5 Must-Know Tips for Choosing the Perfect Campervan Awning [Plus a Personal Story]

Short answer: Campervan awnings are attached to the side of a campervan, providing shade and shelter. They come in different sizes and types, including inflatable and traditional pole-style designs. Awnings can add extra living space to the campervan and allow for outdoor cooking and dining.

How to Choose the Perfect Campervan Awning for Your Next Adventure

When it comes to planning an outdoor adventure with your campervan, there are a few essential items that should never be overlooked. One of these is without a doubt a good-quality campervan awning. Not only can the right awning provide much-needed shade and shelter from inclement weather, but it also expands your living space, adding more room to relax or even cook meals.

However, choosing the perfect campervan awning can prove challenging, especially since there are so many options available on the market. Here’s a handy guide we put together to help you choose the perfect campervan for your next adventure.

1. Consider Your Travel Style:

Are you planning on staying in one place for several days or will you be frequently traveling from one location to another? Will you be camping mostly in areas with harsh sunlight and high temperatures or do you expect rain and windy conditions? Your answers to these questions will determine what type of awning will meet your needs.

If you’re expecting wetter conditions then something that provides full surrounding walls may be ideal in order to provide shelter during those rainy times as well as protection from wind so that set up will still be relatively easy while avoiding any unwanted movements with gusts of wind.

If sunny climates are priority then pop top canopies are ideal because they offer ventilation while keeping things shady but not too claustrophobic either so make sure roof-mounted options If insulation is important factor look into insulated models which have ratings based partly around resistance heat flow level perhaps going up earlier solar vents extra insulation matting or accoutrements which maybe costly than usual.

2. Size Matters:

When measuring out floor space don’t forget height too! Awnings come in different widths but need proper clearance height as regards both eaves clearance above van’s hatchbacked door frame sides touching ground (or any obstacles).

It’s also essential for determining seating arrangements when open sides have enough space chairs to sit comfortably, plus the size should accommodate other required dining and cooking equipment.

3. Ease of Set-up:

While a few simple factors such as ease of set-up might not seem much at first when compared to other criteria, taking time out to set up correctly can make a huge difference in your outdoor experience. Choosing a campervan awning with easy-to-use mechanisms along those convenient pop up features will remove any frustrations from the process. Try several models before finalising; testing out various types which let you know best fit for your personality and comfort levels.

4. Material Quality:

Picking high-quality materials can protect against wear and tear, giving longer lasting durability through years of use while saving money from repeatedly buying same replacement awnings each season.
canvas or vinyl fabrics are ideal because they’re robust, resistant wind and against water ingress while polyester or nylon options are lightweight, easy manage but likely less durable although more cleaning maintenance is needed.

5. Price:

Awnings come in different styles but also varying prices depending on quality build material chosen; that’s why budget preparation beforehand sets expectations, ensuring affordable price range within personal preferences tops priorities You’ll need decide whether it’s worth investment purchasing top-of-the-line model or prefer something basic without too many extras included.

In conclusion:

Shopping for the perfect campervan awning may seem like a scavenger hunt studded with unending twists and turns but by considering these 5 critical factors: travel style needs floor dimensions ease setup material quality and cost ultimately yields better outcomes towards achieving fulfilling adventurous camping trips! So get started planning your next adventure today!

Step-by-Step Guide: Setting Up Your Campervan Awning Hassle-Free

Setting up your campervan awning can be a daunting task, especially if this is your first time. But don’t fret! With the right knowledge and tools, you can set it up quickly and easily without any hassle. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through how to set up your campervan awning in no time!

Step 1: Select the Right Awning
Before you start setting up your awning, make sure you have the right one for your campervan. There are various types of awnings available on the market, including roof-mounted, canopy-style, and lightweight free-standing models. Be sure to choose an awning that fits the size and design of your vehicle.

Step 2: Choose an Appropriate Location
Choosing an appropriate location is essential when setting up your campervan awning. You want to select a flat surface with soft earth or grass underfoot that’s sheltered from strong winds. Positioning your awning near trees could provide extra shade in warmer weather but beware of any branches that could damage your installation.

Step 3: Get Your Tools Ready
Setting up a campervan awning may require specific tools depending on what type of model you have chosen. Basic tools would include pegs or stakes for anchoring down corners securely while others might prefer lighter weights like sandbags for flexibility then add supports and rods as needed.

Step 4: Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions
The manufacturer’s instructions are essentially a blueprint for successful installation. It’s important to read them thoroughly before beginning setup as this will help prevent mistakes leading to damaged equipment further down the line.

Step 5: Attach Your Awning To The Vehicle
Once located in its spot, attach one side of the bracket to the van – usually directly onto its frame – using screws or bolts (always check instructions first!). Then attach other fittings such as straps over doors or windows for stability if necessary before raising either by extending legs or attached poles, depending on the awning type.

Step 6: Secure Your Awning
With your awning standing, secure its corners to the ground using pegs or weights in sandbags (if that is what you have chosen). Avoid pulling too hard or stretching materials and ensure fabric has no sag to avoid damage caused by wind movement, especially on windy days.

Step 7: Customize Your Set-Up
Now that you have installed your campervan awning, it’s time for some personalization. Consider adding built-in lighting or furniture such as tables and chairs so that outdoor living can be just as comfortable as indoor living during your adventure!

Final Thoughts
Setting up a campervan awning doesn’t need to be complicated. By selecting the right equipment for your needs, following manufacturer’s instructions from step-by-step guide, choosing a suitable location and securing everything sufficiently while putting personal touches into play. With proper fortitude and planning in mind this should all go seamlessly ensuring perfect camping trip every time.

Campervan Awnings FAQ: Answering Your Most Common Questions

If you’re someone who loves to hit the road and explore new places, chances are you’ve considered buying a campervan. As fun and exciting as it may be to travel in a van, sometimes you need a little extra space for storage, shelter, or just to relax in. That’s where campervan awnings come in! Here we’ll answer some of the most common questions about campervan awnings.

1. What is a campervan awning?

A campervan awning is essentially an extension that attaches to your van and provides additional covered living space outside. Think of it as a small tent that’s designed to fit snugly onto your vehicle.

2. Why do I need one?

While traveling, it’s not always possible (or even desirable) to stay inside your van all day long – especially if you’re traveling with others. The added space provided by an awning can be used for relaxing or even sleeping while still being sheltered from sun, wind or rain. It also serves as additional storage space and helps keep sand and dirt from collecting inside your van.

3. Which size should I buy?

This really depends on how many people will be traveling with you and how much outdoor living space you require. Make sure to measure the height of your vehicle before purchasing an awning so that it fits securely atop your van.

4. How do I install an awning onto my camper van?

Installing a campervan awning may seem intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it, it isn’t complicated at all! Simply attach the poles on the outside of your vehicle using brackets or clamps provided with the kit according to manufacturer instructions

5.Where can I purchase one?

There are multiple options available when looking into purchasing a campervan awning including stores such as Go Outdoors , Shop 4 Awnings & Fiamma . Do some research and determine what size, color, and material works best for you before making a purchase

6. How to maintain my awning?

To avoid damage to the awning try cleaning it regularly with water and mild soap. Also, ensure that all straps are tightened during rough weather conditions.

Overall, a campervan awning can be a game-changer when it comes to providing added living space while on the road. It can be daunting to weigh up which one is right for you but armed with these FAQ’s we hope your decision just got easier.

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Campervan Awnings

For those who love the open road and the freedom that comes with it, a campervan is arguably one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Not only do they offer a comfortable and convenient way to travel, but they also give you the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful destinations in style. One key feature that many people overlook when considering a campervan is the awning. Here are five facts about campervan awnings that you probably didn’t know before:

1) They’re not just for shade

Although most people use their awnings for shade on sunny days, they can actually serve multiple purposes. They can act as makeshift changing rooms when camping on busy sites, as well as providing shelter from rain or wind. If you’re lucky enough to have an inflatable awning, then this can be transformed into an entire annex section which could even double up as extra sleeping space.

2) They come in all shapes and sizes

Gone are the days when installing an awning involved intricate manual work and extensive planning – now there is something to suit everyone’s needs. Awnings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days so whether its a short weekend trip or extended stay across Europe there will be something for you.

3) You don’t need specialist knowledge

Gone are the days where we were forbidden from taking camping trips or long drives because we lacked practical skills required at DIY installation! Many manufacturers provide easy-to-follow instructions along with their products making set-up straight forward from roll-out to retracting them back down again post-travel.

4) You need to consider space inside your campervan

When looking for an ideal campervan awning it’s important you ensure it comfortably fits those traveling with you and doesn’t take up too much space inside your van preventing proper storage or movement throughout.
It’s important to consider your choice of both caravan & motorhome Awning very carefully to ensure you get one with side walls and venting options.

5) They can be a great social hub

One of the most appealing aspects of campervan awnings is that they really lend themselves to creating a social atmosphere whilst travelling; acting as an inviting space for family and friends. Whether it’s a new-found friendship on a campsite or simply wanting to entertain your loved ones, awnings provide ample opportunities to create shared memories giving the trip an all-round better impact.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking for a temporary shelter or just want to add some extra space to your travels, campervan awnings have much more to offer than you might have initially thought. With different options available from easy retractable selections through inflatable models with annexes attached OR completely standalone models which are simple pop-ups – there’s truly something suitable no matter what type of travel itinerary sits at the forefront of your mind!

Maximizing Space and Comfort with Custom Campervan Awnings

Are you someone who loves adventure and enjoys venturing out on road trips exploring new places? If yes, then having a campervan is the ultimate dream for you! While the thought of hitting the open road and living in a van sounds exciting, traveling long distances can often lead to discomfort and cramped living conditions.

Enter campervan awnings – your perfect solution for maximizing space and comfort while on the go! These customized awnings are designed specifically for campervans and are a game-changer in terms of extending your living space and making your journey more enjoyable.

Here are some ways how custom campervan awnings can enhance your travel experience:

1. More Space: The biggest advantage of having an awning attached to your campervan is that it provides additional livable area outside the van. This additional space provides travelers with room to move around freely without feeling cramped or claustrophobic. You can use it as a place to cook, eat, relax, or even sleep.

2. Protection Against Sun and Rain: Outdoor activities are incomplete without sufficient protection against adverse weather conditions such as rain or harsh sunlight. A custom awning provides relief from extreme weather by providing adequate shelter from rain, wind, sun rays.

3. Versatility: Customized awnings come in various shapes, sizes, materials, colors which makes them highly versatile depending on one’s specific needs. It’s great to have something that suits both needs – utility and aesthetics.

4. Easy to Install/Disassemble: Custom campervan awnings are easy to install/disassemble which makes them super handy when you’re constantly on-the-go; allowing ease in setting up whenever required at any location.

5. Increased Resale Value: Adding an awning can also increase the resale value of your camper van as buyers looking for versatility would appreciate this added feature augmenting its functionality even further.

In conclusion, custom campervan awnings can transform your travel experience by providing an extra layer of comfort, protection and versatility. Going on a road trip in a campervan is exciting in itself but adding this feature takes it to the next level. So why settle for a standard campervan when you can have one that suits all your needs and more? Don’t wait any longer and upgrade your camper van with custom awnings today!

Maintaining and Storing Your Campervan Awning: Tips and Tricks.

Campervan awnings are a popular accessory for campers who want to extend their living space, protect themselves from the elements, and generally be more comfortable while enjoying the great outdoors. However, one thing that many people don’t consider is how to properly maintain and store their awning so that it lasts for years and continues to function effectively.

In this blog post, we’ll share some tips and tricks for maintaining and storing your campervan awning to ensure that it stays in top condition for many camping trips to come.

Tip 1: Use A Soft Brush To Clean Your Awning

After a long trip, your awning will likely have collected dust, dirt or debris. Before packing it away, ensure that you give it a thorough clean with a soft brush. Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach as this could damage or even discolour your awning.

Tip 2: Allow Your Awning To Dry Completely Before Packing It Away

Before storing your awning, make sure it is completely dry. If you pack away a wet or damp awning, it’s likely to develop mould or mildew which can cause serious damage over time.

Tip 3: Make Sure The Zippers Are Closed

One of the most common issues with campervan awnings is jammed zippers. This usually happens when the owner packs away their awning without closing all zippers – resulting in them becoming clogged up with dirt or debris which can be difficult to remove.

To avoid this problem entirely, double-check all zippers before folding up your awning – ensuring they’re tightly closed so nothing can get trapped inside during transit.

Tip 4: Store Your Awning In A Dry And Safe Place

When not in use during camping season…where are you going to keep things hassle-free? Ensure that you store your folded campervan awing somewhere with minimal risk of exposure; in an area shielded from direct sunlight, moisture and dust.

This could mean selecting a designated corner in your house or garage, but if that’s not an option for you, there are many storage bags available in the market to maintain your awning safe during its “hibernation” phase.

Tip 5: Avoid Folding Your Awning In The Same Way Every Time

To prevent creases forming on your campervan awning and reducing its longevity..it’s important not keep folding it in exactly the same way every time. Try mixing up your folding technique so that you are not putting pressure on one area of the awning more than another. The art of creative folding is underrated!

In conclusion, camping should be always fun, interesting and stress-free! Not only do proper cleaning, packing and storing techniques ensure that your campervan awning remains in top condition… but also helps to extend it’s life span so you can enjoy many happy years ahead with minimal investment!

Adventure awaits!

Table with useful data:

Awning Dimensions (W x L) Weight Materials Price Range
Fiamma F35 Pro 6 x 6 ft 30 lbs Aluminum frame, polyester canopy $500 – $800
Thule HideAway 8 x 8 ft 50 lbs Aluminum frame, vinyl canopy $900 – $1300
Dometic PerfectWall PW 1500 6.5 x 6.5 ft 35 lbs Aluminum frame, polyester canopy with UV coating $600 – $900
ARB Awning 6.5 x 8 ft 40 lbs Aluminum frame, polyester canopy with waterproof coating $300 – $500
Kampa Travel Pod Maxi 9.5 x 8 ft 60 lbs Fiberglass frame, polyester canopy with hydrostatic head $1000 – $1500

Information from an expert:

Campervan awnings are a great addition to any campervan. They offer extra living space, protection from the elements and add a touch of luxury to any camping experience. There are many different types of awnings available including air, pole and drive-away awnings. When selecting an awning, consider the size of your campervan, weather conditions you may encounter and how much setup time you’re willing to commit to. A well-chosen campervan awning will make your next camping trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Historical fact:

The first campervan awning was invented in 1967 by a German camping equipment company called Eureka! and it was made from PVC coated polyester fabric.

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