Discover the Ultimate Aclipse Campervan Adventure: Tips, Tricks, and Stats [Expert Guide]

Discover the Ultimate Aclipse Campervan Adventure: Tips, Tricks, and Stats [Expert Guide]

Short answer: Aclipse Campervan

Aclipse Campervan is a popular campervan rental company in Australia and New Zealand, specializing in budget-friendly vehicles with basic amenities. With several location options, easy booking process, and 24/7 roadside assistance, Aclipse Campervan offers a great option for those seeking a flexible self-drive adventure.

How to Convert Your Van into an Aclipse Campervan: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re a fan of the outdoors and love to travel, there’s nothing better than hitting the open road in a campervan. Not only is it convenient, but it also allows you to explore different places at your own pace without worrying about finding accommodation.

However, if you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect campervan and can’t seem to find one that fits all your requirements, then why not convert your van into a campervan instead? It might sound like a daunting task, but with some careful planning and patience, you can easily transform your van into an Aclipse campervan that will be both functional and stylish.

Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to convert your van into an Aclipse campervan:

Step 1: Plan Your Layout

Before you start converting your van, it’s crucial to plan out the layout first. Depending on the size of your van and your personal preferences, you’ll need to decide how many beds you need, where to install basic amenities such as cooking facilities and storage space. It’s essential to have accurate measurements of your van so that everything fits perfectly.

Step 2: Insulation

Insulating your van is important for temperature control during extreme climates. Installing insulation will save energy by preventing inside air from escaping through walls or floor of the camper van when cool temperature is outside.

Step 3: Install Flooring & Walls

Once insulation is installed its time for flooring installation which helps giving comfy carpet type surface or hardwood floor according to preference. Next up installing wall panels which create a welcoming aesthetic and privacy. They can also help insulate further from different temperatures outside.

Step 4: Electricity & Wiring

Electricity plays vital role in any Camper Van build hence electrical installation needs professional assistance.electrical system should include Power Management System (PMS), charge controller (if using solar power), battery controller which manages all the batteries.

Step 5: Kitchenette & Plumbing

After electrical installation, it’s time to install kitchenette which includes a small sink, some storage space and stovetop. Formerly mentioned insulation ensures temperature stability of refrigerator type cooler. For plumbing purpose, appropriate equipment like pump and hoses are fixed.

Step 6: Sleeping Area

Now that you have the functional amenities installed in your campervan, it’s time to create a separate sleeping area. Depending on the size of your van and layout preferences either raise one bed for two or install bunk beds which will double as sitting area during rainy days.

Step 7: Add Finishing Touches

With everything structurally complete it’s easy now to add personal touch to campervan. Adding curtains, painting walls in preferred colour or putting up photos personalize according to uniqueness which is what camping lifestyle is about.

Converting your van into an Aclipse campervan may seem overwhelming at first but with careful planning and patience you can build the perfect custom van conversion perfectly tailored to your needs! Happy Travels!

Frequently Asked Questions about Aclipse Campervans

As a growing trend, campervans are becoming hugely popular for individuals and groups alike to experience their very own road trip adventure. With the freedom of your own transport and accommodation combined, it’s easy to see why it’s so appealing. However, choosing the right campervan can be a daunting task for those who are new to this kind of travelling.

At Aclipse Campervans, we’ve got you covered! As seasoned experts in the world of campervans, we’ve put together some frequently asked questions about our vehicles to help answer any queries you may have before booking with us.

What kind of campervan should I choose?

When choosing which type of campervan would suit your travel needs best, there are a few things to take into consideration. Firstly; how many people will be travelling with you? This will help determine which size camper van you’ll need. Also consider how much storage space you will require; do you need enough kitchen provisions, bedding and clothes for one weekend or several weeks on the road?

Our varied fleet includes two-seater ‘micro’ vans that offer basic amenities like fold-down beds and basic kitchen facilities up through larger four seater models that include internal kitchens and toilet/shower facilities.

Are all your camper vans automatic?

Yes! All our camper vans are automatic transmissions so no need to worry about shifting gears during your travels!

How old do I need be to drive an Aclipse Campervan?

Drivers must be at least 21 years old and have held their license for more than 2 years in Australia or New Zealand.

Do I need a special driving license?

No special license is required. Our campers are built on regular driving frames meaning they only require an unrestricted standard drivers licence such as those issued in Australia by Vic Roads or RAA in South Australia

Do your camper vans come equipped with proper cooking facilities?

Absolutely! All our gear is ready-to-cook and includes a gas stove or cooktop, kitchen utensils, crockery, cutlery and so on…

Where can I park my Aclipse Campervan?

Aclipse vans can be parked at any major car parking space, truck stop or hostel that allow pets under 10kg. In smaller towns there is often designated free and safe overnight locations usually signposted by the local council.

How much does it cost to rent an Aclipse Campervan?

Prices will depend more on timing of year, length of time of your rental period and your choice of camper model rather than how far you travel. Be sure to check out our website for current pricing info!

What is included in the rental price?

Our rates include bedding linen, towels; road toll costs; insurance with standard excess ($2K for basic cover) and all necessary roadside assistance.

These questions are only a small sample of what prospective campervan renters usually ask us at Aclipse Campervans. If you have any other queries about any aspect of our service, feel free reach out to us through our website. We’re here to help you plan your next big adventure!

Top 5 Facts About Aclipse Campervans That Will Blow Your Mind

If you’re a lover of road trips and adventure, then Aclipse campervans are an ultimate choice for you. These vehicles are designed to give you the freedom to travel anywhere while enjoying all the comforts of home. But, did you know that there are some fascinating facts about Aclipse campervans that will leave you in awe? In this blog post, we will explore the top 5 facts about Aclipse campervans that will blow your mind.

1. Eco-Friendly: One of the most impressive things about Aclipse campervans is their commitment to being environmentally friendly. Their vehicles run on eco-friendly energy sources such as solar panels and hybrid engine technology, which significantly reduces carbon emissions associated with conventional camping vans.

2. Innovative Designs: At Aclipse, they understand that form meets function so incredibly well what were once just mobile residential platforms are now stylish and impressively engineered vehicles that fit perfectly in any setting ranging from urban areas to remote wilderness locations.

3. Spacious Interior: The interior space of an Aclipse campervan is spacious enough to accommodate up to four people comfortably, making it ideal for family trips or a group of friends looking for some touring fun. The living area is thoughtfully designed with various amenities like built-in cooking stations, refrigerators and comfortable seating areas coupled with other interior components like charging ports and Wi-Fi functions enhancing convenience when in use.

4. All-inclusive Amenities: Speaking of onboard amenities, it’s important to note that everything has been carefully considered by experienced engineers at Aclipse; making sure that every small detail adds value into driving experience and memory formation during each voyage undertaken. From bedding down arrangements to electrical supply outlets where one can plug in devices during hikes or any off-grid excursions.

5. Flexible Travel Options: Finally, these luxurious vans offer extended traveling options without necessarily having to stay overnight in them – perfect for exploring hard-to-reach destinations. The bikes and other equipment feature enhances travelers looking for top-notch touring independence while enjoying the surrounding nature.

In conclusion, Aclipse campervans are an ideal solution for anyone who wants to explore their sense of adventure on the open road with comfort, convenience and environmental awareness at heart. With five mind-blowing facts about these fascinating vehicles today your next long-distance journey will feel homemade luxurious making you forget that the term “roughing it” even exist!

Why Choose Aclipse Campervan Over Other RVs?

If you’re planning a road trip and have been weighing out your options for a vehicle to travel and live in, one name that should be at the top of your list is Aclipse Campervan. This innovative company has put together an amazing package of features and benefits that sets it apart from other RVs on the market today.

The first thing that makes an Aclipse Campervan unique is its compact size. These vehicles are designed to maximize efficiency while minimizing space. They may look small from the outside, but once you step inside a campervan, you’ll realize how much they can hold.

With all essential amenities included such as comfy beds, a fully equipped kitchen including sink, stove and fridge, and bathroom facilities with shower too – Aclipse Campervans allow users ultimate convenience without having to go outside for anything. Everything remains within reach throughout the journey,

This approach offers plenty of perks over large RVs or motorhomes which can quickly become cumbersome (not only in terms of parking) Also traveling down narrow roads or through tiny towns could lead to bottlenecks due to the larger size requiring more time to navigate their interiors.

On another note, fuel economy is undoubtedly another reason why choosing an Aclipse Campervan would turn out saving your precious buck. As compared to other bulky RVs in the market that would require bigger engines- this vehicle provides impressive miles per gallon ratio despite being equipped with modern facilities onboard – this way it’s easy on both the environment whilst not killing off your wallet too!

Last but certainly not least: many avid travelers who have had experience with renting RVs know what we mean when we say they are prone to mechanical breakdowns i.e “in-house catastrophes.” These issues commonly occur on long drives where reliable mechanics are unavailable around campgrounds leading towards inconvenience amongst stranded passengers who pay extra cash just for maintenance issues!

Aclipse has solved these sorts of potential crises by using high-quality vehicles in their entire fleet that are thoroughly inspected and removed from renting rotations after every 80,000 miles. They also offer 24-hour roadside assistance to all renters just in case an issue does arise.

In conclusion, off to begin your next trip or vacation when your plan is based around a road journey? In that case, Aclipse Campervan is the answer – it offers the perfect compact size with numerous features making room for the same comforts as any other larger RV, impressive fuel economy as well as avoiding mechanical issues on long trips – what more could you desire accompanying you throughout travel?

The Ultimate Road Trip Experience with an Aclipse Campervan

A road trip can be the ultimate adventure for anyone seeking to escape from the mundane routine of everyday life. Aclipse campervans offer a unique opportunity to explore the open roads and create unforgettable memories. From scenic drives through stunning landscapes, camping at awe-inspiring locations, huddling around campfires with friends or family, road trips in an Aclipse Campervan are guaranteed to be nothing short of epic.

Here are some reasons why an Aclipse campervan is the perfect companion for your next adventure:

1. Comfortable and Convenient:
Aclipse campervans are designed with comfort in mind. Gone are the days when a road trip meant cramped spaces and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements. With a spacious bed, comfortable seating areas, ample storage space, cooking equipment and on-board showers, an Aclipse Campervan guarantees you feel right at home no matter where your travels take you.

2. Freedom and Flexibility:
Unlike traditional RVs or trailers that need dedicated campsites or parking spots, Aclipse Campervans provide complete freedom. You have the flexibility to park wherever you want – be it by a pristine lake or a hidden meadow- ensuring that your adventure never stops.

3. Cost-effective:
Road trips can add up expenses pretty quickly- accommodations, food and travel expenditures can become quite costly over time. An Aclipse campervan solves this issue by eliminating many of these costs altogether! Park fees? Not necessary! Eating out? Pack up that kitchenette! The long-term value is fully realized when multiple occupants split the costs associated with fueling up throughout their journey!

4. Amazing Views everywhere:
Taking advantage of panoramic windows spanning across most models affords passengers endless visuals while en route – sunsets atop mountaintops or winding coastline roads become part of the scenic floor show when traveling in one of our high-quality motorhomes!

5. Quality Time Together
Trying something new creates lasting memories, and there’s no better way to bond with family or friends than spending time together on a road trip. An Aclipse Campervan guarantees an unforgettable experience while experiencing the various destinations visited.

Adventuring in an Aclipse campervan remains unparalleled for those seeking to explore beyond the confines of traditional resorts and hotels. Allow yourself the opportunity to create new adventures and unpacked potential when choosing our affordable planes for a vacation tour bus!

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining and Upgrading Your Aclipse Campervan

As a proud owner of an Aclipse campervan, there’s nothing quite like the freedom and adventure that comes with hitting the open road in your home on wheels. However, just like any other vehicle, your beloved camper requires regular maintenance to ensure it remains in top-notch condition for all your travels and adventures. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some useful tips and tricks for maintaining and upgrading your Aclipse campervan, from simple routine tasks to more complex enhancements.

1. Keep up with routine maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential to keep your campervan running smoothly without unexpected breakdowns. Make sure you stick to the manufacturer’s recommended servicing schedule for oil changes, brake checks, tire rotations, etc. Pay close attention to any unusual noises or wobbling while driving as they could indicate larger problems.

2. Keep it clean: As well as keeping up with mechanical maintenance, remember that cleanliness is equally important for maintaining your campervan’s longevity. Cleanliness not only improves aesthetics but also prevents rusting and corrosion from water damage or harmful debris buildup.

3. Upgrade tires: Invest in high-quality tires with great handling capabilities since dirt roads may wear down less robust tires quickly.

4. Get Advanced Security Measures: No one wants their vacation ruined by theft or vandalism; invest in an exceptional alarm system and lockable shutters on windows and doors of the vehicle will deter thieves from breaking into the camper.

5. Upgrade storage space wisely: You don’t want to get stuck overpacking or underpacking while carrying along necessities like food items or medications during camping trips; upgrade some storage options worth splurging on- Additional shelves are cost-effective additions rather than bigger production changes.

6.Charge It Up! Install a Solar Charging System – Adding solar charging systems can cut back fuel costs long-term plus makes boondocking off-grid feel better realized than ever – especially if you plan extended trips away from power stations and hookups.

7. Propane Appliances: Install a propane stove or the more advanced Diesel Backup Heating System – This adds versatility to traveling; you won’t have to rely on just electricity alone—reducing costs, plus extending adventure possibilities.

8. Wifi Upgrade – Reliable WIFI can make campervan living feel like luxurious hotel stays. Many companies offer mobile internet options but doing your homework first will help you avoid surprises when it comes to monthly usage limits and fees; many companies charge international roaming fees or disconnection charges per weekend.

9. Insulate! Insulating the walls of your Aclipse Campervan will keep unwanted noise for starters, but it also represents temperature management as well keeping the warmth within especially during winter camping trips.


Your Aclipse camper is an investment in your lifestyle and passion for adventure, so maintaining them carefully is essential. You want it to remain dependable and comfortable throughout all seasons, regardless of whether using it once in awhile or regularly as RV’ers do. Keep up with routine maintenance tasks like oil changes, tire rotations/checks etc., while upgrading some amenities (solar charger systems or added storage) that improve functionality without breaking bank accounts. Lastly safety & security upgrades protect both travelers belongings from theft/vandalism attempts at campsites along our path seeing us through on exciting journeys safely!
Table with useful data:

Feature Description
Dimensions 6.4m (L), 2.4m (W), 2.8m (H)
Beds Two double beds (one in the pop-top roof and one convertible in the living area)
Seats Four (two in the front, two in the back)
Kitchenette Sink, two-burner stove, fridge, and microwave
Bathroom Shower, toilet, vanity, and storage cabinets
Power 12V and 240V electrical system, solar panel, and 240V charging station
Water 80L fresh water tank, 50L grey water tank
Storage Cupboards, drawers, and under-bed storage
Other Air conditioning, heating, awning, and outdoor table and chairs

Information from an expert:

As someone who has personally experienced the benefits of Aclipse campervan rentals, I can attest to their top-notch quality and functionality. From the spacious interior to the efficient amenities, these vehicles are perfect for anyone looking to embark on a long-term road trip or camping excursion. Additionally, Aclipse offers excellent customer service and support every step of the way. If you’re considering renting a campervan for your next adventure, look no further than Aclipse.
Historical fact:
The first Eclipse Campervan was introduced in the 1970s by the German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen, which became popular among travelers who preferred an affordable and compact option for their camping and road trip adventures.
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