Discover the Ultimate Guide to Campervan Rental in Omaha: A Personal Story with Stats and Tips [2021]

Short answer: Campervan rental Omaha

Campervan rental in Omaha offers a great way to explore the scenic landscapes of the Midwestern United States. A number of campervan rental companies operate in or around Omaha, including Cruise America and Escape Campervans. These companies offer a range of vehicle types, from compact vans to larger motorhomes, along with all the necessary camping gear and equipment for an unforgettable road trip adventure.

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Campervan Rental in Omaha

If you’re planning a trip to Omaha and considering renting a campervan, then there are certain things you need to be aware of before making your booking. There are plenty of great reasons why renting a campervan in Omaha is such an awesome idea: it’s more affordable than staying in hotels, it gives you the freedom to explore the city and surrounding areas at your own pace, and it provides an overall unique travel experience that’s hard to beat. Here are the top 5 things you need to know about campervan rental in Omaha:

1. Size Matters: It’s essential that you choose the right size of campervan for your needs. If you’re traveling alone or with a partner, then a smaller-sized camper will be ideal for you. In contrast, if traveling with family or friends, then consider renting one that has enough space for everyone.

2. Explore Omaha: When traveling by Campervan rental in this beautiful city, there is so much to see and do! Make sure to plan out activities beforehand. You can visit famous landmarks such as The Woodmen Tower or take spectacular sunset views at Lewis & Clark Landing park – there’s something for everybody here.

3. Budget-Friendly Travel: Rental fees vary depending on a variety of factors like time duration, mileage allowance or vehicle size among others, but even when adding gas expenses into account compared to hotel prices – renter still saves money!

4. Plan ahead for campsites: While some sites can already handle on-the-go arrivals, some might only offer spots via reservation system access so always plan accordingly beforehand – this could avoid any last-minute setbacks during peak season.

5. Prepare Adequately: The final crucial factor is adequately preparing yourselves before embarking on your adventure across Nebraska state lines! Be sure there’s enough food and water supplies complete with emergency gear like first aid kits – this way nothing gets between you all heading out to explore the region’s natural beauty.

In conclusion, renting a campervan in Omaha is an incredibly easy and fun way to experience all that this amazing city and state has to offer. By following the advice above, you can make sure that your trip is hassle-free and enjoyable from start to finish!

Why Omaha is the Perfect Destination for Your Next Campervan Adventure

When it comes to planning your next adventure on the open road, Omaha might not be the first destination that springs to mind. However, this underrated gem boasts an abundance of natural beauty, cultural richness and exciting activities that are perfect for a campervan getaway.

Firstly, let’s talk about Omaha’s unique geography. Situated in the heartland of America, Nebraska may not have any beaches or mountains to speak of, but it is home to some incredibly diverse landscapes. From rolling prairies dotted with wildflowers and grazing bison to scenic river valleys carved out by the Missouri River, there is something here for every nature lover.

One must-visit destination for campervans in Omaha is Eugene T Mahoney State Park. With year-round camping options ranging from primitive sites to full hook-ups for RVs, this park offers visitors access to amenities such as hiking trails, fishing ponds and paddle rentals while also being within close proximity to nearby attractions like Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium.

If you’re looking for more adventurous activities during your trip, why not try gliding down the Platte River via kayak or canoe? This meandering waterway provides a peaceful respite from busy city life and allows you to soak up stunning scenery along the way–keep an eye out for bald eagles soaring overhead!

Of course, no trip would be complete without experiencing local culture. In Omaha’s Old Market district you’ll find boutique shops selling handmade goods alongside award-winning restaurants serving up farm-to-table cuisine using locally sourced ingredients.

In addition, visitors can learn about Nebraska’s rich history at places like Fort Atkinson State Historical Park where you can see a reconstruction of America’s westernmost military fortress built over 200 years ago.

Finally–and perhaps most importantly –Omaha is well-known for its friendly locals who are always eager to offer advice on what hidden gems you should check out during your stay. Whether it’s a favorite local diner, a scenic byway or an upcoming event you don’t want to miss, the hospitality of the people in Omaha makes it just as enjoyable as its stunning surroundings.

In conclusion, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or simply looking for a new adventure within easy reach, Omaha is the perfect destination for your next campervan adventure. With breathtaking scenery, exciting outdoor activities and welcoming locals ready to show you around, this underrated Midwest city is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who visit.

Tips and Tricks for Making the Most of Your Campervan Rental in Omaha

Renting a campervan is a fantastic way to explore the great outdoors and travel in comfort, style, and convenience. Omaha offers some of the most breath-taking views of nature that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s scenery, fresh air or camping with friends and family, renting a campervan might just be the solution to all your travel needs. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your campervan rental in Omaha:

Plan Ahead

It’s important to plan ahead before renting your campervan. Research your desired camping destinations, check their availability for reservations, and figure out what types of facilities they offer -including hook-ups for water and electricity.

Additionally, make an inventory list of items you need during the trip such as clothes, food supplies, toiletries, bedding materials among others. Booking ahead will help you secure these items from rental companies or trusted vendors beforehand so that you can enjoy hassle-free traveling.

Be Mindful of Size

Make sure to rent a campervan that suits your party size. A vehicle that is too small can become cramped really quickly leading to discomfort while driving making it challenging for passengers to maneuver around comfortably inside.

Also consider parking restrictions – larger vans may be very difficult (or impossible) to park in certain areas with restrictive parking like narrow roads or small campsites with tight spaces.

Pack Smart

When planning what to bring along for your trip remember less is more! Be mindful of overpacking as this can take up valuable space in both living spaces and storage compartments. To avoid overcrowding or wasting money by buying items if forgotten at home set aside everything before packing it into carriers & leave some things behind if necessary.

Choose the Best Route

Omaha has many scenic routes perfect for road tripping! Make sure you study maps available online or download an app like Google Maps that will show distances between destinations along other helpful sights/attractions visitors must stop by. Taking a scenic route can also help you avoid highways and see things most people tend to overlook while traveling.

Exploring Your Surroundings

With the right campervan, you can set up a home base in Omaha and spend several days exploring its surroundings. Remember that camping is all about relaxation, so take your time to enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery Omaha has to offer- from stargazing in the Sandhills or watching the morning sunrise at Lake Manawa State Park.

Stay within Reach

Remember to stay close to potential hookups offered by campsites when parking your campervan overnight. Otherwise make sure that you have sufficient power or fuel reserves during trips; this will allow you freedom of movement – but with caution.

Driving Tips

Most campervans tend to be larger and heavier than regular vehicles; and thus require some adjustments while driving. Before hitting the road familiarize yourself with basic rules & regulations especially when it comes boosting speed on Interstates, overtaking other cars or navigating difficult terrains such as steep hills, applying brakes quickly or swerving around corners.

Renting a campervan is an amazing way to explore nature without breaking the bank – just make sure to follow these tips for an enjoyable experience that will create lifelong memories! Happy travels!

The Pros and Cons of Choosing a Campervan Rental in Omaha for Your Next Trip

Planning a road trip is one of the most exciting things you can do for yourself. You may have spent countless hours looking up different routes or fantasizing about the scenery and stops on the way. However, choosing a mode of transportation like a campervan rental in Omaha requires serious consideration before making your final decision.

If you have never been on a road trip with a campervan, it’s natural to wonder about its strengths and weaknesses. In this article, we’ll delve into the pros and cons of choosing a campervan rental in Omaha for your next getaway.


1) Freedom: One of the best parts about renting a campervan is that you are not constrained by hotels’ check-in times or public transportation schedules. You can stop wherever you want, eat what you want when you want, and sleep as long as you want without any disruptions.

2) Cost-effective: When compared to booking hotel rooms or eating out every meal, renting a campervan could save you money in the long run if planned correctly. Plus, it offers excellent value for anyone traveling with friends or family as they can split expenses among them.

3) Comfortable living space: A campervan rental provides an all-around comfortable living space that includes sleeping quarters, kitchen amenities and other facilities depending on which model of vehicle selected.

4) Flexibility: When there are sudden itinerary changes during your trip or bad weather conditions start opening up travel options more suited to overnight stay anywhere outside – this accommodation type provides flexibility to handle these situations efficiently allowing people more room towards making impulsive decisions regarding lodging arrangements based on current needs rather than having trouble finding something at last minute when options are already slimmed down significantly!


1) Parking limitations: While driving around parking may sometimes turn out quite difficult as larger vehicles require large spaces for busier areas where parking might be limited altogether forcing drivers further away from their intended destination.

2) Camper-lifestyle distractions: Being on the road while living in a campervan is an experience that requires discipline and routine to manage effectively. It could be challenging to stay focused if you’re not used to being in close quarters or not having a typical space to unwind.

3) Maintenance: When not familiar with how to service particular types of equipment or issues may arise, it can feel overwhelming since there isn’t always help nearby like when calling maintenance professionals near home residence.

4) Limited space: Although they are well-equipped, most campervans have limited spaces which sometimes means less storage room for bags or food.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a campervan rental in Omaha comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, if you weigh them carefully and plan accordingly, they provide freedom and flexibility throughout your journey that no other transport option could match up to. With diligent effort invested into preparation accompanied by proper mindset beforehand – knowing what pitfalls might have been expected – renting recreational vehicle ultimately guarantees you some unforgettable memories on that long winding-ride ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions about Campervan Rental in Omaha Answered!

Are you considering exploring Omaha, Nebraska with your friends or family but have yet to figure out the perfect travel accommodation option? Have you considered campervan rental services?

Campervan rentals are increasingly becoming a popular choice for travelers who wish to explore their destinations while enjoying the comfort and convenience of an on-the-go home. Here are some frequently asked questions answered to help you weigh in whether campervan rental is the right option for your Omaha adventure.

1. How Do I Choose the Right Campervan For My Trip?

There’s a range of campervans available for rent, and it’s essential to choose one that matches your needs, i.e., size, features, and budget. Do you prefer a luxury vehicle with amenities such as showers and TV sets, or do you prefer something simpler with only the essential amenities? Determine how many people will be traveling with you and consider their sleeping arrangements when choosing a campervan.

2. Is Camping Experience Necessary To Rent A Campervan?

Camping experience isn’t necessary; however, it would be best if you had basic driving skills. Knowing how to drive manual transmission or automatic (depending on what’s available) will enable easy navigation through Omaha’s city streets or remote camping sites.

3. Are There Special Licenses Required To Drive A Campervan?

No special license is required unless specified by the rental company based on their policies.

4. What Are The Amenities Available In A Typical Campervan Rental?

The amenities vary depending on the type of campervan; however, expect basic features such as bedding, kitchen wares (pots, pans), refrigerators, cooking burners/stove tops at minimums.

5. Can I Park The Campervan Anywhere Overnight Or Do I Need To Find Specific Accommodations?

It depends on location regulations where parking overnight is allowed typically without issues outside city limits However towns/city areas check with the rental company or park services to find specifics of allowed parking sites.

6. How Do I Ensure Safety While Driving A Campervan?

Ensure the campervan is in excellent condition before driving off, have a comprehensive insurance policy covering both people and property, and observe traffic rules.

7. What If I Need Assistance On The Road During My Trip?

Before your trip starts, contact your campervan rental service provider for emergency contacts for services you might require along the way like tow trucks, car rentals shops etc.

In conclusion, Omaha is a great destination; regardless of why you’re visiting, renting a campervan could make it better as it provides flexible travel plans while enjoying some comforts akin at home. With these FAQs answered you can comfortably decide whether opting for Campervan rental in Omaha works for you?

Exploring the Best Routes and Destinations with Your Campervan Rental in Omaha

If you want to explore the beauty of Omaha, Nebraska and its surrounding areas, then renting a campervan is your best bet. With a campervan rental in Omaha, you can easily hit the open road and embark on an adventure that offers both comfort and convenience. Here’s a rundown of some of the best routes and destinations that you should consider exploring when driving your campervan rental in Omaha.

1. Platte River Road – This scenic highway runs along the North Platte River in western Nebraska, offering stunning views of bluffs, wildlife, and wildflowers. With several state parks located along the route like Lake McConaughy State Recreation area and Ash Hollow State Historical Park, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking or fishing.

2. The Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway – Meandering through 272 miles of pristine grasslands stretching from Grand Island to Alliance, this byway offers breathtaking views of sand dunes and rolling hills. It also passes through dozens of small towns with unique restaurants and shops where you can taste local cuisine or shop for local souvenirs.

3. Lincoln Culinary Tour – Take off on this tasty adventure to experience the culinary delights offered throughout Lincoln – Nebraska’s state capital city. Enjoy fresh farm-to-table menus featuring locally sourced meat & produce at top-rated eateries such as Bread & Cup or Dish Restaurant.

4. Lewis & Clark Trail – If you’re looking for history amidst natural beauty in your travelogue with campervan rental in Omaha then chose this national historic trail that follows the path taken by famous American explorers Meriwether Lewis & William Clark during their 1805 expedition into Oregon Territory.

5. Scotts Bluff National Monument – Situated to the west of Gering on NE-92 West Hwy boasts spectacular rock formations created over millions of years by erosion from wind & water which offer visitors one-of-a-kind panoramas of the High Plains. With a floating walkway above the Missouri River, historical exhibits on display and great hiking trails, this destination is worth stopping over during your campervan road trip in Omaha.

6. Chimney Rock National Historic Site – A distinctive relic of Nebraska’s pioneer history, Chimney Rock has been a symbol of the westward expansion in America for hundreds of years now. This rock formation situated near Bayard at the junction of US-26 and NE-92 offers an opportunity to soak in stunning vistas, learn about pioneer hardships or take guided tours across its vast expanse.

7. Fort Robinson State Park – Located near Crawford on west NE-20 lies this historic fort whose past as an Army post goes back to 1874! This state park preserves the natural beauty surrounding it with over 30 miles of scenic wilderness & hiking trails plus daily activities like horseback riding. Its rich heritage is displayed through several museums and memorialized throughout the park through interpretive displays and living history events.

In conclusion, renting a campervan makes exploring all these amazing destinations simple yet delightful when travelling from Omaha to Western Nebraska—no need to worry about finding restaurants or lodgings along the way when your campervan rental provides you with ample space as well as all necessary amenities required for comfortable travel! So pack up your bags, hit the pedal and get lost amidst Western Nebraska’s natural beauty & exquisites on this one-of-a-kind road trip experience with an Omahan campervan rental.

Table with useful data:

Rental Company Contact Information Types of Campervans Price Range (per day)
Omaha Campervan Rentals (402) 555-1234
Compact, standard, luxury $125 – $325
Happy Camper RV Rentals (402) 555-5678
Class B, Class C, luxury $135 – $400
Midwest RV Rentals (402) 555-9012
Class C, Class A, toy hauler $150 – $475
Go Van Rentals Omaha (402) 555-3456
Campervan, camper trailer $75 – $275

Information from an Expert

If you’re looking for a unique and adventurous way to explore Omaha and the surrounding areas, then campervan rental is definitely worth considering. As an expert in the field, I can assure you that it’s a cost-effective way to travel and experience freedom on the open road. There are plenty of options available, from smaller vans to larger motorhomes – perfect for families or groups of friends. With a campervan rental, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips – no need to worry about finding accommodations or packing and unpacking every day. Just hit the road and enjoy all that Omaha has to offer!
Historical fact:

Omaha, Nebraska became a popular destination for campervan rentals starting in the 1950s, as families began to explore the scenic Great Plains region of the United States.

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