365 Campers: Getting To Know The Fleet

For those of you that don’t feel comfortable travelling abroad this year, there is no-need to worry – this does not necessarily mean that you can’t enjoy an incredible holiday. You simply need to readjust your criteria, and start to entertain the idea of staying in the UK. Here at 365 Campers, we are blessed with an incredible fleet of campervans, each of which will allow you to explore this country to your heart’s content. Below, we have taken the liberty of showcasing some of our finest vehicles – we hope that they are to your liking.


One of the major issues that families run into when trying to organise a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, is that they are constantly running out of room. This is because they have a large number of children, meaning that they need to be incredibly selective during the booking process. Should you have ever found yourself in a predicament such as this, have no fear – Colette is here to save the day. The fact that this VW is able to accommodate five people at a time is certainly something to take note of.


Understandably, if you have never driven something that is quite as big as a motorhome, you may be slightly worried about taking to the road for the first time. As such, it may be worthwhile opting for an automatic, as this can ensure that your concentration doesn’t waver from what lies ahead. If you were to cast your eye over Bridget, an aesthetically pleasing VW T6.1, it would undoubtedly be love at first sight. This four-seater is fantastic, and will not let you down anytime soon.


Although perhaps not quite as glamorous as some of our conventional campervans, it won’t take long for you to begin to appreciate the large loading capacity of Vanessa. This panel van is excellent, for instance, when you are attempting to shift a collection of tools from a project back to your work premises. In the back of this VW, you will discover a wealth of storage space that will likely come as a god-send. On a temporary basis, this could inject a significant amount of convenience into your working life.


Whilst many people will argue that Violet does not deserve a place on this list, due to her being a Mercedes Minibus as opposed to a traditional campervan, we believe that it is this that should capture your attention. The opportunity to take advantage of nine seats is not something that should be passed-over lightly. If you are shouldering the responsibility of transporting a large party to multiple locations, we guarantee that you will be thankful that you have Violet to assist you. Without her, the chances are that you would be subjected to an immense amount of stress. 

How To Start Your Journey

If any of the aforementioned vehicles have piqued your interest, the next step that you need to take is to give a member of the 365 Campers team a call on 01869 254014. By now, you should have come to the realisation that there is no-company better-suited to assisting you with campervan hire in Bicester than us. The time and effort that we have put into improving our motorhome rental capabilities far exceeds that of our competitors, and we would love to be able to help you plan a first-class holiday. Were you to come to us for motorhome hire, you can be rest-assured that you will be quoted a fair price, and be on the receiving end of a top-tier vehicle. 

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