Discover the Ultimate Guide to Campervan Travel in Christchurch, NZ [2021 Statistics and Insider Tips]

Discover the Ultimate Guide to Campervan Travel in Christchurch, NZ [2021 Statistics and Insider Tips]

Short answer Campervan Christchurch NZ: Campervan hire is a popular form of travel in New Zealand, and Christchurch is a great starting point. There are numerous rental companies in the city that offer a range of vehicles at different price points. It’s important to book ahead during peak periods. Popular destinations include the Canterbury region and the West Coast.

Step-by-Step Guide: Renting a Campervan in Christchurch, NZ

Are you an adventurer at heart looking for something thrilling to do in New Zealand? Look no further than renting a campervan in Christchurch! The city is known as the gateway to the South Island, which boasts some of the most breathtaking views and landscapes in the world.

But before you hit the road, there are some essential steps you need to take to ensure a smooth journey with nothing left unaccounted for. Here’s your step-by-step guide:

1. Plan ahead

First things first, decide on your travel itinerary. You want to make sure that you have everything planned out before getting behind the wheel so that you can make the most out of your time on this beautiful island.

Consider what destinations and landmarks you’d like to visit, where you’ll be parking, where and when you’ll be eating, and if there are any events or local attractions that should be added to your route.

2. Choose Your Campervan

Next up is selecting your campervan. There are many rental companies located throughout Christchurch that cater to different budgets and preferences.

You’ll want a comfortable bed, enough space for all passengers along with their belongings inside the van, efficient gas mileage for long trips between places, and lots of windows so that scenic routes shine through.

3. Know Your Insurance Options

Before signing on any dotted line or handing over your credit card details, it’s important to know what kind of insurance options you have available in case unexpected issues arise during your trip.

A full coverage plan typically covers windshield damage costs while drivability reduced coverage plans may require the renter pays partial deductibles regardless of fault levels after incidents occur.

Call ahead or hop online for quotes from various providers until finding what suits best based on preference and circumstance! Remembering also that driving less can also mitigate insurance liabilities too.

4. Get Familiar with Rental Agreement Stipulations

Read every piece of fine print associated with your rental agreement. Paying attention to details like mileage limits, late fees, and return policies will save significant headaches down the road when it comes time to return van in good shape.

5. Stock Up on Essentials

Don’t forget to pack everything you’ll need for your adventure! This includes groceries, toiletries, medical supplies or prescriptions if required- even board games and portable entertainment for long stretches of travel times.

Most rentals come with basic equipment included such as pots, pans or cooking utensils others also provide outdoor chairs and tables so check before packing your vehicle at home.

6. Start Your Journey

With all of these steps ticked off, it’s time to hit the road! But remember – while traveling in a campervan is an incredibly fun way to explore New Zealand’s South Island there are many legal requirements to follow such as wear seat belts on highways at all times limiting driver hours when necessary per law — which means enjoying this adventure through respectful practice whilst maximising its potential without violating any laws.

In conclusion renting a campervan can offer a unique experience exploring not only Christchurch but scenic nearby areas offering visually stunning backdrops from snow-capped mountainsides overlooking vast oceans where wildlife including whales may be observed in their natural habitats making for unforgettable memories along the way.

FAQs about Traveling by Campervan in Christchurch, NZ

When it comes to traveling in Christchurch, New Zealand, campervans are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of transportation. With the freedom to roam wherever your heart desires while enjoying all the comforts of home on wheels, it’s no wonder more and more visitors are opting for this unique way to explore this incredible city.

However, if you’re new to campervan travel or have never been to Christchurch before, you likely have a few questions about what to expect. In this blog post, we’ll answer some of the most common FAQs about traveling by campervan in Christchurch.

1. What type of driver’s license do I need?
To rent and drive a campervan in New Zealand, you must have a full driver’s license that is valid for at least 12 months. If your license is not in English, you will need an international driving permit (IDP) as well as your regular license with you at all times.

2. How much does it cost to rent a campervan?
The cost varies depending on the size and type of campervan you want to rent. On average, prices start around NZD $80-100 per day for a basic two-person camper van but can go up significantly from there depending on the level of luxury and amenities desired.

3. Where can I park my campervan overnight?
Christchurch has several designated campsites where self-contained campsites are welcomed for overnight stays. Additionally outside towns these sites may be difficult to come by making good research crucial prior entering any area.

4. Are there any precautions I should take when driving a campervan in Christchurch?

Like many places across the world as well New Zealand enforces strict rules regarding drink-driving and speeding which require vehicle owners will be subject so holding necessary documents like insurance papers is very important due upon inspection during times that aren’t tourism-related busy periods i.e. weekday mornings and evenings especially. Additionally with many of the roads in New Zealand not as well paved and developed as those found in larger cities around the world, it is important to stay vigilant and conscious of weather conditions while operating any motor vehicle.

5. What kind of amenities can I expect in a campervan?

Most modern campervans come equipped with a bed or settee that folds down into a bed, mini-kitchen which includes sink, refrigerator/freezer and two gas-burner stove plus toilet facilities from basic to advanced depending on your budget. It is important to research prior what you can expect for different prices ranges to ensure you are fully prepared for your trip.

6. What are some popular places to visit by campervan in Christchurch?

Some popular nearby areas include Akaroa (which offers beaches, coves, ultimate coastal charm), Arthur’s Pass National Park (which has excellent hiking leads amidst stunning alpine scenery), camping over at Aoraki Mt Cook national park (New Zealand’s highest mountain) among others depending on how far one is willing venture forwards along highways.

In conclusion exploring Christchurch through travel by campervan offers an incredible way to see this beautiful region without compromising comfort or mobility. With just a few preparations and some knowledge of local regulations surrounding road safety i.e., alcohol consumption behind wheel etc., even novice travelers can experience what this wonderful part of the world has offer!

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Campervan for Your Trip to Christchurch, NZ

Christchurch is a stunning and vibrant city located on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island, attracting millions of visitors each year. Boasting a wealth of natural beauty ranging from mountains to beaches, nature reserves and scenic drive routes, it’s no wonder that Christchurch remains as one of the most highly sought after tourist destinations in the world. One of the best ways to explore this gorgeous city is by using a campervan. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should choose a campervan for your next trip to Christchurch.

1. Freedom to Explore

A campervan gives you ultimate freedom when travelling around Christchurch as it enables travellers hit the open road and journey through hotspots without any constraints or time restrictions imposed by train schedules or bus timetables. You get access to some of the most stunning locations all over Canterbury, from Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park and Tekapo village to Akaroa Harbour settlements and Arthur’s Pass mountain range without having to worry about restrictive lodging options or expensive accommodation prices.

2. Flexibility

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of travelling in a campervan is flexibility; with four-wheeled transport at your disposal 24/7, you can come and go as you like – not just to different places but also for various outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, surfing or discovering quirky cafes. On rainy days just stay inside your cosy vehicle and watch movies or read on rainy evenings- sit outside with beers in hand looking at stars!

3. Cost-Effective

If you’re on a budget — traveling via campervans will be an affordable option as compared to traditional means which require separate accommodation expenses and transportation costs!. With many campsites being free or chargeable at minimum prices camping by itself makes everything economical.

4- Stunning Views from Everywhere!

New Zealand is famous for its breathtakingly beautiful scenery: towering mountains/volcanoes, pristine coastlines, lush green forests and snow-fed turquoise glacial lakes- each is a treat to behold. When traveling via campervans- you have the freedom to drive through and capture every view that there is to offer. Ranging from sunrise or sunset spots over Lakes Tekapo, Pukaki or Hay is where you’ll get some of the best views on your trip in Christchurch.

5- Experience the Kiwi Way of Life.

To understand the local culture and customs more intimately while getting a real sense of how Kiwis live in New Zealand thus being one with nature, travelling by campervans would be perfect. Waking up early to see stunning landscapes during sunrise/sunset before breakfast or maybe visiting a local zoo is what it’s all about here. On public holidays or weekends, camping sites usually become festive hubs where everyone gathers together for BBQs hosting eclectic conversations over Kiwi beers – this experience can’t be found anywhere else!

In conclusion, choosing a campervan for your next trip to Christchurch will leave you with unforgettable memories as it offers unrestricted exploration opportunities coupled with comfort and affordability. With all its pristine beauty in easy reach via campervan everywhere makes travelling simple!

Exploring the Beautiful Scenery of Christchurch by Campervan

Christchurch, the largest city on New Zealand’s South Island, is an incredibly beautiful destination that boasts an array of breathtaking scenery. From snow-capped mountains to pristine beaches and serene lakes, Christchurch has it all. One of the best ways to truly experience this stunning region is by taking a road trip in a campervan.

With your own set of wheels, you’re free to explore at your leisure and take in all the natural beauty that Christchurch has to offer. Here are just a few must-visit destinations when exploring Christchurch by campervan:

1. Akaroa

Located just over an hour from Christchurch, Akaroa is a charming French-influenced town nestled in the stunning Banks Peninsula. A visit here feels like stepping back in time with its heritage buildings and pretty streets lined with cafés and boutiques.

The surrounding area is incredibly picturesque too; think rolling hills and turquoise bays peppered with sailboats bobbing along the water. If you’re lucky, you may even spot some playful Hector’s dolphins swimming alongside your boat during one of the popular harbour cruises.

2. Arthur’s Pass National Park

Located within easy driving distance from Christchurch, Arthur’s Pass offers some of New Zealand’s most spectacular mountain scenery – this is where rugged peaks soar into cloud-filled skies above endless lush valleys filled with hiking trails through ancient forests.

Stop off at Devil’s Punchbowl Falls for views like no other or take a stroll around some of the more rugged tracks including Avalanche Peak which looms large above treeline.

3. Mount John Observatory

As one of New Zealand’s foremost locations for stargazing Mount John fills requires a fair bit more planning – but if crisp unadulterated night sky gazing is your thing then it can’t be missed! This incredible observatory sits atop an isolated peak at 1km above sea level providing clear views of a sky untouched by light pollution. Book in for one of the evening tours and learn all about the southern hemisphere’s night skies.

These are just a few of the many stunning locations waiting to be explored when road-tripping around Christchurch by camper. By taking to the open road, you’ll discover so much more than just these iconic destinations – hidden gems lie all over this beautiful area and can offer moments that turn an otherwise enjoyable trip into something truly unforgettable!

Campervanning on a Budget: Tips for Saving Money in Christchurch, NZ

Campervanning is a popular and cost-effective way to explore the stunning landscapes of New Zealand. However, renting a campervan can be expensive, especially if you want to travel during peak seasons or visit popular tourist destinations like Christchurch. But don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to save money while still enjoying your campervan adventure in the “Garden City.” Here are some tips for budget-friendly campervanning in Christchurch:

1. Plan Ahead: The key to saving money on a trip is to plan ahead as much as possible. Book your campervan rental in advance so that you can secure the best deals and discounts. Consider traveling during shoulder season (spring or fall) when rates are lower and there are fewer crowds.

2. Choose Your Route Carefully: Christchurch has plenty of scenic routes that will take you to beautiful places like Lake Tekapo, Arthur’s Pass, Hanmer Springs, and Akaroa. However, some roads have toll charges and fuel stations may not be readily available along certain routes; therefore it is better if you plan properly before hitting the road.

3. Embrace Free Camping: There are many camping sites around Christchurch which allow free camping; though their number tends to be limited within the city vicinity itself it extends beyond boundaries of city limits well into rural areas surrounding by nature reserves where the scenery is just amazing! One resourceful website for finding free campsites/camping grounds is WikiCamps NZ which even works offline.

4. Cook in Your Campervan: Eating out at restaurants frequently can quickly drain your wallet however having their local delicacies once or twice won’t hurt! Preparing meals inside your campervan home saves you money than dining out frequently while providing comfort of cooking up anything at anytime using simple groceries sourced from any grocery stores en route

5. Use Public Transportation: While exploring the city sights or visiting attractions such as mountains or beaches, it’s best to use public transportation when possible like hopping on local buses or hiring electric scooters. It’s cheaper and offers a unique experience of the city particularly if you’re into sight-seeing.

6. Scatter Your Activities: Christchurch has plenty of free activities to enjoy such as hiking the Port Hills, botanical gardens exploring or simply viewing their contemporary Street Art. Take advantage of these places by mixing in some physical exercise outside with bookwork inside your campervan home instead of spending your entire trip at paid attractions or activities.

Overall, campervanning in Christchurch while being budget-conscious requires some self-discipline and creativity but it shouldn’t be a burden at all! If planned properly it can actually save you more money than other forms of traveling without compromising on enjoyment! Remember these tips for saving costs on renting a camper van that keeps you focused towards enjoying everything without overspending.

Escape the Crowds: Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations to Visit with Your Campervan in and around Christchurch

As a bustling city in the South Island of New Zealand, Christchurch is known for its gorgeous landscapes, scenic drives and adventure sports. However, this also means that it can get pretty crowded with tourist traffic during peak season. Luckily, there are some fantastic off-the-beaten-path destinations around Christchurch that you can explore in your campervan – where you can escape the crowds and experience hidden gems only locals know about.

1. Port Levy

Located on the Banks Peninsula just an hour’s drive from Christchurch CBD, Port Levy offers a tranquil haven surrounded by stunning natural beauty. It features a quiet bay ideal for swimming, kayaking and fishing, as well as delightful bushwalks which have breathtaking views of the harbour and surrounding hills. There are several campsites around Port Levy including the Duvauchelle Holiday Park, which offers powered and non-powered sites to park up your campervan.

2. Devils Punchbowl Falls

While Arthur’s Pass attracts many tourists during peak season for hiking trails such as Bealy Spur Track and The Otira Valley Tramping Track, Devils Punchbowl Falls tends to be less busy but still offers an unforgettable experience near Christchurch. This waterfall is located near Arthur’s Pass Village at the base of Castle Hill Peak in Craigieburn Forest Park – one-hour drive from Christchurch city centre- with parking spots available right at the start of the trail.

3. Kowai Bush Reserve

Just a 45-minute scenic drive from Christchurch lies Kowai Bush Reserve- best suited for birdwatching enthusiasts-, which sprawls across 110 hectares of native forest with various walking tracks. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife including Bellbirds (endemic to New Zealand), tĹ«Ä«s and fantails along with game animals like red deer and goats.

4. Waipara Valley Vineyards

Lovers of fine wine will not want to miss out on tasting wines from the unique microclimate of the Waipara Valley vineyards – a hidden gem just 45 minutes drive north of Christchurch city centre. Famous for its Pinot Noir and Riesling varieties, there are several wineries in this region where you can stop off with your campervan to have a taste of premium wine selection in their cellar doors.

5. Hanmer Springs

While it might not be as ‘off-the-beaten-path’ as some other destinations mentioned in this blog, Hanmer Springs is still quite easy to miss when you’re opting for serene attractions near Christchurch. Nestled amidst picturesque valleys, thermal hot springs and lush forests, it’s an excellent spot for hiking or relaxing while soaking up rejuvenating waters of the hot pools (cloudy stargazers beware).

Whether you want to go birdwatching in native bush or experience world class wines at the vineyards; escape the crowds and relax by exploring these hidden gems near Christchurch with your campervan. They’re all perfect alternatives to popular tourist spots and will give you unforgettable memories that last a lifetime!

Table with useful data:

Company Contact Price per Day (NZD) Features
Britz Campervans 0800 831 900 From $99 2-6 berth, Basic to luxury models, Unlimited KMs
Jucy Rentals 0800 399 736 From $59 2-4 berth, Compact and easy to drive, Unlimited KMs
Mighty Campers 0800 670 083 From $109 2-6 berth, Basic to luxury models, Unlimited KMs
Escape Campervans 0800 442 898 From $89 2-5 berth, Unique designs, Unlimited KMs

Information from an expert

As an expert on campervans in Christchurch, New Zealand, I can confidently say that this beautiful city offers some of the best scenic routes for a campervan road trip. From the stunning coastline of Banks Peninsula to the majestic Southern Alps, there is no shortage of natural wonders for you to explore. A campervan allows you to travel at your own pace and immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes that make New Zealand famous. With a wide range of rental companies and types of vehicles available, it’s easy to find an option that suits your needs and budget. Let me assure you that a campervan adventure in Christchurch will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience you won’t forget!

Historical fact:

In the early 20th century, campervans were known as “housecars” and were often homemade by their owners. It wasn’t until the 1930s that companies began producing motorhomes commercially.

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