3 Way Fridge for Campervan: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing, Installing, and Maintaining [With Real-Life Stories and Stats]

Short Answer: 3 Way Fridge for Campervan

A 3 way fridge for campervan is a type of refrigerator that can operate on three different power sources including AC, DC, and propane. These fridges are commonly used in recreational vehicles like campervans and motorhomes since they provide efficient refrigeration even when there is no electrical hookup available.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Install a 3 Way Fridge for Campervan

If you’re an avid traveler and live for the thrill of exploring new places, a campervan could be your perfect choice! With a campervan, you not only have the freedom to hit the open road at a moment’s notice but also the comfort and convenience of having all your essentials right at your fingertips. And if you want to take it to the next level, installing a 3-way fridge is an absolute must-have!

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through how to install a 3-way fridge for your campervan. So grab your tools and get ready to transform your beloved travel companion into an even more functional home on wheels.

Step 1: Choose the Right Fridge
Before diving into installation procedures, it’s important to figure out what size and type of refrigerator will meet your needs. A camping-sized RV fridge comes in many different sizes depending on how much storage space you’ll need during trips.

Step 2: Plan Out Your Space
It’s essential that you plan out where in your campervan you’ll be placing the refrigerator, taking into account its dimensions and weight. The ideal location is usually within easy reach from both inside and outside of your van making loading supplies quick and accessible.

Step 3: Gather Materials Required
While every installation project has unique specifications for materials required; typically these are saws, electric drills & bits, wiring connectors; screwdrivers Phillips flathead; adjustable wrenches (plumbing pipes); tubing cutter or sharp blade (pvc); wood glue or silicone sealant; plus screws/nuts/washers according to standards set by manuals.

Step 4: Measure Spot For The Fridge
To ensure optimum fit management where there is no chance of snags or hitches while mounting by verifying flow access points alongside AC outlets that can cause obstructions when working around power output.

Step 5: Map Out Access Points
Now it’s time to map out the access points for ventilation and waste. Inspect your vehicle (internal and external) carefully while ensuring to measure every hole size required.

Step 6: Cut Holes As Per Planning
Depending on the fridge location, you’ll need to cut holes in your camper’s walls or floors that match up with the fridge’s ventilation and waste systems.

Step 7: Install Ventilation Pipes
When installing one of these refrigerators, have a vent pipe installed on each end. This is done by cutting individual pieces of PVC piping which are then glued into place with silicone sealant around its edges.

Step 8: Power Source Attachment
For power supply, run some wires from a nearby battery or inverter system to ensure that your fridge receives all necessary electrical requirements enabling efficient cooling.

Step 9: Secure The Fridge In Place
Place your fridge onto its base shelf. It’s vital during installation to secure the fridge into place with screws. Screws hold fridges securely against movements caused by vibrations even during rough terrains when travelling in remote areas.

Tying It Up
There you have it – our easy-to-follow guide detailing how to install a 3-way fridge for campervan travel! With this refrigerator at your fingertips, you can carry fresh food, water, snacks, medicines without worrying about packing ice in coolers anymore. Your campervan can now be an even more functional home away from home. Don’t hesitate any longer- Take the plunge today!

Commonly Asked Questions About 3 Way Fridges for Campervans

As the popularity of campervans for travel and adventure continues to rise, many campers have found themselves facing a common question – what type of fridge should be used in their vehicle? One popular option is a 3-way fridge. Here are some commonly asked questions about this type of refrigerator:

What is a 3-way fridge?

A 3-way fridge, also known as an absorption fridge, uses heat and cooling chemicals to regulate temperature. It can run on three different power sources: gas, electric (AC), and battery (DC). This versatility makes it a convenient choice for campers who may not always have access to electricity.

How does it work?

Three different chemicals – ammonia, hydrogen and water – are sealed inside the fridge. When heat is applied to these chemicals through the burner from gas or electricity during the process of refrigeration, they create a continuous cycle of evaporation and condensation that results in cooling.

What are the benefits of using a 3-way fridge?

One major advantage of using a 3-way fridge is that it can operate without being plugged into an electrical outlet. This means you don’t need to rely on having access to electricity at all times when traveling or camping. Additionally, as there are no moving parts or compressors/condensers in a 3-way fridge compared with traditional refrigerators which use Freon refrigerants,it operates quietly ensuring peaceful sleep for campers.

What should I consider before purchasing one?

Before buying any type of refrigerator for your campervan you need to make important considerations about size and capacity as space can sometimes be limited in your mobile home. The power source available could also dictate which kind you purchase – if you’re planning longer trips without utility hookups then choosing a 3-way might be more efficient than running off your van batteries alone.
Another thing worth noting is that these refrigerators tend cost higher upfront price compared with other models but they’ll be worth the investment in the long run. If maintained well, they last for years and can withstand outdoor elements such as heat, dust and dirt.

How do I maintain a 3-way fridge?

Make sure you read the user manual carefully on how to operate and clean your fridge correctly. Additionally, consider buying a thermometer and taking readings periodically to ensure your food is stored at the optimal temperature. Lastly, make sure you properly vent your fridge when using gas power source by leaving a window partially open.This should prevent any build-up of potentially dangerous gases from leaking into your living space.

In conclusion, a 3-way fridge can be an excellent addition to your campervan or RV adventure providing valuable convenience when it comes to food storage while travelling long distances without access to electricity outlets.Although more expensive than other types of refrigerators, if used appropriately and maintained regularly they provide efficient cooling that will keep your food fresh even on those hot summer days spent exploring nature’s beauty .

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About 3 Way Fridges for your Campervan

As you prepare for your next campervan adventure, it is important to equip yourself with the right knowledge and gear. One of the most essential items you need in your mobile home is a reliable fridge. However, not all fridges are created equal, and that’s where 3-way fridges come in. These types of fridges operate on three different power sources – gas, electricity, and battery – making them extremely versatile and efficient. Here are the top five facts you need to know about 3-way fridges for your campervan.

1. Power source options

The main advantage of a 3-way fridge over other types of portable refrigerators is its multiple power source options. When camping off-grid or in remote locations without access to electricity, you can power your fridge using gas or a battery. This helps to conserve energy and keep food fresh without requiring an external power source. Alternatively, if you have hookups at your camping site or parked in urban areas with access to electricity, plugging in your 3-way fridge will give it stable power supply.

2. Versatility

One of the best things about a 3-way fridge is its versatility – these appliances work equally well whether they’re placed inside or outside of the campervan. For travelers who love going off-road but face space constraints when it comes to storage, outdoor-mounted 3-way fridges can be ideal as they free up valuable indoor space while still being easily accessible.

3. Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the biggest benefits that come with using a 3-way fridge in your campervan instead of traditional models that only use one type of energy source such as electric-only refrigerators.The beauty with this type of refrigerator lies in its variety powering options which whilst using less energy than electric-only models (when used on gas-powered mode) saves money on bills and fuel costs when traveling through states/countries where fuel is expensive.

4. Quality and durability

Another key factor you need to consider when choosing a 3-way fridge is quality and durability. Since you will be taking it on the road for upcoming trips, getting one that’s made with strong materials will ensure that it lasts longer. Look out for brands with a good reputation in the market such as Dometic, Norcold and Absorption Refrigeration System which offer high-quality options ideal for camping vans or trailers.

5. Size Matters

The size of your 3-way fridge will depend on your specific needs. If you’re traveling solo or with just one other person, a smaller refrigerator may suffice; however, if you have limited access to fresh food while traveling, shopping up a larger size portable provider could be essential so as not to risk starving during a trip particularly where there aren’t any shops or stores nearby.

In conclusion, investing in the right kind of 3-way fridge can make all the difference on your campervan journey. Understanding these five facts about their power sources, versatility, energy efficiency, quality and durability plus optimal sizing choice can help you determine if this type of portable refrigerating appliance suits your camping needs.To fully enjoy off-road adventures with peace of mind knowing most sealed roads may require long driving distance between gas stations and grocery stores so commencing your packing list now would be key in ensuring everything from tents/sleeping bags to reliable fridges become priorities in equipment acquisition plans before setting out on next adventure!

Tips and Tricks For Maintaining Your 3 Way Fridge In A Campervan

Having a 3-way fridge in your campervan is one of the best amenities you could have on the road, keeping drinks and food cold for longer periods of time. However, like anything else in life, it requires regular maintenance to keep it running at its best. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with some tips and tricks to help you maintain your 3-way fridge in your campervan.

1) Keep It Level:

One thing that is crucial for a 3-way fridge is to make sure it’s levelled. This will ensure that the refrigerant flows correctly and prevents any issues from occurring. Failure to do so can damage the cooling mechanism which could lead to expensive repairs.

2) Clean Regularly:

Cleanliness should be a big priority when it comes to maintaining any appliance. Similarly, cleaning your fridge regularly helps ensure that bacteria or mould doesn’t grow inside causing unpleasant smells or potential health hazards. Each time you empty out your fridge, take a moment to wipe every corner down with disinfectant taking special care around door seals where dirt tends to accumulate.

3) Power Selection:

The 3-Way Fridge runs on three types of power; electricity (240v), gas, and battery power (12v). Reducing how long The Fridge runs on Gas will save money if off grid camping as this can eat into refillable LPG supplies quickly if not careful; plus prolongs life of gas jets etcetera within the unit by reducing all round usage over time.

4) Protect Your Fridge From Heat:

Make sure that there is enough space around The Fridge vents for proper air circulation and also avoid positioning The RV/camper van under direct sunlight as much possible throughout prolonged hot days . Allowing excess heat in too close proximity can cause major issues leading up costly repairs such as replacing components within.

5) Check Valves Regularly:

Checking valves regularly especially while camping off grid is crucial as it ensures gas pressure is adequate. It is recommended to check the gas valves for any leaks at least once per year. A simple solution of soapy water sprayed on joints when turned up to max flame will show bubbles if there is a leak(s) needing attention before further use.

In conclusion, maintaining your 3-way fridge in your campervan just needs some care and effort small actions such as cleaning, good ventilation and regular checks around gas components and valves; which should prolong its life overall, saving you money in the long run and keep that cold beer chilled!

Comparing The Best Brands of 3 Way Fridges for Camping Vans

Camping vans are a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, enjoy nature, and have some quality time with friends and family. Whether you’re going on a short weekend getaway or an extended road trip, having the right equipment is crucial. This includes one of the most important assets for campers – a reliable 3 way fridge.

If you’re looking to invest in a good-quality fridge for your camping van, you need to know which brands provide the best performance, efficiency, and reliability. In this article, we’ll compare some of the top brands of 3-way fridges available on the market today so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to buy.

1. Dometic

Dometic leads the pack when it comes to manufacturing top-of-the-line 3-way fridges for camping vans. They have been in business since 1922 and have built up an outstanding reputation as reliable manufacturers of high-quality portable appliances.

Their camping fridges come in various sizes and styles that cater to every budget. Their models boast features like adjustable shelving units, multiple storage compartments, temperature sensors which keep food at optimal temperatures regardless of external conditions such as heat or humidity.

Another reason why Dometic is considered one of the best brands of 3-way fridges for camping vans is because they use superior materials in their construction process – fiberglass-reinforced plastic is commonly used components used in their manufacturing process ensures strength and durability over long periods spent on rough roads.

Additionally, Dometic’s models feature automatic battery protection systems that prevent any draining beyond what has been selected by users causing interference with powering up other household items like computers phones etc., or compromising emergency requirements for medical devices during trips away from city limits .

2. Thetford

Thetford is another respected brand that produces high-performing 3-way fridges specifically designed for camping vans enthusiasts. What sets Thetford apart from its competitors are its advanced technologies such as LED temperature displays and smart energy-saving options that enhance efficiency up to 15% compared to other models in the market.

The brand’s products are known for excellent portability, easy-to-use controls, and easy cleaning. Thetford’s products feature quality materials like hardened steel which resist corrosion, with additional features from scratch-proof acrylic coatings giving customers an assurance of long-term reliability.

3. Engel

If you’re looking for a smaller capacity 3-way fridge that won’t break your bank account, then Engel is the right choice for you. This Australian company has over fifty years of experience manufacturing portable fridges that meet the rigorous demands of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

Engels’ fridges provide effective cooling without any cumbersome batteries; instead, they use simple natural gas or alcohol sources which make them ideal for a wide range of applications. Engel offers value-packed products in various shapes, sizes, and styles at affordable prices while maintaining high-quality competition standards.

In conclusion

These are just three of the best brands to consider when shopping around for a reliable 3-way refrigerator for your camping van. There are also HomCom Coolboxes or Waeco Portable Fridges amongst others on offer. It is important to carefully evaluate what type of camping activities you plan on doing and the budget available before making your selection final decision in order to determine which one will be your perfect match- especially since owning one goes beyond temporary usage only making it a valuable investment that can transform your outdoor adventure experience into something truly remarkable!

How To Choose The Perfect 3 Way Fridge For Your Dream Campervan

If you’re one of the lucky ones who have got their hands on a dream campervan, then it’s time to add some essential appliances that make your RV experience more enjoyable. Among all the appliances, a fridge stands as an unbeatable hero that keeps your drinks and food fresh during a long trip.

A 3-way fridge is definitely what you need in your campervan if you’re planning to spend hours or even days on the road. It’s also known as an absorption fridge since it uses heat to keep things cool. However, with so many options available in the market, choosing the perfect 3-way fridge could be overwhelming.

Here are some aspects you need to consider before purchasing a new 3-way fridge for your dream campervan:


The size of the fridge is vital since it should fit into your camper like a glove. Every inch counts here; so measure twice or thrice before picking out any refrigerator model. Always make sure you get something that can fit neatly under countertops or inside cabinets.


How much food and drink will you bring along with you? This aspect is crucial because refrigerators come in various sizes which affect their capacities. You don’t want anything too small when traveling long journeys or vice versa, wasting energy when carrying lots of empty space.

Energy Efficiency

The power supply situation needs consideration too – whether using electricity from hookup sites, gas-powered for use while camping away from outlets or simply absorbing heat. An Energy Star sticker represents energy-efficient devices making them ideal for those looking at saving money while caring for our environment.

Brand quality

People tend to forget about brand loyalty since we only search for “the best deal” out there. However, choosing reputable brands like Dometic or Norcold ensures durability over efficacy levels – it’s good insurance against getting frustrated with lousy performances leading downe conomy road repairs faster than estimated.

Noise Level

A prevailing conceit surrounding any 3-way fridge is that it gives off a lot of noise. While some models in the early days were rather loud for their time, modern fridges are typically below 40 decibels, which is about the same volume as a quiet library or soft rainfall.


Last but not least, how much are you willing to spend on your ideal 3-way fridge for your dream campervan? The price range can vary significantly from $400 – $2000. It might mostly depend upon your requirements; don’t take chances by skipping crucial aspects like capacity and efficiency just to cut corners.

In conclusion, choosing the right 3-way fridge bedecks all these aspects mentioned above with dedication and attention will make sure that every meal on your road trip is as delightful as possible. Happy hunting!

Table with useful data:

Feature Description
Type Absorption, compressor or thermoelectric
Capacity Usually ranges from 30 to 60 liters
Power source LPG gas, 12V DC battery or 240V AC mains
Cooling performance Absorption fridges may struggle in hot weather, compressor fridges perform best
Noise level Compressor fridges may be louder than absorption fridges
Price Thermoelectric fridges are the cheapest, absorption fridges mid-range, compressor fridges most expensive
Weight Compressor fridges are the heaviest, followed by absorption fridges, and finally thermoelectric fridges

Information from an expert: 3 Way Fridge for Campervan

As an expert on campervan appliances, I highly recommend investing in a 3 way fridge. These fridges are versatile and can run off gas, electricity or battery power, making them perfect for use when off-grid. One major advantage of owning a 3 way fridge is that it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance compared to traditional compressor fridges. Additionally, they are quiet and energy-efficient, which means you won’t have to worry about running out of battery power too quickly. Finally, with a variety of sizes available on the market, there is sure to be one that fits perfectly in your campervan.

Historical fact:

The first 3 way fridge for campervans was invented in the mid-20th century by Swedish company Electrolux, initially as a solution for food storage during extended camping trips.

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