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How to Spot the Campervan of Your Dreams

In case you hadn’t noticed, campervan holidays are starting to see their popularity increase; although people used to prefer travelling abroad, things have changed. Now, holidaymakers are beginning to realise that the UK is beautiful, and well-worth exploring. If this is something which intrigues you, it is important that you identify a motorhome that can accommodate your needs with ease. Here to offer you some valuable insight into the factors to keep in-mind when searching for a first-class campervan, are the experts from the 365 Campers team.

Durable Chassis

Whilst you may not think it, the chassis should be the first part of a campervan that you look at – if the quality of this is lacking, you should immediately heed this as a warning sign. You will be exploring the British countryside, and this means that the likelihood is that the roads may not be quite as smooth as those that you are used to. Should the chassis be displaying signs of wear-and-tear, we recommend that you continue your search for a model that is to your liking. 

The Bedding

There are certain campervans that do not come equipped with bedding solutions. Instead, they are kitted-out to be fantastic from a transportation standpoint. This means that you would need to organise supplementary accommodation. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with this, it does mean that you can expense your outgoing expenses to be a little more than previously expected. If you want our opinion on the matter, you should take the necessary time to find a motorhome that is blessed with, at the bare minimum, a single bed to sleep in.

Air Conditioning

The vast-majority of campervan holidays take-place during summer. When the sun is shining throughout the day, you can enjoy breathtaking natural views wherever you go in the UK. Unfortunately, there is a side-effect to the beautiful weather that you must be mindful of. The heat can become unbearable, and mean that your living conditions suffer as a result. Although this is not a feature that can be found across the board, some of the more-modern motorhomes are kitted-out with air conditioning units. This, in turn, can help to safeguard your enjoyment of your trip.

Integrated Wi-Fi

As we are sure you will agree, on the whole we are fairly dependent on having access to wi-fi around the clock. Despite your primary aim being to sample new cultures and get away from the busy-nature of life, there are certain creature-comforts that we doubt you will wish to go without. However, there is no-need to panic about losing access to a stable Internet connection during your holiday. Provided you have a big-enough budget, you should be able to find a campervan which features a built-in wi-fi router.

What Can We Do For You?

It is fair to say that it is your own particular preferences that will dictate the type of campervan that you decide to rent. Some of you will be looking to take a family-holiday, meaning that your motorhome will need to be able to sleep multiple people with ease. Alternatively, you might be able to get away with a slightly smaller vehicle, should you be going on a romantic getaway. 


Thankfully, when you choose to liaise with 365 Campers, it does not matter which category you fall into. We have become the foremost authority in regards to campervan hire in Banbury, and this stems from having a fleet of vehicles at our disposal. To those of you in desperate-need of motorhome hire, you can get in touch today by calling us on 01869 254014.

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