Why You Should Hire A Camper For Your Staycation

A huge number of people are planning staycations this summer and instead of going abroad, they’re wanting to explore the incredible holiday destinations that are right under their noses here in the UK. It goes without saying that we really do have a number of beautiful places to visit and whether you head to the coast or the countryside, you can have an unforgettable holiday when you book a campsite in England. 

When planning a staycation, many will purchase a tent, however, this isn’t the only option available nowadays. It is possible to hire a classic VW campervan for your camping holiday too and you can simply pick the camper up at the start of your trip. If you’ve never thought about campervan hire before and you’ve always assumed that a tent was the way to go, below are some of the main reasons why you should hire a camper for your next staycation camping experience. 

You can hire everything you need

Instead of having to buy a tent, camping beds, sleeping bags and all of the other things you will need for a staycation, when you hire a camper everything that you need will be included and there will even be added extras you can hire too. You won’t have to spend lots of money on things you’re only going to use once and you won’t have to find somewhere to keep them all after your trip either. 

You will get a comfortable night’s sleep 

If you have ever slept in a tent before, then you will probably know that it isn’t the most comfortable place to sleep. However, a camper is the complete opposite and you will easily be able to get a good night’s sleep when you hire a campervan. Not only do the backseats turn into a double bed, but if your camper has a pop-top roof then this has space for another double bed too, so there’s plenty of room. 

You won’t have to worry about the weather 

Here in the UK, the weather can be quite hit and miss, and even in the summer you’re not guaranteed a week without rain. The miserable weather can ruin your holiday when you’re staying in a tent, but it won’t affect you too much when you’re in a camper. You will have a heater onboard to keep you warm and a spacious living area to relax in if you can’t sit outside. Not to mention, you can always put up an awning too. 

You will have all of your mod cons 

Even though wild camping in a tent may seem like a good idea, lots of people miss their mod cons and electricity in particular. When you hire a camper, you can still enjoy the great outdoors but you won’t have to compromise on your home luxuries. You will be able to charge your mobile phone and make a cup of tea whenever you want to, and you will even have running water in the camper as well.

You can cook for yourself with ease 

Cooking in a tent isn’t the easiest thing to do and many will end up eating out every night which can make a staycation camping experience really expensive. You can easily keep costs down in a campervan though as you will have a fully-equipped kitchen with a fridge and a hob, sometimes even an oven too. Of course, you can always hire a BBQ as well, so cooking a range of meals is really easy. 

You will be able to visit multiple destinations

Putting up a tent can take quite a long time, especially if it has multiple compartments, and once you’ve set up at one campsite, you probably won’t want to pack up and move to another. However, when you hire a camper, you can move from one campsite to another without any hassle and you can explore lots of places all on one holiday. It couldn’t be easier to set up a camper and it will take a matter of minutes. 

Hiring a camper for your camping holiday 

Ultimately, whilst you can stay in a tent when you go camping, if you’re wanting to have the best possible staycation camping experience, it is always worthwhile hiring a campervan. Whichever popular holiday destination you’re planning to visit here in the UK, you can guarantee that a campervan is an additional expense you won’t regret and having your own camper will help to ensure that your staycation is memorable for all of the right reasons. 
If you’d like to go ahead and hire a camper this summer, this is something we can help you with here at 365 Campers. We have a brilliant fleet of VW campervans for you to choose from and no matter what camper you hire, you will always have the ultimate staycation in one of our vans. You can find out more about hiring a campervan with us on our website including how much our VW camper hire will cost you and we pride ourselves on our transparency in this regard. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact our friendly team today.

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