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Never used or rented a Camper before?

Here is some useful tips…
  • How to book?
  • Prepare for your holiday (Where to go, Campsites). – What you take when you go for a camper holiday
  • The ultimate list of “game-changer” extras
How to book?

We operate with a set Monday and Friday turnaround days, so you have the following options to book your holiday:

Monday to Friday (Midweek – 4 nights)

Monday to Monday (Week – 7 nights)

Friday to Monday (Weekend – 3 nights)

Friday to Friday (Week – 7 nights)

Pick up times 14:00 – 17:00, drop off times 09:00 – 10:00, please make sure you contact us to book your exact time slot.

1. Choose your start date

Please remember your holiday has to start on Monday or Friday

2.. Choose one of our camper from the list and click on the “book now”

Please change the vehicle type, if you want to rent a van or a 9-seater minibus

3. Choose the right day slot and click “Continue”

At the bottom please apply for your voucher if you have

4. Choose your extras to turn your journey into a dream holiday and fill the form accordingly

Don’t forget about your pet charge and additional driver
Prepare for your holiday (Where to go, Campsites) – What you take when you go for a camper holiday
  • Plan your Journey! (the first Campsite ideally has to max 2 hours drive from Bicester, as you pick up your van in the afternoon and you don’t want to set up your pitch in the dark)
  • Book your campsites as soon as you can. (if you are on a long trip and you want to find a free campervan spot along your route check a website like www.park4night.com when people sharing their experiences and you can find great free places for overnight) Nowadays the camping has all the features which make your holiday unforgettable (pools, restaurants, shops…etc) if you looking for a great campsite we advise to look around here: www.pitchup.com
  • Space is precious in a campervan, take only what you really need (fewer clothes as possible). We give you everything that you may need in the kitchen.
  • Medical Care – of course, you know what your health requirements are, remember its best to take more than needed during this period. While each of our campers carry a first aid kit, outside of this, we would also suggest sun cream, insect repellent, anti-bacterial hand wash, wet wipes and possibly extra batteries.
  • Bedding – while you can purchase sleeping bags from us, and we can also provide you with a mattress topper (book ahead is a good idea to ensure we can supply), for hygienic reasons we ask that you put a sheet on top of the Campers beds or toppers. If you have young children, can we also request that you think of bringing a children’s waterproof topper to put under the sheets – you will get a great night to sleep knowing you are all comfortable?
The ultimate list of “game-changer” extras

No 1. Awning

The awning is a real game-changer. You have an extra room on the campsite where you can leave all of your not valuable belongings and enjoy the free space in your camper. With our drive-away awning, you have maximum comfort with minimal effort.

No 2. Additional Driver

Long trips can be exhausting, and you always have to think of the safety for your loved ones. Do not save money on an additional driver insurance. Comfort and safety come together.

No 3. Bike rack – Bicycle

We offer a bike rack for your camper and bicycles for all family at very affordable prices.