Campervan Holidays: Myths That You Should Pay No-Notice To

Now that the world is beginning to return to a semblance of normality, people are starting to realise that now is the perfect opportunity to try and organise their summer holiday. There is only a small window for this, meaning that you have to be relatively well-prepared. Although it could be possible to travel abroad, here at 365 Campers we think that you could have a fantastic time staying in the UK. To anyone that is a bit sceptical of campervan-related holidays, allow us to shed some light on the rumours that you need to ignore.

It is difficult to find good spots

For those of you that are concerned that there are not many options in relation to campsites in this country, allow us to put your mind at ease. In truth, you will be hard-pressed to find an alternative to the UK that is blessed with a seemingly-endless number of first-class places to visit with your campervan. Whatsmore, each of these usually has a number of vacant spots that are available.

Everywhere is dirty

In the past, it might have been true that some people that enjoyed going on campervan holidays were less-than responsible when it came to disposing of their waste in a responsible manner. However, these days are long-gone; camp-sites are now incredibly vigilant when it comes to reinforcing their recycling policies, which we are sure you will be thrilled to hear. The reason that we want to draw your attention to this is that you don’t have to overly concern-yourself with being surrounded by rubbish throughout your trip, which is important for your enjoyment.

The views are sub-par

Whilst some people may argue that there is a huge gulf in terms of the views of the UK, and Europe and the rest of the world, we would beg to differ. In this department, it all comes down to your choice of location – if you do your research, it should not be too-difficult to find a campsite from which you are able to take-in sweeping views. The countryside is a magnificent place, with fields as far as the eye can see; you can be rest-assured that on a sunny day, this is far-superior to the sandy beaches found in France. 

There isn’t enough structure

Part of what makes a campervan holiday a level above the rest is that you are able to enjoy a level of freedom that is seldom found on other holidays. Although it could be that you prefer to have slightly-more structure, we advocate that this gives you the opportunity to take matters into your own hand. For better or for worse, you can explore to your heart’s content – regardless of the final outcome, you will be left with wonderful stories that will stay with you until the end of your days, and this is a beautiful thing.

Our Services Explained

Hopefully, you will now be starting to see that there is no factual-basis in relation to the vast-majority of myths and rumours that are circulated about campervan holidays. Whatsmore, you might now be entertaining the idea of taking one of these vacations yourself, in which case you may require help from a company that offers campervan hire in Oxford. In this department, 365 Campers is able to shine. Whether you need a vehicle that has a double bed, or you are interested in a motorhome hire that can accommodate a family, we guarantee that we can help you. To learn a bit more about our services, we suggest that you speak to our support team on 01869 254014.

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