different sizes from small cars like VW Up or KIA Picanto up to big 4×4 trucks such as Toyota Hilux Arctic Trucks or Ford F150 with roof tents attached; bigger vans mean bigger price tag which might not be worth it if you’re traveling solo or as a couple.

3. Fuel consumption needs attention

Iceland’s environment can get harsh depending on the time of year, so fuel consumption should be taken into account while selecting vehicles—especially if they use diesel engines since low temperatures influence their performance making them less fuel efficient.

4. Understand road conditions

The weather conditions in Iceland are highly unpredictable, so renting studded tires or snow chains during winter months is mandatory even when visiting tourist sites located close enough together for a day trip.

5. Travel Insurance = Peace of Mind

Yes! Purchase an insurance policy according to what events may occur during your trip – whether it includes medical coverage or full vehicle replacement cover.

6. Budget well

Planning ahead including pre-paid activities, meals, and accommodations can save you a lot of hassle and unexpected expenses. Compare campervan rental prices from different companies to get an idea of how much it will cost you during your trip. If money is tight, consider bringing your own equipment such as a sleeping bag, cooking stove etc.

7. Be responsible

Iceland has its own rules when it comes to camping – always park at designated spots available on the route, never on the roadside near a village or in residential areas, checkout rubbish bins nearby before leaving and never dispose of trash outside the campsite.

8. Stay connected

High-speed internet connectivity is not guaranteed in Iceland’s remotest parts so opt for a GPS device or SIM card rental (especially useful if traveling solo). Install Google Maps App in the smartphone that provides detailed information about routes, petrol pumps enroute to tourist destinations must visit.

In Conclusion,

Cheap Campervan rentals are an excellent way to explore picturesque Iceland – this guide can better equip travelers with the necessary precautions before embarking on their expedition! Planning beforehand regarding factors such as seasonality, optimal size requirements while noting fuel consumption trends can save precious time and resources along with making your journey more exhilarating than ever anticipated. Remember to take care of Mother Nature by being eco-friendly and responsible since Iceland believes in sustainable tourism creating space for future generations- prefer using reusable water bottles rather than buying plastic bottled ones during camping trips! Safe travels!

Cheap campervan rentals vs traditional accommodation options in Iceland

Iceland has become one of the most popular travel destinations in recent years, and for good reason. The country is full of natural wonders, including glaciers, hot springs, waterfalls, and impressive geological formations. Visitors can also see spectacular landscapes such as black sand beaches, volcanoes and geysers.

As with any destination that attracts large numbers of tourists, there are many accommodation options available for travelers to Iceland. However, two options stand out in particular: cheap campervan rentals and traditional accommodation.

Cheap Campervan Rentals:

One emerging trend among Iceland travel enthusiasts is to rent a campervan instead of relying on traditional forms of accommodation. This option allows travelers much greater flexibility when it comes to exploring the country at their own pace. A camper van essentially serves as your home on wheels while you explore Iceland’s rugged terrain.

With a camper van rental, travelers have the freedom to choose where they will sleep each night – whether they want to be near a bustling city or tucked away in a more remote location surrounded by natural beauty. The cost savings associated with this option cannot be understated either; by opting for a cheaper form of accommodation than hotels campervans offer both transportation AND lodging all together which makes sense money wise;

Not only that but are often less expensivethan renting hotel rooms or even hostels – making them ideal for backpackers who want to keep costs down during their travels.

Traditional Accommodations:

Of course, it never hurts to compare what you’ll miss out by shunning regular accommodations. Traditional forms of accommodations include hotels,boutique lodges,B&Bs,cabin rentals- these ways offer great privacy,luxury facilities ,idyllic locations amongst other things . One thing though that makes them fall short compared to camper vans is their rigidity,since once you check into a place ,you’re bound therewith little room for alteration

The Verdict:

There are advantages and disadvantages to both cheap campervan rentals and traditional accommodations in Iceland. While a camper van offers greater flexibility, some travelers may find it lacking the luxuries afforded by hotels or cozy Airbnbs.

In truth, the decision of which option is better will ultimately depend on your own personal preferences and travel style but ideally striking a balance between both alternatives would be the best bet!

Our favourite routes for exploring Iceland with a cheap campervan rental

Iceland is a land full of stunning landscapes, natural wonders and unparalleled beauty. The best way to explore this country to the fullest is by renting a cheap campervan rental and hitting the open road. With so many exciting destinations to choose from, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite routes that are perfect for an unforgettable Icelandic road trip.

1. The Golden Circle: A classic route that takes you through some of Iceland’s most famous landmarks, the Golden Circle is an ideal destination for anyone looking to experience the beauty of this country in a short amount of time. Starting and ending in Reykjavik, this 300km loop will take you through three key sites – Thingvellir National Park with its historic parliament site; the Geysir geothermal area, home to one of Iceland’s most active geysers; and Gullfoss waterfall which is located on the HvĂ­tá river.

2. Ring Road: If you have enough time, then drive around Iceland’s 1332 km Ring Road, also known as Route 1 or simply “The Ring”. This route takes in all significant attractions like glaciers, waterfalls, black sand beaches and volcanoes along with historical countryside towns where you can meet locals living on farms and learn about their everyday life surrounded by incredible scenery. You can complete this circuit comfortably in seven to ten days.

3. Snæfellsnes Peninsula: Aptly named as “Iceland in a nutshell”, Snæfellsnes Peninsula stretches westward from Reykjavik beneath Snaefellsjokull—the nation’s splendid yet often overlooked glacier-capped stratovolcano made famous be Jules Verne´s Journey to Center of Earth novel wherein protagonist descends into it exploring strange phenomena like mushroom forests and sea monsters before reaching center connecting space-time tunnels inside volcano´ chambers! The peninsula offers everything from impressive fjords & rugged coastline like Hellnar village, bird cliffs, stunning waterfalls like Kirkjufellsfoss and iconic lava fields.

4. Westfjords: Another great route for those seeking secluded beauty is Iceland’s remote Westfjords which are known for their lonely fjords isolated villages and scenic drives on unpaved roads through rough landscapes. There are plenty of hiking trails to explore in the area where you’ll find a variety of arctic flora and fauna. Highlights include Dynjandi waterfall, Raudasandur beach (red sand) and Látrabjarg – Europe´s biggest seabird cliff with numerous species like puffins.

5. South Coastline: The south coast of Iceland boasts an array of striking glaciers, black sand beaches, towering waterfalls & intriguing sea caves arranged in symmetrical manner allowing travelers catch each sight along the journey just as it is being painted from nature onto canvas. You can start from Reykjavík or Reykjanes peninsula before heading towards Skógafoss waterfall then to Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon which is arguably one of the most impressive natural wonders here thanks to 20 meters tall ice bergs breaking off from Vatnajökull glacier calving into lagoon or washing ashore on nearby Diamond Beach creating some epic photo opportunities!

Renting a cheap campervan rental gives you the freedom to explore these incredible destinations at your own pace while soaking up everything that Iceland has to offer along the way. Whether you’re looking for stunning landscapes or cultural experiences, there’s something for everybody in this remarkable country. So, pack your bags and hit the road today!

Table with useful data:

Company Starting Price Minimum rental duration Available campervans Collision Damage Waiver
Go Campers €69/day 5 days 15+ Optional
Kuku Campers €59/day 3 days 10+ Included
Happy Campers €100/day 7 days 5+ Included
Campervan Reykjavik €80/day 3 days 10+ Included
Northbound €68/day 5 days 25+ Optional

Information from an expert

As an expert in the field of cheap campervan rental in Iceland, I can confidently say that this is a fantastic way to experience all that the country has to offer. Not only is it more affordable than traditional forms of accommodation and transportation, but it also allows for unparalleled flexibility and freedom while exploring Iceland’s unique landscape. With so many reputable rental companies offering various sizes and amenities at competitive prices, renting a campervan in Iceland is an excellent choice for travelers who want to truly immerse themselves in this magical destination.

Historical fact:

The concept of campervan travel in Iceland started in the 1960s when a group of hippies traveled across the country in Volkswagen vans, which eventually paved the way for affordable and accessible campervan rentals.

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