Discover the Ultimate Guide to Campervan Hire in Northern Ireland: A Personal Story with Stats and Tips [2021]

Short answer: Campervan hire is available in Northern Ireland from a variety of companies including Bunk Campers, Wicked Campers and Camperco. Vehicles range from two to six berth, and can be picked up in Belfast or across the country. Prices vary depending on the season, duration and type of vehicle booked.

Step-by-Step Guide to Renting a Campervan in Northern Ireland

Are you planning your perfect road trip in Northern Ireland? Do you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of this amazing country while having the freedom and flexibility to stop wherever you want? Then renting a campervan might just be the perfect solution for you! However, if you’re new to renting campervans, it can seem like a daunting task. Fear not! This step-by-step guide will help you navigate through all the necessary steps, providing important tips that will make sure your rental experience goes smoothly.

Step 1: Choosing Your Campervan Rental Company

The first and arguably the most crucial step is to choose a rental company that provides reliable vehicles along with excellent customer service. Luckily, Northern Ireland has several options available such as Bunk Campers or Spaceships Rentals. Check their websites, read reviews online, and take some time to compare prices and features.

Step 2: Booking Your Campervan

Once you have found a reputable campervan hire company in Northern Ireland, it’s time to book your vehicle. Make sure that there are no hidden costs or fees involved in the booking process. You should be provided with a comprehensive breakdown of all charges beforehand.

Additionally, pay attention to specific policies regarding insurance coverage and security deposits required by different companies. Some companies may offer extra options such as camping gear rental, Wi-Fi hotspots or GPS navigation systems – consider which ones are essential for your trip!

Step 3: Collecting Your Campervan

On arrival at the pickup location of your chosen rental company (Belfast International Airport & City centre would be recommended), make sure that you have brought all relevant identification documents needed and importantly know how many drivers will need covered under the insurance policy.

Check over every aspect of the vehicle before driving off – check its cleanliness matching up with paperwork provided; ensure any damage is noted on inspection report – this avoids any unwanted issues arising after returning back from hire.

Step 4: Familiarizing Yourself with the Campervan

After collecting your campervan, take some time to familiarize yourself with all its features and accessories such as heating/cooling system, water heater, gas stove or shower function. Get a feel for how their operations work, where they are located in the van or any other minor functions that might be particular to this vehicle.

Knowing this will make setting up camp much easier! Don’t forget to check fitting of camper mattresses before bedding down for an even more comfortable sleep!

Step 5: Hit the Road

Once you have buckled up and hit the road, remember driving on countryside roads can vary so it’s important to stay vigilant while driving your campervan. Take advantage of Northern Ireland’s beautiful landscapes by stopping off at hidden gems along your journey. Take shortcuts down country lanes if possible and appreciated when seeing sights only locals know!

We highly recommend planning out each day ahead (even just slightly), especially if you’re wanting to stop at campsites overnight which might need advanced booking ahead.

Step 6: Returning Your Campervan

When returning your campervan, again ensure it is clean & tidy inside/outside as stipulated in rental instructions provided by that hire firm beforehand. This will result in happy no-surprises returns and ultimately help maintain positive relations with their customers!

Care must be taken into return timing – missing handover times incurs additional charge outside agreed rental time! Pay attention post-hire any routine maintenance check may have been advised during walk through of vehciles features/components eg fluid checks before hire termination.

In Summary:

Renting a campervan in Northern Ireland is not daunting once you break it down into manageable steps – choose your provider wisely; book efficiently; inspect thoroughly; familiarise yourself comprehensively – then you can settle into being awed by Northern Irelands distinct scenery which can be better enjoyed while travelling with a campervan!

Follow these simple steps and you can have the holiday of a lifetime while renting a campervan in Northern Ireland. Enjoy the scenery at your own pace, and take advantage of the freedom that comes with being behind the wheel of your very own mobile home-away-from-home!

Frequently Asked Questions About Campervan Hire in Northern Ireland

Are you considering a road trip in Northern Ireland? Perhaps you’re already contemplating renting a campervan for your travels. Well, if you have any lingering questions or concerns about renting a campervan in Northern Ireland, then read on! Here’s our comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about campervan hire in Northern Ireland.

1. Is it legal to camp anywhere in Northern Ireland?
Camping is permitted on some official campsites and wild camping (camping outside designated campsites) is also possible with permission from the landowner. In general, it’s best to stick to designated campsites and park-up spots, which provide more safety and amenities.

2. Do I need any special licenses or qualifications?
A standard driving license is generally sufficient for driving a campervan up to 3.5 tonnes. If the vehicle exceeds this weight, an additional license may be required. However, it’s always best to check with your hire company.

3. Can I smoke inside the campervan?
No, smoking is prohibited inside all rental vehicles due to fire risks and potential damage.

4. Are pets allowed?
Some rental companies permit pets but be sure to check first as there are usually restrictions associated with bringing animals along.

5. Can I drive the camper van on all roads?
Most roads permit vehicles of up to 7 feet 6 inches wide; however, certain narrower country lanes may not allow larger vehicles like motorhomes and caravans through – so again its important you clarify this with your rental company before embarking on your road-trip

6. Where can I park my Campervan?
There are various locations where people can park their camper vans overnight such as driveways and parking lots, yet be mindful that some places will charge fees for overnight stays while others will only allow it during specific times of year or day.

7.What kind of insurance do i Need
The insurance options available with your campervan rental will depend on the hire company. Basic insurance which covers just third party liability and collision damage is often included in the price, however it’s best to request more extensive coverage for greater peace of mind as you explore Northern Ireland.

8. Is there a minimum or maximum rental period?
Each rental company has its policy on this; some allow rentals from just one day, while others require bookings of at least several days if not weeks. Check with individual providers to see what restrictions may apply.

9.Can i Pick up and drop-off at different locations?
Usually yes, yet be prepared to pay an additional fee for one-way trips as companies have to cover transportation costs for returning vehicles to their initial location.

10.What type of camper van should I rent?
This depends entirely on personal preference and travel style. Families might prefer larger models equipped with full facilities such as showers, toilets or kitchenettes, while couples or solo travellers could opt for a smaller, more compact vehicle that’s easier to manoeuvre.

In conclusion-

Renting a campervan in Northern Ireland can be an excellent way to explore all that this beautiful country has to offer. But before you begin your adventure make sure that you’re completely comfortable with all the rules and regulations around driving, camping and parking – this will help ensure a stress-free trip – so go out there and enjoy exploring!

Top 5 Must-Know Facts About Campervan Hire in Northern Ireland

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Northern Ireland, one of the best and most adventurous ways to see the country is by hiring a campervan. Campervans offer an incredible sense of flexibility and freedom as compared to traditional modes of travel like hotels and car rentals. However, before you head out on your Northern Irish adventure, there are 5 important things that you should know about campervan hire.

1. Always Consider the Size of Your Group

Before booking your campervan, it’s vital to consider the size of your group. It’s essential to make sure that everyone who wants to come along can fit in comfortably. Remember that space inside a campervan is limited, so if you’re traveling with children or friends who need their own beds, then be sure to get a vehicle which accommodates them all.

2. Fuel Economy Can Save You Money

Campervans are considerably larger than most cars, often using more fuel on a per-mile basis than smaller vehicles. However, newer models have been designed specifically for economy purposes and with fuel-efficient engines; these will save you money on long journeys in terms of both time and cost.

3. Plan Your Route Ahead Of Time

Northern Ireland encompasses more beautiful sights than can be enjoyed at once in just one trip, making it necessary for proper route planning beforehand. With every stop marked out beforehand, either note down spots one would like to visit during their trip or prepare an itinerary covering all sites they plan on exploring before commencing their journey through this beautiful countryside.

4. Insurance is Crucial

It goes without saying that taking out insurance is crucial when hiring a campervan no matter how small the chance that any damage could happen might sound at first glance. Before leaving Northern Ireland’s rental company ,ensure that experienced drivers research necessary coverage options available so as not being felt backed into getting unnecessary coverage plans at varying prices offered by different providers.

5. Destination Matters

Lastly, when deciding on your destination, remember that you’ll be driving a larger vehicle than you’re used to. Narrow roads and tight turns in Northern Ireland may require experienced hands behind the wheel, which could impact where you can travel to safely. Therefore, It’s essential to research potential routes before choosing your destination and ensure that these paths are well-suited for campervans or any other large motor vehicle.

Finally, Campervan Hire allows travelers to enjoy an unparalleled sense of freedom while taking in all the amazing sights across Northern Ireland such as the irish countryside and the breathtaking coastlines. With careful planning, research, and consideration about important details like size requirements, fuel economy & coverage options available make hiring campervans with no worries or doubts altogether feasible!

The Best Routes for Exploring Northern Ireland with a Campervan Rental

Looking for an adventure that’s off the beaten path? Northern Ireland may just be the perfect destination for you. With its stunning landscape, rich history and unique cultural experiences, Northern Ireland has something to offer every type of traveler.

And what better way to explore all that this beautiful country has to offer than with a campervan rental? Not only does a campervan give you the freedom and flexibility to go wherever you want, but it also offers a comfortable and cost-effective way to travel. Here are some of the best routes for exploring Northern Ireland with a campervan rental.

1. The Causeway Coastal Route

One of Northern Ireland’s most famous drives is the Causeway Coastal Route, which winds along the stunning Antrim Coastline from Belfast in the east to Derry~Londonderry in the west. Along the way, you’ll pass through quaint seaside villages like Portstewart and Cushendall, as well as famous landmarks such as Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and Giant’s Causeway.

2. The Mourne Mountains

The Mourne Mountains are another must-see destination in Northern Ireland. This range comprises 12 peaks over 600m high, offering breathtaking views of both land and sea. Start your journey in Newcastle or Warrenpoint before heading up Slieve Donard -the highest peak at 850m- then onwards past Silent Valley and Spelga Dam where picnic spots abound.

3. The Wild Atlantic Way

While not technically located within Northern Ireland itself (it skirts along Donegal), The Wild Atlantic Way offers one of Europe’s most dramatic coastal drives with over 2,500km safe roads stretching from Inishowen Peninsula at Malin Head down south via Sligo Mayo Clare Limerick Kerry Cork also visiting parts Galway County .

4. County Donegal Loop

Another unspoiled haven awaits on this route around county Donegal comprising charmingly named towns like Dunfanaghy, Gweedore and of course, the ever-popular city of Donegal. Inside you’ll see abundant outdoors opportunities are galore in what’s regarded as one of Ireland’s most attractive regions.

5. Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry is one of Ireland’s classic road trips that takes in everything from ancient castles to jaw-dropping mountain views. Start and finish at Killarney National Park, it follows the scenic landscape around the Iveragh Peninsula loop before eventually reaching out through quaint villages vibrant with Irish culture.

No matter where your journey takes you through Northern Ireland make sure to capture all these treasured experiences while driving around in your campervan –a complete home on wheels!

Choosing the Perfect Campervan for Your Northern Ireland Adventure

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of a road trip adventure, especially when your mode of transportation doubles as your cozy home on wheels. The beauty and charm of Northern Ireland has made it a top destination for campervan enthusiasts looking to explore all that this majestic region has to offer. But what makes the perfect campervan for your Northern Ireland adventure?

Firstly, size matters. It may be tempting to opt for the biggest campervan available, however, narrow roads and tight parking spaces in Northern Ireland can be tricky to navigate in larger vehicles. A compact campervan will serve you well in this respect.

However, don’t let the small size fool you into sacrificing comfort and amenities. Ideally, choose a campervan with ample living space and basic facilities such as a toilet, shower and kitchenette – essential features for any comfortable road trip experience!

Another key factor to consider is reliability – there’s nothing worse than being stranded in a remote spot with no access to help or assistance. Opting for reputable brands such as Volkswagen or Mercedes-Benz should give you peace of mind knowing that you’re driving a reliable machine.

Ease of use should also be factored into your decision-making process – if you’re new to the world of campervanning, choosing a model with simple controls and intuitive navigation systems will make your journey more enjoyable.

Of course, aesthetics are important too! Choose a vehicle with an appealing exterior design that matches your personal taste – afterall, the beauty of these adventures is being able to move at your own pace whilst taking in stunning vistas at every turn.

Overall, selecting the ideal campervan depends on various individual factors including budget constraints and personal preferences. Whatever your circumstances may be however; opting for compact yet homely vehicles which are easy-to-use should ensure that you have an unforgettable adventure exploring all that Northern Ireland has to offer!

Why You Should Choose Campervan Hire for Your Next Vacation in Northern Ireland

If you are planning your next vacation in Northern Ireland, then choosing campervan hire is definitely the way to go. Why? Well, there are countless reasons why opting for a campervan will give you the ultimate travel experience.

Firstly, a campervan gives you freedom like no other mode of transportation can. You have control over where you go and when you go there. You don’t have to rely on public transport schedules or worry about finding accommodation in different locations – everything is right there with you.

Speaking of accommodation, with a campervan, you essentially have your own portable hotel room. There’s no need to drag around heavy suitcases or constantly check-in and out of various hotels, guesthouses or Airbnbs. You have all your belongings with you in one convenient space, which makes for a much more comfortable and flexible vacation.

But perhaps one of the best things about traveling by campervan is the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in Northern Ireland’s stunning natural scenery. With its rugged coastlines, winding roads and ancient landmarks such as the Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, it’s no secret that Northern Ireland is a nature lover’s paradise.

By hiring a campervan, not only can you explore these beautiful areas at your own pace but also take advantage of free campsites located throughout Northern Ireland . By camping overnight in these serene spots -which offer amenities such as bathrooms and electrical hook-ups -you can wake up every day to breathtaking views without breaking the bank on expensive hotels or B&Bs.

Furthermore , With its hospitable people proud culture and ancient history ,Northern Irleand has plenty to offer travellers interested in heritage sights cultural events food & drink Heres another great benefit : many local microbreweries ,restaurants & distilleries offer insider tours.-And with all this flexibility comes greater safety measures enabling social-distancing guidelines given the current global pandemic.

In conclusion, opting for campervan hire is the perfect way to experience Northern Ireland. You will have the freedom to explore at your own pace, stay in some of the most beautiful and serene locations , indulge in numerous cultural experiences and follow through on social-distancing guidelines- making it a truly unique and unforgettable vacation!

Table with useful data:

Company Location Number of Campervans Price Range (per day) Website
Happy Camper Hire Newry 5 £80 – £110 happycamperhire.com
Wild Atlantic Campers Derry 8 £75 – £125 wildatlanticcampers.com
Bunk Campers Belfast 15 £75 – £160 bunkcampers.com
Van-Tech Lisburn 10 £70 – £120 van-tech.co.uk
NI Camper Van Hire Antrim 6 £80 – £130 nicampervanhire.com

Information from an expert: If you’re planning a road trip in Northern Ireland, hiring a campervan is the perfect way to explore this beautiful region. With numerous national parks and stunning coastlines to discover, having your own mobile home on wheels ensures that you can experience everything at your own pace. When it comes to campervan hire in Northern Ireland, there are plenty of options available to suit every budget and preference. From basic models perfect for solo travelers or couples up to luxury motorhomes complete with all the bells and whistles, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the chance to have an unforgettable adventure by hitting the open road with a campervan rental in Northern Ireland!

Historical fact:

Campervan hire in Northern Ireland became popular in the 1960s and 1970s as families began exploring the beauty of the Irish countryside for their summer holidays. The increasing popularity of campervans led to changes in transportation laws and regulations, which ultimately helped shape modern-day tourism in Northern Ireland.

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