Discover the Ultimate Guide to Campervan Hire in London: A Personal Story with Stats and Tips [2021]

Discover the Ultimate Guide to Campervan Hire in London: A Personal Story with Stats and Tips [2021]

Short answer: Campervan hire in London refers to the renting of recreational vehicles (RVs) that can serve as both transportation and accommodation. Numerous companies provide rental services for campervans in London, offering a range of vehicle sizes, amenities, and prices depending on the customer’s needs.

How to Find the Best Deals on Campervan Hire London: A Step-by-Step Guide

Looking to hit the open road and explore the scenic beauty of the United Kingdom? Campervan hire London is a great way to make that happen! A campervan offers you the freedom to travel wherever you want, whenever you want. However, finding the best deals on campervan hire London can be a daunting task. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to find the best deal on campervan hire London.

Step 1: Decide on Your Budget

As with any purchase or rental, it’s important to decide on your budget beforehand. By knowing your budget, you’ll be able to narrow down your options and only consider campervans that fall within your price range. Keep in mind that pricing for campervan rentals can vary depending on what time of year it is and how much demand there is for them.

Step 2: Determine The Type of Campervan You Need

Before choosing a rental company or even considering different models of vehicles, narrow down what type of vehicle will best suit your needs. Are you traveling alone and require something small? Do you have a partner or friend joining and need something larger? Or do you need plenty of space for kids and pets as well? Make sure to factor in sleeping space arrangements as well if staying overnight in each location.

Step 3: Research Different Rental Companies

Once you know what type of campervan would be ideal for your trip within budgetary constraints,time frame and location , start researching which companies offer what kind of rentals . One great platform is Camperbug where vehicles are rented from owners with personalized reviews ensuring renters have an accurate experience propelling credibility amongst customers.The company should provide basic insurance as part of the rental fee at least.Camperbug also provides delivery services enabling easy pickup upon arrival in airport terminals .

Step 4: Check Reviews & Reputation Of Rental Companies

After researching potential rental companies basic information its time to investigate their legitimacy . Check out online reviews and the company’s reputation in general. Ensure that past renters are satisfied with their customer service, quality of vehicles and holiday experience as a whole. Websites such as Trustpilot have an array of reviews from previous customers along with Star Ratings ensuring thorough transparency regarding each company.

Step 5: Look for Discounts or Special Offers

Once you have short-listed some rental companies for campervan hire London,testimonials and background check is done its time to start looking into whether there are any discounts or specials offers available to you.Make sure to look at promotional codes or joining subscription systems offering one day free with long term rentals ,always better safe than sorry !

Step 6: Contact the Rental Company & Book Your Campervan

After evaluating all the possible deals and booking a particular camper van once satisfied per the company’s availability spares no further delay.Nothing reservation guarantees your desired camper van on-time leaving no room for last minute cancellations due to someone else beating them to it in queue.Enjoy your trip!

In conclusion,campervan hire London options can be numerous however through efficient cost benefit analysis of budget,time frame,type of vehicle etc choosing reliable rental agencies offering occasional discounts will make discovering scenic United Kingdom stress-free.A well thought out plan always reaps dividends.Hope this Step-by-Step guide helps with planning a seamless Campervan charter rendering peace of mind and thrilling adventure riding down scenic UK routes!

A Beginner’s Guide to Campervan Hire London: FAQs Answered

As summer approaches, many people are planning their vacations and looking for ways to explore new places. For some, campervan hire is a perfect option for a unique travel experience. There’s something special about hitting the open road in a cozy home on wheels, with all the freedom and flexibility that comes with it.

If you’re new to campervan hire London or considering renting one for your next adventure, you probably have some questions. That’s why we’ve put together this beginner’s guide to answer some of the most common queries about campervan rental London.

Q: How does campervan hire work?

A: Campervan hire London allows you to rent a self-contained vehicle that doubles as transportation and accommodation. You’ll have everything you need on board, including a comfortable bed, kitchen facilities (sink, stove, fridge), bathroom facilities (shower & toilet), and plenty of storage space.

Q: What size campervans are available to rent?

A: There are different sizes of campervans available depending on your needs. Small vans usually sleep two while larger ones can accommodate up to six passengers comfortably.

Q: Can anyone drive the hired campervan?

A: In most cases only drivers aged between 23 to 75 years old who hold a valid driving license for at least two years or more will be allowed to drive the vehicle. Some companies might also require an International Driving Permit (IDP) depending on your country of origin.

Q: Is there any limit set on mileage for rentals?

A: Most rental companies would give unlimited miles as they understand that driving around and exploring new places requires quite some distance covered.

Q: Do I need special insurance to rent a camper van?

A: No additional insurance should be required if you already have comprehensive driving cover which includes third party liability and collision damage waiver coverage – however this may vary from company to company. It’s always advisable to clarify with the rental company if there are any additional insurances that you need.

Q: What about parking and camping?

A: Do your research for free camping spots, or hire a pitch space at a campground paid by night. Some campervan owners might also have access to designated private land that allows overnight stays.

Q: How much does it cost to rent a campervan in London?

A: The cost of campervan hire varies depending on the size of the motorhome, season, and other factors such as mileage etc. However, on average, expect to pay around £100 – £150 per day in low season and up to £300+ per day in high season.

Q: How do I book a campervan?

A: Booking your Campervan is usually done online through different websites like Outdoorsy or Camptoo. Collect from location or delivered right to your doorstep – it’s all up to you!

In conclusion, Campervan hire London offers an adventurous way of travelling, making road trips more exciting & fascinating as ever before. With this beginner’s guide, hopefully you now know many of the things that will help make planning and enjoying your campervan adventure simpler than ever!

Planning Your Dream Road Trip? Here’s How Campervan Hire London Can Make It Happen!

Are you planning a road trip? There’s no greater adventure than hitting the open road with nothing but miles of highway and stunning landscapes ahead of you. But before you dive right in, it’s important to consider your mode of transportation.

While renting a car may seem like the obvious choice, have you considered campervan hire London instead? Not only does it provide a unique and exciting travel experience, but it also offers numerous advantages over traditional rental cars.

Firstly, campervans offer ultimate comfort and convenience. With built-in kitchens, bathrooms, and sleeping quarters, you’ll never have to worry about finding clean public restrooms or searching for hotels. Plus, cooking your own meals will save money in the long run.

Additionally, campervans allow for flexibility in your travel plans. No need to stick to strict schedules or pre-booked accommodations – simply choose where to park each night based on your desired destination and level of adventure.

But perhaps the greatest advantage of campervan hire is the ability to fully immerse yourself in nature. Whether camping in national parks or parking by secluded beaches, being able to step outside your vehicle and into stunning scenery will enhance any road trip experience.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your dream road trip today with campervan hire London. With many options available and countless destinations within reach, there’s no better way to explore all that this beautiful country has to offer.

Top 5 Facts About Campervan Hire London You Didn’t Know Before

Campervan hire in London has become increasingly popular over the past few years. With the rise of #vanlife culture and the desire for more freedom and flexibility when it comes to travel, campervan hire has emerged as a viable solution for those seeking adventure on their own terms. In this blog post, we will explore the top 5 facts about campervan hire in London that you may not have known before.

1. London is a great place to begin your campervan adventure

Contrary to popular belief, London is actually a great city to start your campervan adventure. With several major airports and train stations within easy reach, it’s very easy to pick up your rental vehicle and head off into the wild blue yonder – or at least out of the city! There are also numerous places around London where you can park up and prepare for your journey, making it convenient and stress-free.

2. There are many different types of campervans available

One of the most surprising things about hiring a campervan in London is just how many different types there are available! From basic models with just enough space for two people to sleep and store their belongings, right through to luxury motorhomes complete with bathrooms, TVs, and kitchens – there really is something for everyone.

3. You can take your furry friend along too!

If you’re traveling with pets then you’ll be pleased to know that many campervan hire companies in London allow animals on board (for an additional fee). This means that you don’t need to leave Fido behind when heading off on your next adventure!

4. There are plenty of campsites in and around London

You might think that finding somewhere to park up for the night would be difficult but actually there are plenty of campsites dotted around London (and further afield) that offer facilities such as electric hook-ups, showers, toilets, laundry facilities etc. This means that you can enjoy all the comforts of home whilst on the road – or at least close enough to it!

5. Campervan hire is surprisingly affordable

Despite what you might initially think, hiring a campervan in London can actually be very affordable – particularly if you are splitting the cost with others. With prices starting from just £60 per day, it’s a great way to see more of the UK without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, campervan hire in London offers an incredible amount of freedom and has many surprising benefits that you may not have known about before. Whether you’re planning a long-haul trip or just looking for a mini-break closer to home, taking to the road in a campervan could be just what you need!

Tips and Tricks for a Memorable Journey with Your Campervan Rental in London

Are you ready to explore the city of London in a way that is both exciting and freeing? Well, renting a campervan might just be the perfect solution! With your own wheels, you can set your own schedule and have the freedom to explore at your own pace. However, as with any adventure, proper planning and preparation will ensure that you make the most out of this unique experience. Here are a few tips and tricks for a memorable journey with your campervan rental in London.

1. Plan Your Route

Before hitting the road, it’s important to plan your route so that you can make the most out of every stop along the way. Review maps or apps like Google Maps or Waze to find camping spots near popular tourist destinations like Hyde Park or Buckingham Palace. This will save you time (and money) on transportation costs since some campsites offer direct access to public transit options.

2. Pack Light but Smart

Another important thing to remember is that space inside a campervan is limited so be sure to pack efficiently. Depending on the size of your rented van, there may not be any room for excess luggage or bulky items like chairs or coolers. To maximise space consider only bringing what’s necessary and pick up essentials as needed.

3. Budget Accordingly

Although hiring a campervan can be cost-effective when compared to hotel stays and rental cars; hidden costs can arise due to over-travelling etc., so it’s essential that you budget accordingly for all expenses such as gasoline, food etc.. It’s also best practice to check insurance policies ahead of time since accidents could happen and many providers do not cover everything leaving hefty deductibles behind.

4. Do Not Overbook

It is important to leave some flexibility in your travel plans when driving around London because there’s always something new around every corner which worth exploring! Don’t try cramming too much into one day by stopping at several spots or landmarks — if time and energy proves to be a limiting factor. Take breaks frequently enough so both you and your co-travellers can rejuvenate.

5. Your Campervan Is Your Home

Remember that your rented campervan is also your home during your stay, so it’s important to keep the vehicle clean and organized. Cigarette smoke or strong smells can linger, which makes it unpleasant for everyone else on board later on. Don’t forget to take care of provided bedding cushions etc as well without damaging the hired furniture.

6. Know Your Maps

While many of us are accustomed using modern devices like GPS systems in smartphones, these devices may not always prove reliable while driving around busy cities like London due to weak connectivity zones causing signal loss etc.. Be sure to have an up-to-date paper map on hand in case technology fails!

7. Have Fun & Enjoy The Experience!

Most importantly, have fun! You’re experiencing an adventure most people do not experience when they visit London. This journey will create countless memories which will last for years to come! With proper planning and preparation beforehand, you’ll be able to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with a memorable journey throughout London!.

London is a busy city that welcomes millions of visitors each year. Tourists flock to museums, local markets, and iconic landmarks such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. The last thing you want to worry about while visiting one of the world’s largest cities is where to park your home on wheels – also known as a campervan.

Doing some extensive research indicates that there are designated spots throughout the city where you can park legally overnight; however, there are certain restrictions you need to be aware of before setting up camp.

Firstly, let’s highlight Central London. Though it might seem appealing due to its proximity to tourist attractions like Oxford Street shopping hub and West End Theatreland, it isn’t an ideal location for camping vans at night. Not only will finding parking spots be challenging during peak hours but street closures after dark may fluctuate as well.

So where can you take your camper at night? Look no further than suburbs that surround major tube stations such as Walthamstow or Hackney Wick – they have 24-hour CCTV surveillance which provides added security measures while lighting around these areas provide safety during time spent by the van.

Canalside locations are popular among travellers who drive their vehicles across England because they offer ample space for pitching tents within walking distance from places with access points including Aldermaston Wharf near Reading or Devizes in Wiltshire County located further southwards!

Other popular spots include Paddock Wood Caravan Club Site just outside London so there’ll always be somewhere available wherever your route takes you. Fees start at around £15 per night for two adults and additional charges may apply depending on the location’s amenities.

It’s important to note that wild camping in London is strictly forbidden; hence, having a list of reliable campsites or caravan parks within the outskirts where pitches are obtainable for an overnight stay could be helpful. By opting for such designated sites, campervan owners won’t have to worry about unwanted attention or getting penalized.

In summary, grabbing a parking spot for your campervan may seem daunting in London; however, planning ahead and knowing about designated rest spots enhances the ease of exploring England’s largest city while maintaining a peaceful sleep beneath the stars within your four-wheeled residence!

As always, it is good practice to double check local guidelines around parking at any desired areas’ facility preferences before embarking on your adventure since they can vary from time to time. Don’t forget – Drive safe and embrace every moment of this lifetime trip!

Table with useful data:

Rental Company Location Contact Number Rental Prices
Wicked Campers London 0808 234 8461 Starting from £49/day
Unbeatable Hire London 020 7127 5233 Starting from £60/day
Just Go Motorhomes London Gatwick Airport 0808 301 7070 Starting from £80/day
Camper Van Hire London London 020 8677 1883 Starting from £65/day

Information from an expert

As an expert in campervan hire in London, I highly recommend this unique and exciting way to explore the city. A campervan offers a comfortable and convenient mode of transportation, allowing you to travel at your own pace and stop wherever you like. With several rental options available, including fully-equipped luxury vans or more affordable models for budget-conscious travelers, there is something for everyone. Whether you plan to tour the iconic landmarks or venture off the beaten path, a campervan provides an excellent opportunity to experience all that London has to offer.

Historical Fact:

During the 1960s and 70s, campervan hire became increasingly popular in London as young people sought to explore Europe in a more affordable and adventurous way. The trend was fueled by hippie culture and the desire for freedom on the open road. Today, campervan hire remains a popular option for travelers seeking a unique and flexible holiday experience.

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