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Common Misconceptions About Motorhome Holidays That Need to be Ignored

If you have never-before had the opportunity to take a trip in a motorhome, you may be curious to learn why so many people enjoy using these for their holidays. There are plenty of selling-points surrounding this particular option, some of which have been highlighted below. However, there are certain individuals that will say that there are countless negatives associated with campervan-based holidays. Here at 365 Campers, we wish to set the record straight, and provide you with some much-needed clarity regarding popular misconceptions.

The Accommodation is Less-than Ideal

Ever since campervans have started to gain popularity, there has been a stigma surrounding their quality. Some people believe that despite being able to sleep you, as well as the rest of your family, with relative ease, the overall quality of the stay will be below-par. This is a myth that has been circulating for an extended period of time, yet continues to be disproven. Both the interior and exterior of units released in the past few years are first-class, and you would do-well to remember that during your deliberations.

Campervans are Only Good for Use in the UK

If you were under the impression that you can only take-advantage of a motorhome whilst in the confines of the UK, we suggest that you take another look at the situation. In reality, there is nothing stopping you from taking your campervan with you to explore the continent. Before you make any bookings, you might wish to open a line of communication with the company from which you are hiring the unit. There may be additional charges and costs that you need to deal with; that being said, these are well-worth it if you are looking for a new experience.

The Rental Costs are Extortionate

Although it might seem crazy to you, there are some people that will argue that you should elect to go on a traditional holiday, rather than one which involves campervans, because of the costs that you are subjected to. When you start to break down the money that needs to be spent on hotels and flights, you will quickly see that this could not be further from the truth. Motorhome holidays have more-than-earned their reputation as being cost-effective investments, and long may that continue.

Providers are Unreliable

To put it simply, you need to dedicate sufficient time towards investigating the campervan rental companies that are available. If you are overly relaxed in this department, you cannot be surprised if your experience falls-short of your expectations. Should you need an example of the type of reputation that your provider should have, it could be worthwhile browsing through some of the positive Google Reviews written about 365 Campers. These, you can be rest-assured, will make for eye-opening reading.

An Introduction to 365 Campers

Should you now be starting to see the benefits associated with motorhome hire, there is every chance that you are now looking for a firm to do-business with. For those of you that value high-quality services, yet also want to ensure that you remain in a stable financial position, you are in luck – 365 Campers is here to help. 

Speak to any of our previous clients, and they would tell you that there are few companies that can match us when it comes to campervan hire in Oxford. Due to the fact that our services are in high-demand, we encourage you to get in touch should you wish to lodge an initial inquiry. Why not get the ball rolling and send us a message at sales@365campers.com today?

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