Factors to Consider when Looking for a VW Campervan for Sale

Purchasing a campervan is a great way to enjoy lots of getaways in the UK. With a campervan, you can go on holiday whenever you want and you won’t have the hassle of arranging suitable transportation or booking accommodation. Of course, your holidays will be much cheaper as well, so you can go away more frequently without having to save up lots of money. 

With so many vehicles available, looking at VW campervans for sale can be quite overwhelming though and you may be struggling to decide which camper is best for you. Don’t worry, our team at 365 Campers is here to help. We supply a brilliant range of campervans to suit the varying needs, budgets and lifestyles of our customers and with such a wide variety of VW campervans for sale in Essex, we can make it easy for you to find one that’s right for you. Whenever you’re purchasing a campervan, there are a few important things to consider, such as;

Your Budget

This is one of the first things that you should think about whenever you’re planning to purchase a campervan. You will notice that the cost of VW campers can vary quite considerably and whether you opt for an entry level model or a luxury level model will depend on how much you have to spend. Take the time to work out what you can afford to spend up-front and also bear in mind the ongoing costs associated with campervan ownership too. 

With a firm budget in mind, you can ensure that you’re only looking at campers you can afford and you won’t fall in love with a VW campervan that is too expensive. Similarly, you won’t waste your time browsing campers that are way out of your budget. 

Your Intended Use

It is fair to say that this is one of the biggest influencing factors when choosing a VW campervan. Whether you’re going to be using the camper for short weekend breaks with just one other person or two-week holidays with your children will influence which model is most suitable for you. With so many different sizes and styles to choose from, you need to ensure that the VW camper you purchase is able to meet your individual needs. 

The time of year you plan on using your campervan will also influence which model is best for you. For example, not all converted VW campers have night heaters, so you might only be able to go camping in the summer. Also, consider what type of campsites you’re likely to stay on. If wild camping is of interest to you, having a double leisure battery pack combined with a high-quality solar system will be useful and prevent you from needing an electric hook up. 

Your Personal Preferences 

The external and internal appearance of VW campervans can differ quite a lot, and you may find that you like some models much more than others. You always need to consider your personal preferences when it comes to things such as the colour of the camper, the layout of the living space and the material of the seat upholstery when narrowing down the market. 

When you’re going to be spending a lot of money on a campervan and also a lot of your time in this vehicle, it is important to ensure that you like it. Don’t forget about added extras when you’re looking at VW campervans for sale too. For example, if you would like to put up an awning or a canopy whilst you’re camping, you will need to make sure the camper has an awning rail. 

Choosing a VW Campervan

Taking into consideration everything mentioned above should help you to decide which camper is best for you and once you know the sort of camper you’re looking for, get in touch with our team at 365 Campers. We have a selection of brand new and used VW campervans for sale in Essex, and we can help you find the perfect model for you. You’re more than welcome to come and view our range of campers in person and our experts can help you to ensure that you’re purchasing the most suitable VW camper for your individual needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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