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2014 Volkswagen Multivan


Matt has always been an avid outdoorsman. As a child, he loved exploring the woods, climbing trees, riding bikes, building shelters and generally playing outdoors. He spent many of his school vacations camping in the woods or by a lake with family and friends.


As an adult, Matt’s life changed significantly to concentrate on building a life for himself and a career in business. Camping, exploring the outdoors and sleeping in tents or on the ground gave way to staying in lavish AIRBNB’s and 5-star hotels. However, there was always something in the back of his mind that was calling him back to that simpler way of life.


So, at the age of 50, Matt decided that it was time to get back to those things he had done as a child. He purchased a 2014 Volkswagen Multivan (pictured) and had it fitted out with all the basic campervan equipment. Since that time, Matt and his faithful Australian Bulldog, Rabbit began travelling around and experiencing all the best things that the outdoors have to offer. 


He and Rabbit will often stay in Holiday Parks where they can enjoy the amenities on offer like showers, kitchen and laundry facilities. Alternatively, they stay completely off-grid in the woods just to be at peace with nature.


As a result of his rediscovered love of nature and the outdoors, Matt knew exactly what he wanted to do, write about campervanning and camping. Through his words and experiences, he wanted to help others discover their passion for travel and nature.


He launched this website dedicated to all things related to campervans and camping. Everything from campervan and trip reviews, tips on planning for your next outdoor adventure, finding the best campsites and sourcing the latest and greatest campervan equipment and accessories.

Matt hopes that you will enjoy the content he has to offer and you will continue exploring the great outdoors in style!

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