Discover the Ultimate Guide to Campervan Hire in Cornwall: A Personal Story with Stats and Tips [2021]

Short answer: Campervan hire in Cornwall offers travelers the opportunity to explore the stunning coastlines, beaches and countryside of this beautiful English county. There are numerous companies based throughout Cornwall offering a variety of campervan models and rental options for visitors to choose from.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Plan Your Dream Campervan Hire Cornwall Trip

Are you aching for adventure and seeking the perfect way to explore one of the most beautiful corners of England? Look no further than planning a dream campervan hire Cornwall trip! With stunning coastlines, quaint fishing villages, and rolling countryside waiting to be explored, there is no better way to experience all that Cornwall has to offer than in your very own home on wheels.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you plan the ultimate campervan adventure through Cornwall:

Step 1: Choose Your Campervan

The first step in planning your dream campervan hire Cornwall trip is choosing your vehicle. There are plenty of rental companies around, so do some research and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Be sure to factor in features like size, amenities (kitchenette, bathroom, sleeping arrangements), and cost per day.

Step 2: Plan Your Itinerary

Cornwall boasts an impressive array of sights and attractions for visitors of all stripes. Whether you prefer hiking along coastal paths or exploring charming towns filled with history and culture, there’s something for everyone here. Consider what type of activities you enjoy doing and plan out your route accordingly.

Some must-see places include St Ives, Padstow Harbour, Tintagel Castle, Minack Theatre and the Eden Project. But don’t forget lesser-known gems such as Coverack – a secret hiding down south Cornish Village – or Sennen Cove which offers white sandy beaches stretching for miles with crystal clear waters ideal for surfing.

Step 3: Pack Smart

When planning any road trip it’s important not to overpack but when travelling in a campervan even more so! Make sure you bring essential items such as bedding (if not included in rental), toiletries as well as cooking essentials like oil/seasoning etc if renting a van without fully equipped kitchen.

Layered clothing is advised; even if visiting during the summer, weather in Cornwall can be unpredictable.

Step 4: Plan Your Meals

One of the greatest joys of campervan living is the ability to cook your own meals anywhere you go. Bring along groceries or plan to stock up on local products like some delicious Cornish pasties, clotted cream, and fresh seafood. There are plenty of farm shops meaning you won’t have to pack everything before you head down!

Don’t forget to dine with a view; many beaches around Cornwall offer BBQ pits so make sure to bring charcoal as alternative

Step 5: Stay Connected – but not all of the time!

Although getting away from it all is part of the appeal, some connection to reality is important- even if that’s just for posting pictures on Instagram! Luckily most campsites these days offer Wi-Fi access. For those times when you truly want to escape which we highly advise- take advantage of this rare opportunity by spending time connecting with nature.

Now that you’re armed with these tips for planning an epic campervan hire Cornwall trip, there’s no excuse not to hit the road and explore this stunning region at your leisure! So what are you waiting for? The open road awaits…

Top FAQs About Campervan Hire Cornwall Answered

Are you considering a campervan hire Cornwall for your next holiday adventure? If so, you may have some questions about this unique way of exploring this scenic region of the UK. In this blog post, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about campervan hire in Cornwall.

1. What Is A Campervan?

In simple terms, a campervan is a type of recreational vehicle that has been designed and converted to provide basic accommodation and facilities for travellers on the move. It typically includes living quarters such as beds, seating areas, kitchenette, and bathroom/toilet.

2. What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Campervan?

There are several benefits to hiring a campervan for your trip to Cornwall. Firstly, it provides great flexibility and freedom since you won’t be confined to certain routes or timetables as with other forms of transport. You can choose where you go and how long you stay there. Secondly, it’s cost-effective as it combines travel and accommodation into one package making it more budget-friendly than separate hotel stays and car rentals.

3. Where Can I Hire A Campervan In Cornwall?

There are various rental companies that offer campervans in Cornwall including big names like Britz, JUCY Rentals, Apollo Motorhome Holidays etc. You can book them online or over the phone before your arrival at any major city/ airport in the country.

4. Do I Need A Special License To Drive A Campervan?

As long as you have a valid driver’s license that covers the weight class of the vehicle you’re driving then you’re good to go! However if travelling from outside EU please check requirement for international driving permit (IDP).

5. Can I Park Anywhere Overnight In My Campervan?

No unfortunately not everywhere! While wild camping (camping outside designated campsites) isn’t illegal in England yet but isn’t recommended due to risk of being caught by authorities or damaging nature. Also, some areas may have restrictions on overnight parking for motorhomes so it’s best to check with the council or local bodies to avoid a ticket and be socially responsible.

6. Will My Campervan Be Equipped With Basic Necessities?

Yes. Although each campervan rental is different, they should all come fully equipped with basic necessities such as bedding, towels, appliances like pots/pans, cutleries, crockeries & utensils, fridge/freezer and other amenities depending on the chosen vehicle model.

In conclusion…

Campervan hire Cornwall offers a unique way to explore this scenic British countryside while still giving you complete freedom over your itinerary and budget. With so many rental companies available around the region that varies in offerings ranging from vehicles models/capacity & prices to added facilities; The choice can be overwhelming but ensuring thorough research before choosing will make sure you find your perfect fit!

5 Fun Facts and Insider Tips for Your Campervan Adventure in Cornwall

Cornwall is a magical place filled with breathtaking landscapes, stunning coastlines and charming villages. And what better way to experience every inch of its beauty than through a campervan adventure? With so much to see and explore in this picturesque county, here are five fun facts and insider tips that will help you make the most out of your campervan adventure in Cornwall.

1. Take advantage of hidden gem campsites

Cornwall has no shortage of good campsites dotted across the county but don’t be afraid to veer off the beaten track to discover some hidden gems. There are many smaller or basic sites located around Cornwall’s stunning coastline and countryside that offer a true back-to-basics camping experience. From remote seafront locations to idyllic spots next to babbling streams surrounded by towering trees – there really is something for everyone!

2. Be prepared for narrow lanes

One of the defining characteristics of Cornwall’s landscape is its winding narrow roads, sometimes barely wide enough for a single car let alone a campervan! The key thing here is to take it slow, especially when driving along small coastal lanes where there may be tight corners or low hanging tree branches. Being cautious and patient will not only make your journey more comfortable but add another level of excitement to your trip.

3. Make time for local beaches

When you think about Cornwall, what typically comes into mind first? It’s likely long sandy beaches with crystal clear waters lapping at their shores! Some visitor favorites might include Newquay’s Fistral beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean or St Ives’ Porthmeor Beach renowned for excellent surfing conditions . But if you’re looking for something quieter check out Kilveks Beach which can only be reached by foot – making it one of Cornwall’s quieter haunts – complete with fine sand on golden-yellow rocky shorelines.

4. Embrace the Cornish Cuisine

From pasties stuffed with locally-sourced meats and vegetables, cream teas with fluffy scones and clotted cream or fresh seafood from the Atlantic Ocean – Cornwall has an array of treats that will leave your taste buds craving for more. A great way to experience this is by bringing your grocery bags along on your trip and visiting any of the many local farmers’ markets such as St Ives Market situated in the heart of its picturesque town center.

5. Plan your route around local attractions

There are so many iconic landmarks, world-famous attractions, and unique events happening across Cornwall whether you’re interested in art & culture, outdoor activities or just absorbing it’s stunning scenery. Be sure to take some time to plan out a route that takes advantage of these local hits. Some possible stops might include exploring Tintagel Castle – which is said to be King Arthur’s birthplace , cycling along The Camel Trail or making the short walk up to Minack Theatre which offers breathtaking views over Porthcurno Bay.

In conclusion …

Cornwall is undoubtedly one of England’s most beautiful counties, therefore what better way would there be than experiencing every inch of its beauty while having the freedom to bring all creature comforts along with you? With our suggested fun facts and insider tips above we hope that whatever adventure you embark on embodies all that this wonderful place has to offer!

From Coastal Driving to Countryside Adventures: Exploring Cornwall with a Campervan

Cornwall, located in the south-west of England, is an idyllic destination known for its stunning sandy beaches, charming coastal towns and quaint countryside villages. What better way to explore the beauty of this region than with a campervan? Not only does it offer you a comfortable home on wheels but also the freedom to roam around Cornwall at your own pace!

Starting off with exploring the coastline, the campsites dotted along Cornwall’s coast will give you easy access to some of the best surfing spots in England. Porthcurno beach near Land’s End is a must-visit spot for surfers seeking an adrenaline rush. The dramatic cliffs surrounding Porthcurno make it feel like a hidden paradise.

Further up towards St Ives, (one of Cornwall’s most famous coastal towns), you’re spoilt for choice with secluded coves like Bossiney Cove that are ideal for lounging around on hot summer days by the sea.

Heading inland from St Austell through Bodmin Moor and its wild landscapes brings visitors further away from bustling crowds and towards peaceful havens like Lake Siblyback where fishing is available at this serene location.

However, when many people think of exploring Cornwall by campervan – they often imagine popping down narrow country roads which can be quite challenging! Luckily there are plenty of open routes to enjoy too. Driving along the Camel Trail or enjoying scenic rolling hills such as those beside Dozmary Pool keep visitors entertained en route to their next destination.

What about drinks? With numerous artisan distilleries and microbreweries scattered across Cornwall, sampling some local brews must certainly feature on any visitor’s bucket list! From rum at Atlantic Distillery nestled in North Cornwall to beer makers Harbour Brewery found closeby St Austell – take your pick!

And let’s not forget food! Being primarily a tourist hotspot has resulted in culinary experts comng up with dishes which celebrate Cornish produce. For example, the famous Cornish pasty which is a handheld warm parcel of meat and vegetables baked in flaky pastry. A good chunk of them can be found in Padstow where Rick Stein reigns supreme – think lobster rolls and clotted cream ice cream!

In conclusion, exploring Cornwall with a campervan offers an exceptional experience that combines sights, sounds, tastes and adventure. With a wide variety of landscapes to enjoy, from the wilds of Bodmin Moor to the galleries of St Ives, it’s really no surprise why so many people opt for this way to explore this stunning region!

What You Need to Know Before Booking Your First Campervan Hire in Cornwall

Have you been dreaming of a summer adventure? Are you tired of the traditional hotel or Airbnb accommodations? Then it’s time to consider renting a campervan and experiencing the freedom of the open road. And where better to do it than in the stunning county of Cornwall?

But before you hit that “book” button, there are some important things to consider and research.

Firstly, and most importantly, you need to choose the right size campervan for your needs. Don’t be deceived by slick marketing slogans like “couple-friendly” or “family-sized”, make sure you check the dimensions and layouts of each van carefully. Will it comfortably fit all passengers including luggage? Is there sufficient headroom for tall individuals? Will the bed size work for your sleeping arrangements?

Next up is the question of insurance. Although many companies offer comprehensive coverage as part of their rental packages, make sure to read the fine print carefully and ask any questions before agreeing to anything. It’s also advisable to research local driving laws prior to embarking on your journey, especially if you’re travelling from abroad.

Another consideration is camping etiquette in Cornwall. The county is famous for its beautiful beaches and picturesque villages but these are often situated close together in areas that can become quite overcrowded during peak season. As such, wild camping outside designated areas is strictly prohibited. To avoid frustration or unexpected fines make sure that you familiarise yourself with designated campsites beforehand.

You should also take into account any additional gear or equipment needed for your trip. Many campervan rental companies will provide at least basic kitchenware and bedding but sometimes additional amenities may need to be hired separately such as barbecue grills or cool boxes depending on what level of comfort required.

Lastly, don’t forget about fuel costs when estimating your budget – depending on mileage driven this could add up significantly over time! Make sure that there is a clear understanding between yourself and rental company regarding how fuel costs will be split.

In conclusion, a campervan holiday in Cornwall offers a unique and unforgettable experience but as with everything in life, proper planning is key. Research the right size van for your needs, insurance requirements, local driving laws and designated campsites beforehand to ensure that your trip runs smoothly and you spend more time enjoying the beautiful scenery rather than unexpected problems along the way.

Planning Your Perfect Route: The Best Places to Visit on Your Cornish Campervan Holiday

There are few holiday experiences quite as liberating as a campervan getaway. With the freedom to explore at your own pace, you can truly immerse yourself in your surroundings without sacrificing any of your creature comforts.

The Cornish countryside provides the perfect backdrop for a road trip, with its rolling hills, picturesque coastal paths and quaint villages dotted throughout. Here are just a few of the must-visit locations to include in your itinerary:

1. St Ives – This charming seaside town is known for its pristine beaches, art galleries and independent boutiques. While you’re here, make sure to check out the Tate St Ives gallery and take a stroll along the South West Coast Path for some stunning views over the Atlantic.

2. Padstow – A foodie’s paradise, Padstow is home to Rick Stein’s famous seafood restaurant as well as numerous other top-notch eateries. Take a leisurely cycle along the Camel Trail or explore the local fishing village of Port Isaac.

3. The Lizard Peninsula – Located at Cornwall’s southernmost point, this area boasts some of the county’s most dramatic scenery. Take in views from Lizard Point lighthouse or visit Kynance Cove for a secluded swim spot.

4. Tintagel Castle – Legend has it that this historic castle was once home to King Arthur himself. Set on a cliffside overlooking the sea, it’s easy to see why this location inspired so many myths and legends.

5. Penzance – This harbour town is rich in history and culture, with attractions such as The Egyptian House Museum and Minack Theatre making it an ideal stop-off point for those seeking something more than just sun and sand.

Of course, these are just a handful of attractions on offer in Cornwall – there’s no shortage of beautiful vistas, delicious food and cultural landmarks to discover along your way! As you plan out your route be sure to keep an eye out for unique sites and experiences that catch your eye.

When planning a campervan holiday, flexibility is key. Although having an itinerary in place can provide some order, it’s important to leave room for spontaneity – after all, half the fun of a road trip is stumbling upon hidden gems along the way!

And don’t forget about the practicalities of your journey – popping into a local supermarket or farmer’s market can not only top up supplies but add new ingredients and inspiration to meal-times. It’s recommended to make regular stops at campsites so you can recharge your batteries (both yours and literal) overnight before hitting the open road again.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to have a fantastic Cornish adventure. Happy travels!

Campervan Hire Cornwall

Table with useful data:

Company Name Phone Number Website Price per day Location
Camper Van Hire Cornwall 01208 850203 www.campervanhirecornwall.com £75 Truro
Cornish Campers 01326 569569 www.cornishcampers.com £65 Newquay
Cornish Camper Company 01736 756655 www.cornishcampercompany.co.uk £90 St Ives

## Information from an Expert

As an expert on campervan hire in Cornwall, I can confidently say that there is no better way to explore this beautiful region than on a road trip with your very own campervan. With stunning coastlines, rolling countryside and charming villages at every turn, Cornwall has it all. Whether you’re seeking adventure or simply looking to unwind amidst breathtaking scenery, a campervan hire is the perfect solution. With numerous campsites dotted around the county and a range of vehicles to choose from, you can experience the ultimate freedom and flexibility on your Cornish holiday. So why wait? Book your Campervan hire Cornwall today!

Historical fact:

Cornwall has a rich history of caravan and campervan holidays dating back to the 1930s, when people began utilizing mobile homes for their vacation stays. With its stunning coastline and picturesque countryside, Cornwall quickly became a popular destination for campervan hire in the UK. Today, many visitors still flock to this beautiful region to explore all it has to offer from the comfort of their own home on wheels.

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