10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect High Top Campervan [Plus Our Epic Road Trip Story]

Short answer: High top campervan

A high top campervan is a type of camper van that has an extended roof structure, providing extra headroom and additional storage space. It allows for comfortable sleeping, standing up to move around, and better access to cabinets. High tops are popular among campers who want comfort without sacrificing mobility.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Own High Top Campervan

Adventuring in a campervan is an incredibly liberating experience. The open road, the beautiful landscapes, and the sense of freedom are all things that make owning one so appealing. However, finding your perfect van can be time-consuming and expensive. So why not take matters into your own hands and build your own high top campervan? Here’s a step-by-step guide to doing just that.

Step 1: Choose Your Van

First things first, you’ll need to find a suitable base vehicle for your campervan conversion project. While there are many different makes and models out there that could work, we recommend looking at something with high-top clearance. This will allow for more headroom inside the van once it’s converted.

A few popular options include:

– Ford Transit
– Mercedes Sprinter
– Ram Promaster

Do some research online before committing to a particular model – you’ll want to ensure it has enough space and meets other criteria which are important to you.

Step 2: Design Your Layout

Next up, decide on how you’d like your layout configuration with regards to sleeping quarters as well as living areas inside the camper. While there are various pre-built kits available for purchase but designing it based on specific requirements would potentially offer an outcome tailored specifically for yourself.

Decide if you’d like a fixed or convertible bed – this choice will influence the layout of other fixtures needed within the vehicle. Once you have those details ironed out, sketch everything on paper (or use digital tools) just to get a visual representation of how everything will fit together.

Step 3: Insulation & Flooring

Before proceeding with any fancy installations, it’s important to insulate the walls & floors as well prepare them adequately for various conditions.This not only keeps heat in when necessary but also counters noise from outside while parked up somewhere peaceful.

Install marine-grade plywood onto flooring surface then cover using vinyl, laminate or linoleum flooring options as desired. In the walls, secure insulation matting with either battens or paneling using adhesives specific to its material.

Step 4: Electrical Wiring

When it comes to wiring for your campervan conversion project, there are a few things you’ll want to consider:

– What appliances will you want in your camper
– Decide how luxurious or simple do you would like the end product to be.
– Size requirements of your electrical setup and inverter compatibility needed based on planned wattage output need (important for higher wattage gadgets such as refrigerators)

After understanding those variables, purchase necessary wire gauges for respective appliances and mount them underneath panels where they’ll be exposed as little as possible. Ensure that proper fusing is used so that short circuits are prevented; remember safety first!

Step 5: Install Flooring

Finally we have reached the pleasure project -making it cozier by installing a suitable floor ! This is perhaps one of the most enjoyable parts of building your own campervan. Not only does this stage contribute to making it look pretty cool but also needs some level of aesthetic consideration too. From ceramic tiles, wooden floorboards with varnish finish, vinyl tiles create an environment that resonates with serenity soothing after a long day’s drive.

Install underlayment board but remember about thermal insulation layer underneath– then go ahead and lay down your chosen flooring option! (no-pun intended)


With these five key steps followed accordingly, you’d end up having constructed from scratch , unique campervan suited exactly as per personal requirements. Although it may seem daunting at first glance ,particularly when never attempted before,this project could lead unto exciting memories that can last for years — Happy Building!

Frequently Asked Questions About High Top Campervans: Answered

If you are looking for a vehicle that offers the comfort and convenience of a small home, then high top campervans may be just what you need. These vans are designed to provide all the amenities of home in a compact and highly mobile package. But before you make your final decision on purchasing or renting one of these vehicles, you may have some questions. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about high top campervans.

1. What is a High Top Campervan?

A high top campervan is essentially a camper van with extended headroom space at the roof area which allows occupants to be able to stand up straight inside it. It has been modified from its original form into an all-in-one travel and living space complete with kitchenettes, dining areas, sleeping quarters and other amenities that make it perfect for adventurers who want to explore nature without sacrificing their creature comforts.

2. How big are High Top Campervans?

High Top Campervans can come in different sizes depending on the model or type manufacturer choose as they can be converted from different types of van base, typically ranging from VW Transporters, Mercedes Sprinter/PV etc. but usually have enough space for two to four people.

3. What amenities do High Top Campervans offer?

The level of amenities depends on the manufacturer specifications and design values, but normally high Top campers come equipped with features such as gas cookers/hobs/sinks/fridge/freezers/storage cabinets/food prep surfaces ie: everything required for someone staying in them long term – they therefore provide an unparalleled level of flexibility & freedom for those who want to explore places while enjoying the conveniences that modern day life brings..

4. Do I need any special skills or licenses to drive a High Top Campervan?

You will need an appropriate Class driver’s license posted by most countries like B (Car) or C (Truck), however if your chosen vehicle has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) rating in excess of 3.5 tonnes or if the driver is aged below 21 and above 75 years old, it may require certain additional licensing requirements to be satisfied before being authorized for driving within most countries.

5. What are the benefits of using a High Top Campervan?

The flexibility and freedom to explore any place without giving up on your organization & personal space, hence you get to travel at your own pace without worrying about expensive accommodation or restrictive schedules. The comfortable living quarters make your stay pleasant even in remote areas whilst experiencing breathtaking sights that can only be accessed by taking road-trips all while staying inside your secure ‘Home-on-Wheels’.

Wrapping up

In summary, high top campervans provide adventurers with an unparalleled level of flexibility and freedom while exploring nature without compromising on modern-day comfort, having all amenities required for living while on-the-road. However, It is important to note that these vehicles still require care by their users as they need regular maintenance checks and must abide by local parking laws which vary from country to country- ensuring moving it when parked stationary for prolonged periods! Whether you are planning a solo trip or a family adventure in nature – In general – high top campers have everything you will need to experience an unforgettable journey.

The Benefits of Owning a High Top Camper: Top 5 Facts to Know

Owning a high top camper is not just a luxury for adventurous travelers, but it also comes with numerous benefits that make your trips more comfortable and enjoyable. High top campers are incredible vehicles that offer the perfect combination of mobility and convenience, giving you the freedom to travel and explore without compromising your comfort. If you’re considering investing in a high top camper, here are the top 5 facts that will convince you why it’s definitely worth every penny.

1. Plenty of Headroom

One of the main advantages of owning a high top camper is having plenty of headroom space. Unlike regular RVs and motorhomes, high tops provide ample space to stand up inside and move around comfortably, regardless of whether you’re using the washroom or preparing meals in the kitchen area.

Having enough headspace makes all the difference when you’re traveling, particularly if you’re on a long road trip or have children who need room to play.

2. Superior Comfort

A high-top camper typically comes complete with everything needed for an enjoyable camping experience like a sleeping area, kitchenette, washroom facilities (shower/sink/toilet), fridge/freezer combo, air conditioning/heating unit among other features.

With these amenities at your disposal on-the-go while exploring new destinations or good old fashioned campsite stays can be comfortable; avoiding inconvenience associated with conventional camping where one has limited access to basic amenities such as electricity and running water.

3. Easy Driving

High tops’ compact design provides great maneuverability compared to larger RVs that may restrict road accessibility and limit parking options in different areas such as backroads deep within forests environments.

By being smaller but still equipped with all amenities required for comfort on-the-go. High tops leaves drivers feeling confident should they want to take their adventures off-road and explore beyond borders from traditional tourist centers consequently adding some thrill into vacation experiences whilst guaranteeing efficiency while on set routes so as not get lost or spend time worrying about unpredictable weather.

4. Fuel Efficiency

Another benefit that comes with owning a high-top camper is the overall ability to be fuel-efficient and cost less on gas. A high top vehicle isn’t as bulky compared to traditional RVs with large square bodies and flat windshields, reducing air resistance therefore requires less horsepower and fuel efficiently.

It becomes especially useful when you’re traveling long distances, as it will take longer for your fuel tank to empty out compared to other models.

5. Easy Maintenance

High tops are low maintenance, meaning they do not require as much upkeep in terms of servicing needed due to routine electrical/mechanical repairs common with bigger motor cars like RVs. It’s easy for owners to maintain without needing any specialized technical skills making it convenient for everyday use.

Overall, investing in a high top camper is one of the smartest decisions you could make. From its compact size, superior comfort, fuel efficiency and ease of maintenance; there’s no reason why every adventurous traveler shouldn’t consider getting one!

How to Choose the Perfect High Top Campervan for Your Travel Needs

Choosing the perfect high top campervan for your travel needs can seem daunting at first, with so many options on the market. But fear not, my travel-savvy friends, as I am here to guide you through the process and help you find the best vehicle for your adventures.

First things first: consider your budget. High top campervans come in a range of prices and while it may be tempting to splurge on a luxurious vehicle, it’s important to set a budget that is realistic and sustainable for your needs. Determine how much you’re willing to spend upfront as well as any ongoing costs such as fuel and maintenance.

Next up, assess your travel style. Are you an adventurous explorer who likes to rough it? Or do you prefer to have all the comforts of home on the road? This will help determine what features are most important in your camper van. For example, if cooking gourmet meals is a priority for you, look for high tops with fully-equipped kitchens. If sleeping comfortably is key, opt for high tops with spacious beds.

Another consideration is size and maneuverability. Depending on where you plan to travel and park your campervan, certain sizes may be more suitable than others. A larger van may offer more space but could pose challenges when navigating narrow roads or finding parking spots.

Lastly, think about resale value. While this may not be at the forefront of your mind when purchasing a new high top campervan, it’s worth considering if you plan on selling or upgrading in the future.

With all these factors in mind, some popular models of high top campervans include Volkswagen T6 California, Ford Transit Custom Nugget Plus, Mercedes Sprinter Van Conversions and Fiat Ducato-based motorhomes like Swift Kon-Tiki Sport 572.

So whether you’re embarking on a cross-country road trip or just need a weekend escape from reality, choose wisely and enjoy the open road in your new high top campervan. Happy travels!

Tips and Tricks for Making the Most of Your High Top Camper Experience

Are you ready to hit the open road and camp in style? A high top camper can provide a unique and comfortable experience for your next camping adventure. However, like any form of travel, there are tips and tricks that can help make your trip even better! Whether it’s your first time camping in a high top camper or you’re a seasoned pro, here are some ways to make the most of your experience.

1. Plan Ahead
Before hitting the road, plan out all essential items you’ll need during the trip. This will ensure that you don’t forget anything important once on the road. Make a list of all necessary gear like sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, kitchen utensils and appliances as well as food supplies.

2. Keep Your Space Organized
Living in tight quarters can quickly become overwhelming if things aren’t organized properly within your high top camper. Try using storage containers or mesh bags to keep small items sorted and easily accessible.

3. Stock Up on Basic Essentials
Having basic essentials readily available such as paper towels, trash bags, toilet paper and hand sanitizer is necessary for any camping trip- even more so when living in close quarters.

4. Bring Board Games or Cards
Weather changes often interrupt plans when camping but having entertainment handy will add fun times with an alternative option other than technology.Therefore bring board games and playing cards with you for indoor entertainment.

5. Use Outdoor Accessories
While indoors activities may sound good at first; after multiple hours inside the van one may begin feeling stir-crazy .Avoid cabin fever by making use of outdoor accessories such as hiking gear ,catapults , frisbees etc

6.Check Convenience Features
Most modern-day campers come pre-installed with convenience features including outlets for charging smartphones or laptops,music systems,Roof solar panels that charge battery banks etc.Take advantage of these features whenever possible!

7.Stay Safe During Late Night Bathroom Visits
Bringing along a portable urinal or a bedpan can be handy for emergencies during late night bathroom visits.

In conclusion, following these tips and tricks will undoubtedly make your high top camper experience even more memorable. From proper planning to using outdoor accessories and staying organized in tight spaces, these little tweaks can help you enjoy every moment of your camping adventure. Happy camping!

Maintenance and Upkeep for your High Top Campervan: Essential Checklist and Resources

As a proud owner of a high top campervan, you know the joys and conveniences that come with traveling in style and comfort. From the cozy bed to the mini-kitchenette, your campervan offers a unique and enjoyable experience on the road.

However, like any vehicle or home on wheels, it’s essential to keep up with regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure your campervan stays in top condition. Whether you’re a seasoned vanlifer or just starting out, here’s an essential checklist and resources for keeping your high top campervan running smoothly.

1. Check Your Tires

Your tires are one of the most critical components of your campervan. Not only do they affect driving safety, but they can also impact fuel efficiency and overall performance. Regularly inspect your tires for damage such as punctures or uneven wear. Make sure they’re inflated correctly according to manufacturer’s recommendations, which can be found in your owner’s manual or online.

2. Change Your Oil

Just like your car or truck needs regular oil changes, so does your campervan. Depending on how far you travel and how often you use it, aim to change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or at least once per year. Use high-quality synthetic oils recommended by your van’s manufacturer.

3. Inspect Your Brakes

Brakes are crucial when it comes to safety on the road so make sure you check them regularly! Watch out for unusual noises, vibrations, grinding sounds or if it takes longer than usual to stop when braking as this could indicate problems with brake pads or rotors which will need servicing right away.

4. Grease Up Machinery

Your campervan has many moving parts that require lubrication to stay in good shape (such as suspension systems) Especially important is keeping rails greased where bed risers operate because otherwise without lubricant over time they could become very stiff or hard to move.

5. Check Your Battery

A dead battery is a major inconvenience, especially when you’re on the road. Make sure your battery is fully charged before hitting the open road if possible – also, make sure that terminals do not corrode over time which can affect the ability of your batteries to hold a charge.

6. Keep Your Water System Clean

Most high top campervans come with water systems capable of providing 15L- 25L (liters) per cycle and storing up to 70 L in its tanks for those on extended trips. To keep it fresh, flush it out regularly using clean water and sterilizing agents (such as bleach or sterilizers recommended by your manufacturer).

7. Seal Any Leaks

Ensure everything in the van works properly and double check weatherstripping seals around doors as these often require replacement eventually! Tightening screws and bolts periodically keeps all components secure although best practice is replacing them once every couple of years.

8. Plan Ahead: Stock Up on Spare Parts & Tools

Whether you’re planning a short weekend trip or an extended voyage, it’s essential to have spare parts such as hose clamps, fuses and electrical connectors plus essential tools (pliers, screwdrivers etc.) with you at all times just in case something goes wrong while en route.

In conclusion, keeping up with regular maintenance tasks will keep your high top campervan running efficiently through various conditions even if unexpected issues like leaking hoses occur. Ensure total safety for you (and any passengers) with regular inspections into things like brake pads whilst keeping delightful added conveniences like mini kitchens running smoothly so you can focus on making memories and adventures wherever the roads take you!

Table with useful data:

Model Length Width Height Sleeps Price
Mercedes Benz Sprinter 22 feet 6.8 feet 9.6 feet 2-4 $80,000+
Ford Transit 20 feet 6.6 feet 9.3 feet 2-4 $70,000+
Dodge Promaster 21 feet 6.8 feet 9.5 feet 2-4 $75,000+

Information from an expert: As someone who has dedicated their career to the world of campervans, I can confidently say that high top campervans are among the best options you can choose for your next adventure. High tops offer a wealth of benefits, including increased headroom for standing and extra storage space. Not to mention, their added height allows for easy access to more remote or rugged camping locations that other vehicles may struggle with. High top campervans are perfect for those looking for a comfortable and convenient way to explore the great outdoors.

Historical fact:

The first high top campervan was introduced in the 1960s by a German company called Westfalia, and it quickly gained popularity among travelers seeking a more comfortable and convenient way to enjoy outdoor adventures.

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