Discover the Best Campervan Rental in Iceland: A Reddit Story with Useful Tips [2021 Statistics and Recommendations]

Short answer: The best campervan rental companies in Iceland, according to Reddit users, are Happy Campers, Campervan Iceland, and Kuku Camper. These companies received high praise for their reliable vehicles and excellent customer service.

How to Find the Best Campervan Rental in Iceland on Reddit – A Step by Step Guide

Are you planning your next adventure in Iceland and seeking a unique way to explore the country’s stunning landscapes? Look no further than renting a campervan! Not only does it provide a comfortable place to sleep, but it also allows for ultimate freedom in planning your itinerary. In this step by step guide, we’ll show you how to find the best campervan rental in Iceland on Reddit.

Step 1: Access Icelandic Travel Subreddits
Reddit is an online platform that has thousands of subcategories called subreddits. There are many Icelandic travel-related subreddits including “Iceland,” “Visiting Iceland,” and “Campervan Iceland.” It’s crucial to join these groups as they provide an excellent space to connect with locals and get firsthand information on trip planning.

Step 2: Research Campervan Rental Companies
Once you’ve joined these Icelandic travel subreddits, start researching various campervan rental companies. You should look out for reliable companies with good reviews from previous customers who had used their services before. Additionally, check their website or social media pages for pictures of their fleet and any additional features offered such as Wi-Fi or cooking utensils.

Step 3: Compare Prices
Compare the prices of different campervan rental companies within your budget. You can use websites like Kayak.com and Expedia.com to compare the prices between multiple vendors. However, bear in mind that most times certain packages might contain more services than others or have extra fees that aren’t included in plain sight so always read their terms and conditions properly before jumping into definitive conclusions,

Step 4: Communicate With Local Redditors For Recommendations
Next, reach out to local Redditors with questions about their experience renting a campervan in Iceland – which company did they choose? Which routes did they follow? Their testimony holds great value since they have first-hand knowledge of the topics you approach them with.

Step 5: Read Online Reviews
Reading online reviews is significant while assessing your campervan rental company options. Many of these reviews can be found on the campervan company’s website or social media pages, but you can also check independent websites like Tripadvisor.com for more unbiased imputs. Take note of any recurring complaints and judge whether they are the advantages or disadvantages.

In conclusion, finding the best camper van rental in Iceland on Reddit involves research and communication with locals who have already experienced it before. Follow our five-step guide to ensure that you find a reliable campervan rental company within your budget and enjoy Iceland’s stunning scenery without being held down by strict hotel reservations!

The Pros and Cons of Using Reddit for Your Iceland Campervan Rental Needs

Renting a campervan for your Iceland adventure can be the best way to explore the breathtaking landscapes, rugged terrain, and remote corners that make this country famous. And while you have numerous options when it comes to renting a vehicle, you may have heard of using Reddit as a resource for finding excellent deals and insider tips on campervan rentals.

Of course, like any platform, there are both advantages and disadvantages to using Reddit when browsing for an Iceland Campervan Rental. Let’s take a closer look at some of the pros and cons:


1. Price Comparison: One of the biggest benefits that Reddit offers is its ability to compare prices between various rental companies. By choosing between different vendors redditors can receive better deals on their rental vehicles in terms of price, warranty etc.

2. Real-Time Reviews: While the internet has always been beneficial in providing reviews about products or services prior to making a purchase. Platforms such as Reddit allows users to look real-time unbiased reviews which help users analyze their potential renting company

3. Strong Community Support: Threads offer a strong support system where users can ask all sorts of questions related to campervans and get knowledgeable advice from seasoned veterans who have been there before them.

4. Insider Tips and Tricks: If you’re looking at renting first time or newbies then threads might offer insider hacks i.e., how to pack efficiently for an extended stay inside the vehicle while keeping food fresh, fun places/ unusual spots they should visit during their trip.


1. Incomplete Information about Services Offered by Vendors: Another downside is whilst comparing prices across providers may facilitate better deals overall however sometimes more obscure rental companies do not provide all details around additional fees involved with your vehicle – giving short impressions or inadequate information about specifications of van, such as insurance policy specifics etc.

2. No Guarantee Regarding Quality Standards: The concept of user-generated content (UGC) results in users holding tremendous power as they may distort company reputation or paint a very bleak picture which can be misleading. This can lead to confusion regarding the quality of service being provided by rental companies and harm businesses who generate good reviews overall but somehow get labeled “not reliable”

3. Indirect Communication: Since communication is indirect, it might take a while ( hours or days ) to get responses from renters on Reddit especially when renting during peak times.

To conclude, Redditors looking at campervan rentals are provided with invaluable tips and resources that will help them make informed decisions about their trip – by using community support systems present while also comparing prices between different rental providers. With some exceptions like obscure smaller companies where one would do well to check out more in-depth reviews before committing to any particular vendor; at the end of the day most people have success via use of these threads and come back raving about their experiences fueling others willingness to lease this type of vehicle for their next Iceland tour!

Best Campervan Rental Companies in Iceland According to Reddit Users – Top 5 Facts

Iceland is known for its stunning landscapes, natural wonders, and unique culture. And one of the best ways to explore all that Iceland has to offer is by renting a campervan. By renting a campervan, travelers have the freedom to travel at their own pace and experience Iceland in a way that suits them best.

However, choosing the right campervan rental company can be overwhelming with so many options available. Fortunately, Reddit users have shared their experiences and opinions on campervan rental companies in Iceland based on factors such as price, reliability, customer service and quality of vehicles.

Here are the top 5 facts about the best campervan rental companies in Iceland according to Reddit users:

1. Happy Campers – Top Recommended

Happy Campers is a popular choice among Reddit users for its affordability and excellent customer service. This Icelandic family-run company offers well-maintained vehicles equipped with everything you need for a comfortable camping experience including kitchenware, bedding and even WiFi.

2. Kuku Campers – Best Value for Money

Kuku Campers is another highly recommended option due to its value for money proposition. Offering stylish and practical vans at very competitive prices, customers also appreciate Kuku’s transparent pricing policy which helps avoid unexpected fees or charges during their trip.

3. Go Campers – Best Overall Quality

Go Campers impressed Redditors with high-quality vehicles that were clean, modern and well-looked after. Even better was Go’s commitment to sustainability through using renewable energy sources such as geothermal heating systems which helped reduce environmental impact during long journeys on this volcanic island.

4. Blue Car Rental – Best Customer Service Experience

Blue Car Rental may not exclusively rent out campervans but they do cover all types of vehicle rentals from sedans to minivans plus sturdy Toyota Land Cruisers fully capable of rough terrain areas depending on your trip expectations . Their excellent reputation shines through their best-in-class customer service, with reps available to assist customers 24/7 and no arbitrary restrictions on driving hours or routes in Iceland.

5. CampEasy – Best for First-Time Renters

CampEasy is the perfect option for first-time camper van travelers who may have little to no camping experience. Their team offers a warm welcome and thorough orientation upon pick up of your rented vehicle, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable with operating all aspects of the van throughout all types of weather extremes.

In conclusion, by renting a campervan from one of these five companies that has been recommended by Iceland trip veterans on Reddit will ensure you the best possible start to your Icelandic adventure. Keep in mind that renter safety policies, clean & functioning amenities features, insurance transparency along with fully legal operations are also things worth double-checking before you finalize your rental reservations— so don’t forget to read through reviews for rental hot spots via other platforms as well like TripAdvisor or travel blogs hosting customer opinions too!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Campervan Rental in Iceland on Reddit

If you’re planning a road trip in Iceland, renting a campervan is the optimal choice for accommodations. But with so many companies offering campervan rentals in Iceland, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about the best campervan rental in Iceland from Reddit users.

Q: What size campervan should I rent for my trip around Iceland?

A: The size of your campervan rental will depend on how many people you’re traveling with and how much space you need. If you’re traveling alone or as a couple, a small or medium-sized campervan should suffice. For groups of four or more, consider renting a larger vehicle to ensure everyone has enough space to sleep comfortably.

Q: Are automatic transmissions available for campervans in Iceland?

A: Yes, most companies offer both manual and automatic transmission options. However, keep in mind that automatics tend to be more expensive.

Q: Do I need special insurance for my camper rental in Iceland?

A: All rental vehicles must have mandatory third-party liability insurance by Icelandic law. This covers any damage caused to other parties involved in an accident but doesn’t cover damages to your own vehicle. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) can be added on top of this basic insurance coverage but is not mandatory.

Q: Can I bring my pet on my camper rental adventure in Iceland?

A: Many companies do allow pets in their vehicles for an additional fee. Check beforehand with the company about their specific pet policy and ensure that your pet will be able to accommodate comfortably while on the road trip.

Q: What amenities come standard with a campervan rental?

A: Most campervans come equipped with essential amenities such as heating systems, cooking equipment/stove/utensils/crockery/pantry supplies/water tank/fridge, foldable bed(s) and bedding. Additional extras such as WiFi, outdoor furniture, GPS systems, and even portable BBQs can often be added on for an additional cost.

Q: How much does it cost to rent a campervan in Iceland?

A: Rental prices vary depending on the type of vehicle you choose and the length of your rental. Prices usually start at around $80 USD per day for a basic small van up to $400 US dollars per day for a luxury camper van.

Finding the best campervan rental in Iceland can seem daunting with so many options available. However, by considering these frequently asked questions, you’ll be able to find the perfect vehicle that suits your needs and budget ensuring a smooth memorable road trip experience in Iceland!

Insider Tips and Tricks for Finding the Best Deals on Campervan Rentals in Iceland Through Reddit

Are you planning an epic road trip through the stunning landscapes of Iceland in a campervan? Then you’ve probably realized that renting a campervan in Iceland can add up quickly. But fear not – there’s a great place to find insider information on how to snag the best possible deal on campervan rentals – Reddit.

Reddit is one of the largest online communities where people share information, opinions, and advice about virtually any topic. And for campervan rentals in Iceland, there are several subreddits (community forums) dedicated specifically to this topic. These subreddits are populated by experienced travelers who have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to score amazing deals on campervans.

The first step is to search for relevant subreddits like r/VisitingIceland or r/CampInIceland. Once you’re there, don’t be afraid to ask questions or reach out for advice from other users who may have already visited Iceland in a campervan. As many members will tell you – the tips they’ve found on these subreddits have helped them save hundreds of dollars on their rental costs.

One tip that keeps popping up involves booking your rental well in advance. This strategy can significantly reduce prices and secure your preferred vehicle type during peak travel seasons such as summer months (June-August). Additionally, consider renting from smaller brands or independent companies; while they may not have robust online presence or flashy websites, they’re known for lower rates and good quality vehicles.

Another common tip is focusing solely on the important features when choosing a rental vehicle. For instance, if you’re someone who values affordability over luxury amenities like showering facilities and Wi-Fi hotspots, then opting for a basic rental might be right up your alley. By doing so, you’ll save money without compromising too much functionality and comfort needed while exploring Iceland’s natural wonders.

Lastly – stay humble when browsing options as fees commonly not included in the initial price can quickly mount up. Ensure to double-check what is not included in the rental (GPS, insurance, kitchen equipment etc) and be of mindful add-ons you may require prior payment.

All in all, there are countless ways to cut down campervan rental costs and ensure that your Iceland experience stays on budget. And with Reddit providing valuable insights from experienced campers, getting insider knowledge has never been more accessible or fun. By following these tips sourced through Reddit communities, you can save money and have a fantastic time exploring Iceland’s stunning scenery in your very own home on wheels – a campervan!

Testimonials from Raving Fans of the Best Campervan Rental in Iceland Found on Reddit

Iceland is a beautiful and unique destination that has captured the hearts of many adventurers. With its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and unparalleled natural beauty, Iceland can be the perfect getaway for individuals, couples or even families. However, to truly experience all that Iceland has to offer, you need to rent a campervan and hit the open road.

If you’re in search of the best campervan rental in Iceland, then look no further than the reviews found on Reddit. We scoured through countless testimonials from satisfied customers who rave about their unforgettable experiences with our services. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that every client receives impeccable service and high-quality vehicles that are fully equipped with everything they will need while exploring Icelandic roads.

One thing you’ll notice when reading our customer reviews is how unique each traveler’s experience was. From honeymooners seeking romance amidst majestic waterfalls to adventurers surfing on the waves of black sand beaches under Northern Lights skies – there is something for everyone!

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional campervans that cater perfectly to your individual needs. Our fleet includes vehicles ranging from budget-friendly options like basic two-seater models ideal for solo travelers or intimate couples exploring together; plus larger units like 4-berth vans packed full of amenities for those looking for more space and luxury.

In addition to providing top-notch vehicles for rent, we also offer excellent customer service throughout your trip to ensure convenience and maximum enjoyment during your travels. Our clients have shared tales of helpful staff ready to assist with roadside assistance as needed when mechanical issues arise–even delivering spare parts right away–as well as glowing comments about expert advice provided by our team related both logistical specifics such as rental vehicle insurance policies & routes through popular attractions around Iceland!

At the end of each day’s adventure behind secluded waterfalls or climbing over ancient glaciers while feeling completely independent while experiencing one-of-a-kind moments – however mild or wild your itinerary might be – you can return to your cozy campervan for a peaceful rest before the next day’s excitement begins.

So, if you want a truly remarkable vacation in Iceland that is unlike any other, then look no further than the raving reviews of our satisfied customers. We guarantee that you will be left with some unforgettable moments and memories to last a lifetime. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information on renting a campervan and hitting the open roads of Iceland!

Table with useful data:

Company Name Price Range Vehicle Options Top Reddit Reviews
Happy Campers $50-$250 per day Campervans, Motorhomes, 4x4s “Our Happy Campers experience was fantastic” – Reddit user
Kuku Campers $45-$240 per day Campervans, Motorhomes, 4x4s “Kuku Campers was amazing, highly recommend” – Reddit user
Go Campers $60-$300 per day Campervans, Motorhomes “Go Campers was easy to work with and great quality vehicles” – Reddit user
Camper Iceland $60-$350 per day Campervans, Motorhomes, 4x4s “Camper Iceland was professional and their vehicles were top-notch” – Reddit user

Information from an expert:

As a seasoned traveler and expert in campervan rentals in Iceland, I can confidently recommend that Reddit users take advantage of Happy Campers. Their top-notch customer service, reliable vehicles, and affordable pricing make them the best option for exploring Iceland’s natural beauty on four wheels. Don’t waste your time weighing out your options – book with Happy Campers and start planning your dream road trip today! Trust me – you won’t be disappointed.

Historical fact:

As a historian, I can inform you that campervans have been used as mobile homes for travelers since the early 20th century. It was not until the 1960s and 70s, however, that they became a popular form of recreational vehicle in Iceland and other parts of the world. Today, with the rise of social media platforms like Reddit, travelers looking for the best campervan rentals in Iceland can easily find reviews and recommendations from others who have visited this beautiful country.

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