Discover the Best Cheap Campervan Hire in Christchurch: A Personal Story and Practical Guide [2021 Statistics and Tips]

Short Answer: Cheap campervan hire is available in Christchurch from various rental companies. Prices vary depending on the size and age of the vehicle, as well as the time of year you plan to rent. Book early to get the best deals.

Step-by-Step Guide to Booking Cheap Campervan Hire in Christchurch

If you’re planning a trip to New Zealand and are on a tight budget, booking a cheap campervan hire in Christchurch is a fantastic way to make the most of your travel experience without breaking the bank. With its stunningly picturesque landscapes, friendly locals, and endless array of outdoor activities, New Zealand is an ideal spot for an adventure-filled vacation. And with a campervan rental, you have complete freedom to explore the country at your own pace.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to booking cheap campervan hire in Christchurch:

1. Do Your Research

Before you start looking for campervans to rent in Christchurch, it’s important to do some research about what type of van would be best suited for your needs. Consider how many people will be traveling with you and whether you need an automatic or manual transmission.

Look online for companies that offer affordable rental rates and read reviews from other travelers who have rented their vans before. It’s also advisable to book well ahead of time, as prices tend to rise closer to peak tourist season.

2. Choose Your Pickup Location

Christchurch has many different pickup locations where you can rent a campervan, so it’s important to choose one that’s convenient for your travel plans. Some popular options include Christchurch Airport or the city center if you are looking for any last-minute equipment purchases or grocery shopping before hitting the road.

3. Determine Your Rental Duration

Knowing how long you’ll need the campervan is crucial when setting up your rental agreement. Some companies offer discounts for longer rentals which might be worth considering depending on your plans.

4. Check Insurance Requirements

When renting a van in New Zealand, insurance requirements vary per company so it’s essential you know what will be covered with regards to vehicle damage and theft etc.. The company should clearly state what kind of insurance they offer and what excesses apply depending on each individual policy so it should not be confusing.

5. Consider Additional Equipment

When booking a cheap campervan hire in Christchurch, you may want to consider any additional equipment that would make your trip more comfortable or convenient. This could include GPS navigational systems, extra bedding, cooking facilities, and camping gear. If you want to save money here it is always good to check if you can bring some of those things with you or need to rent them out.

6. Book Your Campervan!

The final step is to pick the campervan that suits your needs best and make a reservation using their website or customer service.

Booking a cheap campervan hire in Christchurch is an excellent way to explore the vast landscapes of New Zealand at your own pace without breaking the bank. Be sure to follow these simple steps and enjoy all the natural wonders this country has to offer!

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Cheap Campervan Hire in Christchurch

Are you planning a road trip around the beautiful South Island of New Zealand? Are you looking for an affordable and convenient way to explore all that this stunning region has to offer? Look no further than cheap campervan hire in Christchurch! But before you hit the open road, there are a few things you should know.

What is a campervan?

A campervan, also known as a motorhome or RV (Recreational Vehicle), is a vehicle that combines both travel and accommodation. It typically includes sleeping and cooking facilities, as well as amenities such as a shower and toilet.

Why choose campervan hire in Christchurch?

Christchurch is one of the best cities to start your campervan adventure in New Zealand. Known as the “gateway to the South Island”, it’s easy to access from other parts of the country and offers plenty of destinations within short driving distances. From the majestic mountains of Arthur’s Pass National Park to the picturesque coastal town of Akaroa, there’s something for everyone in this part of New Zealand.

How much does it cost to hire a campervan in Christchurch?

The cost will depend on various factors such as the size and style of camper, length of rental and time of year. However, with cheap campervan hire options available, prices can start from as little as NZD $20 per day during low season – making it an affordable option for those on a budget.

What are some popular routes for campervanning around Christchurch?

One popular route is heading towards the West Coast via Arthur’s Pass National Park – stop off along the way at places like Castle Hill or Lake Brunner before arriving at Franz Josef Glacier. Alternatively, head south along State Highway 1 towards Dunedin where dramatic coastal landscapes await – spots like The Catlins or Nugget Point Lighthouse shouldn’t be missed!

What type of license do I need?

In New Zealand, a valid driver’s license from your home country is generally sufficient for driving a campervan. However, you should always check with your rental provider in advance to confirm their specific requirements.

Do I need to book campsites in advance?

During peak season (December – February), it’s recommended that you book campsites in advance to avoid disappointment. Outside of these months, it’s normally not necessary to make reservations but always be prepared with a list of potential sites just in case.

What are the insurance options?

Insurance options can vary between providers so always read the fine print carefully before signing up. Some companies may offer basic insurance coverage included with the rental fee, while others may offer more comprehensive packages at an additional cost.

Is freedom camping allowed in New Zealand?

Freedom camping (camping in public areas without facilities) is allowed in some parts of New Zealand but restricted or prohibited in others. Always check signage and local guidelines before setting up camp – fines can be steep if caught breaking rules!

With all this information under your belt, you’re ready to hit the road and experience the beauty of New Zealand from the comfort of your own cheap campervan. Happy travels!

Top 5 Facts About Cheap Campervan Hire in Christchurch

Are you looking to explore the stunning landscapes of Christchurch on a budget? Look no further than cheap campervan hire! Here are the top 5 facts about this affordable and convenient travel option:

1. You Can Sleep, Cook, and Travel All in One
One of the great advantages of hiring a campervan is that it provides an all-in-one experience for your trip. You won’t need to worry about booking multiple accommodations or eating out all the time because your campervan already has everything you need – a bed, cooking facilities and even a bathroom.

2. It’s Much Cheaper Than Hotels
Admittedly, paying for hotel rooms can be quite expensive – especially if you want to stay in ideal locations or during peak season. Campervans offer an alternative that is not only comfortable but also much cheaper. Furthermore, with campervans, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees like resort taxes or bellboy tips which could add up quickly.

3. Flexibility Equals Freedom
If you’re looking for flexibility as part of your travel plan then opting for a cheap campervan rental is an excellent idea! With everything inside one vehicle, all you need to do is drive away whenever you’re ready without keeping track with check in and out times at hotels or motels.

4. Take Your Time Enjoying the Nature

If exploring New Zealand’s natural wonders is what drew you in, staying at campsites near these hot spots would give more time admiring floras and faunas as well as leisurely walks through rugged terrain rather than rushing back hotel rooms at dusk.

5. Convenient Facilities
Campervans equipped with modern toilets so there’s No More Accidentally Drinking Lake Water–which might occur when outdoor adventurers aren’t careful– plus running water so hygiene issues that normally come with camping are minimized.

In conclusion;
Cheap campervan hire may just be the best way to road trip around Christchurch. With many benefits like saving money, more freedom, and the convenience of having all your travel necessities in one place, renting a campervan might just be what you need to enjoy your next adventure. Happy travels!

The Benefits of Hiring a Budget-Friendly Campervan in Christchurch

If you’re planning a trip to Christchurch, New Zealand, then you might want to consider hiring a campervan. This mode of traveling and accommodations suits many travelers since it enables them to experience everything that the country has to offer while on their own terms. In this case, we suggest going for a budget-friendly option simply because everyone loves saving money without missing out on the essential luxuries.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a budget-friendly campervan in Christchurch:

1. Freedom and Flexibility
With a campervan, you have the freedom to go wherever your heart desires without worrying about fixed transport schedules or costly accommodation options. You can park up anywhere you please (that’s legally allowed), stay overnight in remote locations close to nature and spend longer at places that pique your interest. Plus, it’s perfect for spontaneous adventures!

2. Cost-Effective
Hiring a campervan is undoubtedly more cost-effective than staying at hotels or other standard forms of accommodation as they often have added costs like meals and activities which aren’t always included whereas with most campsites or resting locations provide services like hot shower facilities, BBQ areas and often free access to interests nearby such as hiking trails.

3. Cooking Facilities
Most budget-friendly campervans come equipped with cooking appliances like fridges, gas cookers/BBQs allowing you to eat in local restaurants only when necessary; otherwise, get creative with how you cook using appliances provided! This saves both money and time since it avoids regularly searching for cheap restaurants and cafes around town.

4. Scenic Drives
New Zealand is famous due to its natural wonders: breath-taking mountainscapes, majestic glaciers,sandy beaches along picturesque coastlines… hiring a campervan lets you unlock all these hidden treasures on scenic drives all over the country – Without spending an extra penny! This way, travelers can explore Christchurch off-the-beaten-track way whilst still not breaking the bank.

5. Convenience and Comfort
Instead of packing/unpacking every day, living out of a suitcase or even lugging your backpack around – campsites are often right by communal amenities from spa pools to laundries close by so washing clothes after a camping trip is made easy with no need for excess baggage to be carried around daily.

Summing up, hiring a budget-friendly campervan in Christchurch gives you freedom and flexibility to experience New Zealand’s natural attractions at affordable prices without sacrificing comfort or convenience. So, if you’re looking for an adventure that won’t break the bank, renting one will provide you with the opportunity to go on cost-effective trips while being immersed in nature!

Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Campervan Rental in Christchurch

Going on a campervan adventure is an experience like no other. It combines the freedom and flexibility of travel with the convenience and comfort of having your own bed, kitchen, and bathroom on wheels. However, renting a campervan in Christchurch can be quite expensive, especially during peak seasons when demand is high. But fear not, for there are ways to save money on your next campervan rental while still enjoying all the perks of this unique mode of travel.

1. Book Early: One of the easiest ways to save money on a campervan rental is to book early. Companies tend to offer lower rates for those who make their reservations well in advance, as it helps them plan their inventory and operations accordingly.

2. Stay Off-Peak: Another way to reduce costs is by traveling off-peak season. Not only will you have more flexibility with your itinerary and avoid crowds, but you’ll also enjoy lower rates for your campervan rental. Shoulder seasons (spring or autumn) often have good weather while avoiding summer rush.

3. Choose a Compact Campervan: While it’s tempting to go for the largest and most luxurious option available, opting for a smaller van that accommodates fewer people could put more money back in your pocket. Compact vans are usually cheaper than larger motorhomes; they use less fuel too!

4. Compare Prices: Before making any booking decisions rushedly with one rental company ensure that try different websites to compare prices across multiple providers offering quality service with easy booking process from anywhere anytime . That said, don’t let price be the sole factor determining which company you choose – sometimes paying slightly more can result in significantly better customer service and vehicle maintenance standards.

5. Plan Your Route Wisely: Consider planning out your route ahead of time so you’re not driving unnecessary miles or wasting money on gas spent circling back making wrong turns.Assuming proper research activities involved resulting significant savings.

6. Consider Wild Camping or Freedom Camping: Instead of staying in campgrounds full of amenities incurring additional fees whilst making your schedule tight, you could opt for free-to-use designated areas approved and regulated by the city/province. These way you’ll enjoy solitude, avoid noise or light pollution without paying a dime.

7. Bring Your Own Supplies: Plan ahead to bring basics with you like utensils, cookware,cutlery and so on along with some groceries that would help save upto $30 per meal on dining out every single day as well those options aren’t exactly healthy.Cooking one’s own food helps stay healthy at no extra cost when camping outdoors.

To sum it up, camping in a van in New Zealand is a fantastic way to experience scenic beauty , top-notch facility and create unforgettable memories. These few tips will make your experience ten times better since saving money is still important while enjoying perfect moments!

Exploring New Zealand on a Budget: Cheap Campervan Hire Options in Christchurch

New Zealand is a stunning country with beautiful scenery that will take your breath away. And what better way to explore this amazing land than by taking a road trip in a campervan? The freedom and flexibility of traveling in a campervan are unparalleled, and it’s an affordable option as well.

Christchurch is one of the best places to start your New Zealand adventure. It’s the largest city on the South Island and has plenty of cheap campervan hire options for travelers on a budget.

One of the top options for cheap campervan hire in Christchurch is Spaceships Rentals. This company offers small but practical vans that can accommodate up to two people comfortably. Their vehicles come equipped with all the essentials you need for traveling, such as bedding, cooking equipment, and even a portable toilet.

If you’re looking for something bigger, JUCY is another fantastic choice. They offer larger vehicles that can fit up to four people but still come at a reasonable price point. Plus, their vans have unique designs that make them stand out from traditional campervans.

Wendekreisen Travel Ltd is also worth checking out if you’re willing to invest slightly more money. Their motorhomes come equipped with everything you could possibly need on your travels, including shower facilities and solar panels for sustainable power generation.

Another great advantage of traveling by campervan in Christchurch is the free campsites available throughout the region. These parks provide basic amenities like toilets, running water, and sometimes even barbecues! They are ideal spots to park your van overnight without paying any fees.

Additionally, there are plenty of breathtaking natural wonders around Christchurch—like Lake Tekapo or Arthur’s Pass National Park—that offer free parking spots where you can soak up stunning views day or night.

In conclusion, exploring New Zealand on a budget is possible thanks to Christchurch’s affordable campervan hire companies like Spaceships Rentals, JUCY, and Wendekreisen Travel Ltd. Taking a road trip in one of these vehicles will give you the freedom and flexibility to discover New Zealand’s rugged beauty at your own pace. And with free campsites available throughout the region, you’ll be able to stretch your dollars even further while still experiencing all that this incredible country has to offer!

Table with useful data:

Rental Company Price Range Vehicle Types Extras Contact Info
Escape Rentals $60-$200 per day Campervans, motorhomes GPS, camping equipment, airport pickup Phone: +64 3-360 2641
Email: info@escaperentals.co.nz
Wicked Campers $40-$150 per day Custom painted campervans Unlimited km, insurance options, camping equipment Phone: 0800 24 68 70
Email: bookings@wickedcampers.com
Budget Campers $50-$180 per day Campervans, sleepervans Unlimited km, airport pickup, camping equipment Phone: +64 9 304 1384
Email: info@budgetcampers.co.nz
Kiwi Campers $80-$220 per day Campervans, motorhomes Unlimited km, airport pickup, bike racks Phone: +64 9 267 7770
Email: info@kiwicampers.co.nz

Information from an expert

As an expert in the field of campervan hire, I can confidently recommend choosing a cheap campervan for your trip to Christchurch. There are plenty of reputable and reliable rental companies offering affordable campervans that provide all the basic comforts you need while on the road. By opting for a cheap campervan, you can save money that you can use to explore more of the beautiful landscapes and attractions that Christchurch has to offer. But remember, always read reviews and do your research before making a decision on which company to rent from.

Historical fact:

In 1950, the first campervan was built by Volkswagen, which sparked a new era of nomadic travel and led to the popularization of campervan hire services in Christchurch and around the world.

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